Rozen Maiden Wallpaper: -Ring Around the Roses-

Peach-Pit, Studio Nomad, Rozen Maiden, Suigintou Wallpaper
Peach-Pit Mangaka Studio Nomad Studio Rozen Maiden Series Suigintou Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Nyah! Okay, first off... the only reason I did a Rozen Maiden wallpaper is because Devilet's wallpaper inspired me. So thank you Devilet! I was originally going to do a scenic wallpaper, but I have been doing so many of those, and they get awfully boring after awhile. So I decided to work my grunge magic on this... The name is from a friend, Fookums (lol) Originally it was 'Broken Soul', but I felt that sounded a little bit 'unoriginal' I guess. I still need to watch this anime's first episode also D: Anyway, enjoy the wallpaper. If you want smaller sizes, then I will probably be updating my site soon... so check that out. If you like this wallpaper a lot, please favorite it!

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Browse Rozen Maiden Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Kinto Jan 10, 2005

    holy sh!t brom did you take this from a site jk but man you are good

  2. Cajime Jan 10, 2005

    I think it's a really cool wall :) it's nice how it all just fits together. favorite!
    thank you for sharing.

  3. ultimaslair Jan 10, 2005

    Nice wall bromithia! The grunge came out quite nice. I like it a lot. Scan is pretty cool too. Quite some hype on Rozen Maiden...wonder if I should start watching...?

  4. Asahi Jan 11, 2005

    ahhhww.. i like the little gerunge effect on the wallpaper. very pretty motiv ! quite good wallpaper art ! =)

  5. gregorifice Jan 11, 2005

    wohh it's really awesome.
    The render is perfect (grunge effect).

    Hop, to my favorites :)
    Good job :D

  6. axishi Jan 11, 2005

    it is very well a work fact
    bu.....t I already saw before it although with a different color

  7. halcyonTwilight Jan 11, 2005

    The rose around the sword is a really nice touch ^^ Sweet grunge work. There is sharp contrast between the scan and the bg, so some further blending would make his wall look alot better. But other than that loved the black and white grunge ^__^

  8. sword Jan 11, 2005

    wall is decentt. u gotta work more on blending the scan into the bg. trying changing hte hue of the bg to fit more with the subtle blue purple shading of the girl.

  9. white-zero Jan 11, 2005

    Another grungy goodness. :)

    I'm still new at grunge but I know whether it's good or not when I see one. :)

  10. Frosty Jan 11, 2005

    nice and very dark looking wallie. ^^
    its vry nice and its got some good grunge work to it. ^^
    very nice ^^ good work. ^^

  11. tAtEkAnE Jan 11, 2005

    ooooh nice work ^_^ very well done XD i dont have much grunge walls...maybe i should try it sometime XD i like how the scan looked like concrete @_@ and the flower around the sword very nice touch! the colors match the expression of the character! very well done :D

  12. Osiris Retired Moderator Jan 11, 2005

    ooo a grunge wall thats sad, awesome :D

    different from other grunges that tries to scare you x_x

  13. Yunsung Jan 11, 2005

    Well done, really fine work. The wallpaper is awsome

  14. mughi Jan 11, 2005

    Well, well. This wallpaper is different from your other works. And you know what? I like it. I haven't seen Rozen Maiden but it must be good if you like it enough to make a wallpaper out of character. The mood is dark but it attracts. I see some coarseness but I think that enhance the overall effect. Nice job and thanks for posting it here. Favorite. :D

  15. StarCentury Jan 11, 2005

    Holy crap! O.O A grunged up Rozen Maiden wall! Sweet! XD Bromithia, you really outdone yourself this time! Good job finding a sad character instead of a tortured one, very clever! ^^; I'm very sure Devilet will like what you did to be inspired by her! L8r! ^^V

  16. jackalx66 Jan 11, 2005

    really nice xD
    u even change the original color of the scan xD
    another nice grunge wall
    thx for ur effort and share it in here ;)
    +fav too for me xD
    *sign my gb sometimes ok XD *

  17. frozenwilderness Jan 12, 2005

    Bromi.. tis your best wallpaper yet! I love the dark grunge and texture effects.. soo nice XD

  18. irix Jan 12, 2005

    wow!!! that's a dark wall!!! sugoi desu yo!!! i like it!!! ^^ + favs

  19. MuZ0NaZ Jan 12, 2005

    you know... i just can't say anything more except to repeat frozen:

    Quote by frozenwildernessBromi.. tis your best wallpaper yet! I love the dark grunge and texture effects.. soo nice XD

    great job! keep it up

  20. Alia Jan 12, 2005

    Great work :D it's a awesome grunge wallpaper and looks very pro-ish. Keep up the great work!!!!

  21. meteorcloud Jan 12, 2005

    nice nice !!!!
    cool grundge effects =) it fits the scan =)
    great job =d
    * add to fav *

  22. Cldmani Jan 12, 2005

    loving it bro, awsome job on the stock and bg........giving it a very good grungy feel. +fav

  23. Evanrued Jan 12, 2005

    I love all the detail and work you put into this one. It looks awesome and fantastic! Maybe you best yet. And you changed the original color of the image as well, very comandable, your skill. The black and grays look awesome as well. Over all look is perfect. A fav!

  24. Devilet Jan 13, 2005

    heh heh, np brom ^__^ I deleted my wallpaper off MT though =P
    it wasn't good, and I'll redo it someday.. *doesn't have PS atm* >.<

    anyway, onto your wallpaper.... Rozen Maiden, zomg! So obsessed with it now XD
    The grunge is nice, but I think it destroys the character too much, and her face looks weird..
    but I love that background, ehh, keep it up :)

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