Prince of Tennis Wallpaper: shishido and otori

Takeshi Konomi, J.C. Staff, Prince of Tennis, Yushi Oshitari, Keigo Atobe Wallpaper
Takeshi Konomi Mangaka J.C. Staff Studio Prince of Tennis Series Yushi Oshitari Character Keigo Atobe Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

this is my first wall ever. i hope it doesn't get deleted, because i spent long time on it. wait, im the one who deletes stuff, teeheehee. anyways, go easy on me because it's my first wall. spent a week on it because i suck :(

yes people, i am a real person. so i made a wall to prove it >_>

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  1. sammo Retired Moderator Jan 11, 2005

    hey botchii, great job on the wall. there's just not enough pot walls in this world, and this is pretty damn good for your first try!!!

  2. exentric Jan 11, 2005

    watcha up to dude....
    as far as the wall goes, pretty much expected from what our BotChii can do. ^_^
    nice that is~ XD

  3. jasmine Retired Moderator Jan 11, 2005

    BotChii this is a nice wall ^^
    you should definitely appear more often :] how come you are only level9? and not whining about leveling up?
    ok I may be stupid but in the wall what does "ph3 AR M3" stand for???
    *curiosity killed the cat* :P

  4. Tama-Neko Jan 11, 2005

    Nice layout and composition on this one Botchii! The techlines go well with the background shillouettes without drawing attention away from the scan, although I don't quite like how the mugshots of the other characters in the background are a bit grainy. :D

  5. euna Retired Moderator Jan 11, 2005

    omg... botchii made a wall!!! >____<
    i never ezpected this ^__^"
    Anywayz, awesome wallpaper!! i luv the composition of this wall!!
    the scan's really cool and the silhouettes are awesome...
    Awesome wallpaper. *fav*

  6. Celessa Retired Moderator Jan 11, 2005

    Wow - this is a first for me - Bot-Chii. @_@ You - actually making a wallpaper - unbelievable! lol - And who said Bot-Chii has no skills? Like Z'OMG - I like the fading grid effect, the shifting profiles of characters meshed within the background - rock on.

    It's clean as a whistle. A really big spoof to ever hit MT - lol - I love it. Thanks for sharing. @_@ - Well done! You obviously have talents there, no doubt.

  7. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 11, 2005

    So your the infamous Botchii ive been hearing about when doing reports...so youve finally opened up with a brand old school wall...Anyway love the techs and flexs...
    Great job as always! :)

  8. Osiris Retired Moderator Jan 11, 2005

    chii, you're such a good waller, way better than that samhoe XD

  9. MadWiz Jan 11, 2005

    o.O this is a prettty good wallie!
    I like hyotei!! whee =p the uniform colour is my favourite~
    you really did good for a first~! ^^

  10. bucket-shot Jan 11, 2005

    Zomg, you walled these two! XD Wowzer! *salutes and ph34r5 for that alone* Nice and clean design, too. :) Good work!

    Quote by jasmineok I may be stupid but in the wall what does "ph3 AR M3" stand for???

    Gah, at least you're not blind. ^_^' <-took a while to actually find that ph3AR M3...

    That's.. Kawamura and Sengoku in the bg? Any reason? XD Other than maybe they've got nice silhouettes. *becomes anal* There's a spot on Shishido's forehead, and two on his cap that look like they shouldn't be there. XD

    Anyways! Nice wall~<3 Best PoT bg I've come across so far online hands down. *hats off*

  11. aquablue Jan 11, 2005

    Nice wallpaper and very good work.
    Good anime wallpaper.
    keep it up.

  12. DarkParagon Jan 11, 2005

    Yeah that's what I'm talking about... More POT walls :) Excellent job as usual BotChii! May we find comfort in the bosom of your everlasting glory.... or... just find comfort in your bosom. >.>

  13. Angelette Jan 11, 2005

    You would think Bot[Chii] would wall something from Chobits or something like that, huh... Shows that Chii has interests, too. xD

  14. Sandy Jan 11, 2005

    Very neat wallpaper. I like the composition. It could almost be a layout for a website! XD

  15. candy-chan Retired Moderator Jan 11, 2005

    wow chii nice tech! I really like those kinds of designs, nice work chii.*COUGHCOUGH*
    oh sorry I have a cold :D

  16. jackalx66 Jan 11, 2005

    rofl @ momo xD

    real comment

    nice for ur first try xD
    agree with the bg , a bit grainy xD
    tho i don't like pot that much >_<
    but still nice wall

    glad to see u r real chii xD

    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  17. meteorcloud Jan 11, 2005

    ugg....it's a wall from botchii X_x
    really nice for a first wall ^^

  18. Yumi-Chan Jan 12, 2005

    holy crap! O_O botchii's real XP hahaha!
    first wall eh!? gosh, it's great for a first try! ^____^ seriously.
    it's awesome, to see botchii submitting a wallpaper =P
    wonderful job! @_@ first wall woo.. this goes to my fav XP

  19. darkwaterbunny Jan 12, 2005

    Whoa! Great wallie Chii ^_~ and your first one, *cough* mine are *cough* really bad *cough* ooo, snow days must be getting to me. Anyway, I like it ^_^ yeah, a bit grainy, but still good!! ^_^ I like it, in my fav

  20. rainbowseason Jan 13, 2005

    woooooooooo pot i love pot!!!!
    lol your funny ^o^
    lovely wallpaper
    i'll score it 10/10 and for your hard work 10/10 also hehe

  21. afan Jan 14, 2005

    Quote by AngeletteYou would think Bot[Chii] would wall something from Chobits or something like that, huh... Shows that Chii has interests, too. xD

    Wow...Botchii made a wall! I thought you would be bogged down with the reports Osi gave you. XD >_>
    Interesting wallie. The techie bars look better if not straight (in my opinion). Keep walling! :D

  22. rythem Jan 14, 2005

    botchii who delete walls made a wallie !!XD
    well,its quite clean n well made,
    the charas composition r nice n everything suits well ...
    well,this shows why my walls keep gets deleted
    ehehe,nice job.

  23. Fuji-Syusuke Jan 14, 2005

    Nice wallpaper! I really like it thanks for sharing! Ootori and Shishido is really Cool!!

  24. ayanechan Jan 14, 2005

    uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa botchii-sama!!! :D it's a real person~~~! =X or so it seems.. lol interesting background :d i love how you made the silhouette or.. however u spell it >.> nice-ness botchii!!! :D

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