Melty Blood Wallpaper: Fire Ward

TYPE-MOON, Melty Blood, Len (Melty Blood) Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Melty Blood Visual Novel Len (Melty Blood) Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Whoa... thank god I ran in to Muz on IRC, because I had no idea this was Tsukihime. Anyway, I started this wall about 3 months ago, didn't like where it was heading and stopped working on it. Now I decided to give it another shot. Booyah as they say. The way that her skirt blends off into a strange sort of flame made me want to have her creating a flame that moved off to the other side of the screen, then I realised that's what made me come to a deat end before. Now, I decided to have her ward off the flames.

Thanks to Muz, Korg and Jackal who gave me some advice on the wall! It wouldn't be as good if it weren't for you guys! Anyway, it's time for me to pass out!

The blurred grass in the foreground is for perspective (better that then pixelation anyway). I slightly blured the bg grass too, and the distant tree to give the perspective effect more.. affect (sometimes in order to create something that looks like it obeys the rules, you have to break them). Also, it's been pointed that the grass infront of Ren doesn't suit the image, well, it's catching fire so of course it'll look off at first. Anyway, the bed calls now... that's all the complaints I've gotten so far too... enjoy.

Keltosh said that the bottom right hand corner was looking a little empty without the flames, so I added abit in there. I also figured giving the foreground grass some shadow too, to blend it in with the character more. I tried doing the same with the bg grass, but it wasn't working out all too well.

Another Edit
Okay, I was told that the foreground grass was too green to be on fire. I had to agree, so now it's burnt (bbq, yay!). As for the soft flame.... let's just say that it looks soft because it's so close to the camera, as there's nothing I can do about it. Also, I realised there was a bit of green in the magic swirl, so I changed it's layer style to screen. Makes it look beter I think. And to top it all off, I fixed up an extraction problem I came across.

Possibly the final Edit
After the scan fix I did on Mist Wrd, I figured out how to fix that rather annoying criss-cros pattern that was faintly imbetted into Ren's dress. I also figured I'd fix up any colour speckles while I was at it. Also, the rather harsh and suddenshadow drop on her outstreched arm has been fixed... I think that's about everthing now. XD

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Browse Melty Blood Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. MuZ0NaZ Jan 08, 2005

    it is hot. literally. and i <3 ren/len :) now that you finished it, it's insta-fav for me :)

  2. KorganoS Jan 08, 2005

    I won't comment on this :D
    looks purrfect to me now....
    love the firey effects,...
    oh, and I dig red-eyed chicks XD

  3. MoonlightKnight Jan 08, 2005

    whoa this one is just too hot, well done, this is totally the best wallpaper ive seen in a while

  4. Keltosh Retired Moderator Jan 08, 2005

    I'll comment it on irc. For now I'll just fav it. And that says it all :D *favs*

  5. mughi Jan 08, 2005

    Oh, boy. I sure like what see here. What a wallpaper. You worked hard on it and it shows. You gave yourself good self-critique so I'll be interested on comments from your fellow waller. Favorite and thanks.

  6. bavee Jan 08, 2005

    the colors are so great . i don't surprise why u spent a long time to make. enjoy to c your work thx for sharing

  7. toastgfx Jan 08, 2005

    the detail of the flame is perfect. she blends in so beautifully with everything in the image. great quality wallpaper. keep up the incredible work.

  8. EternalBlue Jan 08, 2005

    I love how she blends in like that, and the flame ward is pretyt cool ^^

  9. meteorcloud Jan 08, 2005

    woah this wallpaper is just to nice.....
    Great work , Great effects, Great job ^^
    * add to favs *

  10. exentric Jan 09, 2005

    really nice concept
    I really like how the flame looks ^_^
    well as far as perspective goes, looks kinda right enough.
    the grass however at the foreground, its kinda already engulfed in fire, but its still green. kinda weird. ^_^"
    nice work overall though~ ^_^

  11. Chopstickz Jan 09, 2005

    hmm...i think the flame looks too smooth...looks like a flag or some kinda fabric
    but its still a hawt wall XD

  12. LordStyphon Jan 09, 2005

    Oh, wow. This is great work, Katzbalger. Great fire, I think. I really like the burning tree in the background.

  13. Athrun Jan 09, 2005

    Wow, very nice. ;) I really love how the fire is like totally destroying everything!! Nice BG!! And awesome kickass scan!! Great job!!!

    * adds to fav

  14. jackalx66 Jan 09, 2005

    as promise XD
    nice concept with the flamin forest ^^
    the effect on the hand is also nice
    combine abstract and sceneric XD

    o yeah, congrats on ur web too ^^
    i mean it when i say the layout is nice =3

    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  15. Nayako Jan 09, 2005

    Beautiful wallpaper XD
    This wallie is fill by the magic atmosphere - flames, mysterious girl :D
    Great wall :)

  16. wuschel Jan 09, 2005

    ah i did it, i did it ^_^ finally i can comment ur wall u_u uh im such a lazy hoe take so long for a comment. <_< dont slap me katz

    im glad that u changed the gras XD;; i like the concept of the wall the only thing what i might still change are some color parts on the background but i think i gave u enough critic yesterday on this. lets just say the girl its nuffy and >D i dont want to meet her scary burn down and good job from u ^_^ with skillzzzzz

    kepp the great job up

  17. TenchiFan Jan 10, 2005

    Wow --- all I can say is 3 Months? It was well worth the wait! The blurring of the grass was an excellent idea --- keep the focus on the flames instead. And the girl indeed looks like she is untouched by the fire, even though it is approaching her.... :D

  18. semanga Jan 10, 2005

    ohhh the fire looks very good very nice work see you get better with any new wall i love this and put it to my fav and will more from your great walls more more more :D

  19. Xion3 Jan 11, 2005

    Excellent set of colours... looks like the fire is ready to consume her. I like the burning sky, or at least that's what it looks like to me. Good job on that. Well done Katz. ^^

  20. meteorcloud Jan 11, 2005

    cool edit =)
    you've changed the flames and the grass on the foreground =D seems better then the past one....that was a bit transparant =/...and the shadows are eddited =) some nice edit ^^

  21. crimson-blue Jan 20, 2005

    kyaaaa to cool >.< almost cant close my eyes when i look this pic ^^
    thx for share and of course + fav ^^

  22. lamhoimanvindy Jan 26, 2005

    It is a nice wallpaper~~~ The design is good and the colour is great~~~ The girl is cool and cute~~~ Thanks for this wall~~~

  23. Nitengouki Jan 27, 2005

    I think the tree in the background on the right seem to be too small compared to Ren. Also the 'special effect' for Ren's left hand ( as if to make her seem responsible for the firestorm in the area ) is awkward in my humble opinion. Her posture doesn't seem to be one who is in the midst of performing such powers. Plus using a circle but not having the center at her hand makes it seem weird. A distorted ellipse with its edges eroded away might have been better.

  24. Chesshoo Feb 07, 2005

    At last a wallpaper for the under level 10 member, thank u. The fire quite real, the girl's eyes look a little scary, cold and burn with anger, but she do look pretty. Her coat also look quite nice.

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