Macross Wallpaper: Robotech-Flight of the Valkyries

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Ahhh yes... I was feeling nostalgic and decided to make a Robotech/Macross wall. :) Yes yes, I know I show my age, but it was the first Americanized Anime I watched when "Transformers" and "GI Joe" were cool and it brought with it a love of Anime that I still have today. And since I like to wall series I love... I walled this one.

The background was made with Photoshop CS, using my new tablet... I scanned the picture in from the front of the Robotech RPG book I have and re-arranged as such. :) Hope you enjoy...

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  1. urgannagru Jan 09, 2005

    i love you for making this :) my favorite series of all time finally gets a good wallpaper

  2. Kozumura Jan 09, 2005

    liking the Robotech. Only thing erking is that some of the planes don't actaully "blend" in to the wall. Maybe cause the bg is digital. but it's a great wall :D Favs+

  3. Celessa Retired Moderator Jan 09, 2005

    lol - this one has got an edge for sure - I love it a lot - You made this one look really cool. And it has a nice harmony to the background as well - I like it.

    Well done. ^_^

  4. bavee Jan 09, 2005

    like other people, i enjoy this one , especially your skill of using photoshop, waitin to see your work soon , thx for sharing

  5. Foolish-ishness Jan 09, 2005

    Awesome :) But I have to agree with Kozu. The planes don't blend in all that well. But otherwise, stunning piece of work. Good job :D

  6. jackalx66 Jan 09, 2005

    the hardest thing to do
    is when u have to blend
    some manga style with digital effect >_<
    i try to make that a long time ago
    still doesn't work ^^;;
    but ur tech is very nice
    if i don't zoom it, i won't recognize it ^^'
    love the bg and the jet effect XD
    keep em coming k :D
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  7. Bass Jan 09, 2005

    wow, Valkyries, I love that mechas ( and i love macross), a excelent wall =)

    =============See ya!===========

  8. UndyingShadow Jan 09, 2005

    bad ass wall you got here! the bg looks great, and the effects match the scan well!

  9. Furikuu Jan 09, 2005

    Standing on an asteroid? Very original idea.. well I've never seen it done before!
    Should planes be leaving smoke trails in space? XD

  10. exentric Jan 09, 2005

    nice nice~~
    oh yah, may I suggest sumthing?
    how bout making some beams like the mechas are shooting?
    kinda cool I think~ XD
    nice work on da wall though~ ^_^

  11. roshinku Jan 09, 2005

    interesting looking wall ^_^. I like it ^^. Starry backgrounds *droool* XD nah lol. But the wall is very nicely done ^^. The stars on the bg look realistic i like that =P.

  12. meteorcloud Jan 09, 2005

    woah nice one ^^
    nice background and some cool effects =)
    but i'm agree with exentric =) mayB you could done some lighting beams or just ad some effect to the missles =P hehe mayB it would make the wallie more active =)
    but this is a great wallpaper ^^

  13. euna Retired Moderator Jan 10, 2005

    wow... great wall as usual Paragon-chan!
    Awesome bg and effects ^___^
    Starry bg and the themes are great!
    I like the way it is... awesome wall *fav*

  14. Devilet Jan 12, 2005

    O.o *stares a good 2 mins at it*
    wow, it's captivated so well... my only complaint is some parts of the scan don't seem to fit well around the edges.. maybe some shadowing might have helped, but overall I really like this one, going to add it to my favs :)

  15. Noctum Jan 13, 2005

    A Macross wallpaper?
    Wow, I didn't think I would see one so soon, since it hasn't been 12 months since the last one.
    Anyway, this one looks rather nice, although the bg could use some more asteroids and perhaps a few more outstanding stars.

  16. MyrrhLynn Jan 15, 2005

    Whew! That star background is awesome. :D Lol, I never saw Macross so I can't really relate, but the wall is still cool! ^_^

  17. MWXP Feb 08, 2005

    Awesome, i love this Wallpaper and i love the Macross Saga, good job pal

  18. raxis Feb 17, 2005

    wuiii macross!! n the bg is cool!! i like this wall!!

  19. kailord May 31, 2005

    Nice, Robotech has always been a classic. Like how you did the background there. It's almost as if they're flying into the nebula of some sort.

  20. Alexmata Jul 15, 2005

    good very good but is the same battle tech can you pu the blu and the red one

  21. Albatross1 Oct 19, 2005

    Ah... an old school anime fan - awesome. I like the choice of background and the mixing of the VFs - awesome!

  22. diablillo Aug 30, 2006

    I don't have words to describe this wall O_O I love it
    macross rules this is the best show ever :D
    thamks 4 sharing this wall is awsome ;)

  23. Sandman1 Jun 03, 2007

    Very Nice Work I Like The background Effects, and The Multiple poses of the Valkyries very Cool. And yes I remember the show being called Robotech. IT took me weeks to find it under the Macross heading. Thanks for the Share.

  24. raito-kun Oct 25, 2007


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