Hiro Suzuhira Wallpaper: Death Note

Hiro Suzuhira, Death Note, Misa Amane, Doujinshi Wallpaper
Hiro Suzuhira Mangaka Death Note Series Misa Amane Character Doujinshi Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

i just have to start off by saying, that i think this wall is craptacular, meaning that it sucks imo. death note is one of my fav mangas right now and there is a total lack of walls for it which is why i wanted to make one. also the pic kicks ass imo as well. though the prob was afte ri extracted and cleaned it up, i had no idea what to do with it. i fiddled around with it once in a while but nothing that ever looked good imo. so there, the psd sat on my desktop for about a month, until today i was like forget this. im finishing this crap now. technically, the final wall which is what im submitting only took about 30 min or so, but alot of time was wasted in failures on this which is why i felt i might as well submit it anyways. heck, maybe someone will have a use for it.

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  1. polar Jan 06, 2005

    cool wallie~~i luv death note too~~
    misa looks so cute~~and nice gothic style :D

  2. itsDchlorine Jan 06, 2005

    WAT! this wall is really simple but its looks really nice. i love the gothic style my favorite style to have and to make. its amazing more people like the bright scenic, stuff its all about the dark dead peaceful things lol, well great work ^^

  3. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 06, 2005

    Yeah that kinda sucks in some ways but i mostly just leave it and when i find an idead or come across it with a refreshed mind then i get together and make it un craptacular but hey not bad, needs more but its a great wall nonetheless! :)

  4. shougeki Jan 06, 2005

    that scan is niceeee
    the style also matches death note so well =)
    death note is my fav. manga too XD

  5. UndyingShadow Jan 06, 2005

    ooooooh scary wall...very dark....great scan too....hold me crap! im scared!

  6. KorganoS Jan 06, 2005

    Craptacular XD lol love that term...
    naw, this is fine,.....
    of course it needs more work, but there's nothing bad about it, imo...

  7. silencex Jan 06, 2005

    death note never heard of it but nice work the scan and the wall work well together nice!

  8. halo3 Jan 06, 2005

    dark engel... isnt it?...
    great colored bg who underlines the gir in the front...
    i like those dark looked wallpapers...
    great size.

  9. sammo Retired Moderator Jan 07, 2005

    its all good, but i dont think it's up to your usual standards (hell, you already said that x_x). i think its nice, death note is one of my fav manga, and someone needs to make a wall out of it. im just glad it was someone good :)

  10. euna Retired Moderator Jan 07, 2005

    oppa~~~~ it's awesome~~~ whatever you and sammo says, euna luvs it!!
    The scan ish so so pretty~~~~ ^____^
    mmm... death note>?? I've never heard of it.. ^__^"
    anywayz, great wallpaper crap-oppa!*fav*

  11. Dikisbak Jan 07, 2005

    I'm agree with you there is a lack of death note walls but if they're like your wall the quality is at the "rendez-vous"

  12. Noctum Jan 10, 2005

    Crap? Well, the fact that the girl's hair and dress are covered with the same bloody mess as the bg, but her skin is still white and pure makes the entire thing look a bit strange, but besides of this, it's an alright wallpaper.

  13. lamhoimanvindy Jan 26, 2005

    Wonderful~~~ This wallpaper is very good and nice~~~ The girl is cute~~~ The black colour background is match the Death Note~~~

  14. imrandi75 Feb 04, 2005

    how lovely. allthough misa can tend to be rather annoying, she really is a cute girl.

  15. bleachichigo Feb 07, 2005

    how cute~~~~~~
    sexy girl~~~~
    with black background
    gives the feel of evil
    love it so much~

  16. polaralex Mar 02, 2005

    it is a very nice one...

    what is good about it is the darkness..

    cool one man! Well done..


  17. polaralex Mar 02, 2005

    it is a very nice one...

    what is good about it is the darkness..

    cool one man! Well done..


  18. Ryth Mar 05, 2005

    misa is very very cute >w< vvvvv luv her costume ne! gothic lolita nnnn

  19. MadMat Mar 12, 2005

    I loved the scan and the WP XD
    Death Note is my favorite manga XD XD XD
    And Misa is My favorite char in any manga xd
    im HER FAN XD

  20. atariyrena Mar 20, 2005

    Awww. >3 Misamisa-chan is so cute. And yet...so disturbingly evil at the same time. Great job! <3 I love Death Note.

  21. krad Mar 24, 2005

    Are you kidding me?
    This wall is awesome!!!!!!
    Misa matches well with the bg or vice versa.
    Keep up the good work! :)

  22. guardianmars Apr 24, 2005

    I thik it actually looks really nice. It's got this very goth feel to it and Misa looks great. That's a wonderful scan of her and you did a really great job cleaning it up! I love the textures-- It feels like falling into darkness. I think this is a fabulous wallpaper. I appreciate simplicity!

  23. shirokaze Apr 27, 2005

    Misa and little black wings. I like this art's concept so much!
    Innocent and evil.
    Great BG and wallpaper too!

  24. Chobiits May 12, 2005

    Nice wallpaper.
    It first gave me a Elfen Lied impression. ^^
    Background simple once again, but it shows darkness and sorrow, and the girl with that outfit and facial expression, seem to be enjoying solitude.
    Thanks for sharing.

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