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Updated 13 january:
well....I've removed some pixels of that oversized tree XD anda.....I remade a new star...field =P and at last...I've changed the meteors.....I think they would be more beautifull like this ^_^

well well well.......my 3rd wallpaper is done ^^!!!!!!!
hmz....it's a girl from ragnarok online =) ( never played.....XD)
well the wall has about 60 layers -_-"..........and it costed me about 8 hours of work-_-"....(yeah I know....I'm a slow waller XD....the cleaning and adding that hair part without a tablet cost me most of the time.......with my noob skils-_-"..) well.... I don't know why the tree stands there...but I think it would be nice there.....but the quality of the tree is lacking a bit........so I really want your comment on that =) and ofcourse on my wallie =D
hope you like it^^

you can find the original scan here: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/74133/
this is really a usefull site (nice tutorials): http://www.imanimetions.net/main.php

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  1. Sonuky Jan 05, 2005

    It is beautiful....

    i am charmed with me the Wallpaper.... It is very pretty


  2. KorganoS Jan 05, 2005

    omg.... Crash-kun's doujin !! It's walled!! XD
    very nice work with everything.... you're doing good, keep it up! ;)
    my only complaint would be the oversized tree, but everything else is nice...

  3. streamside Jan 05, 2005

    wow... i think the tree is okay... i like it, in fact....

    however... it's those comets (are those comets or meteors?) that i think look wierd...

    about 60 layers huh... my pc might have lagged in those conditions...

  4. ni-chan Jan 05, 2005

    i think its pretty cute ^^
    i like the way the girl is sitting there....looking XD ehhe
    nice job keep it up

  5. hikarujm Jan 06, 2005

    This is your 3th work... what a coincidence I'm working on my 4th one now.
    I think the concept is nice and the layout is good... but you've to improve the bg... it's too edgy, a little blur (only a little) can help.
    The extraction is good (much better than some extractions I've see from other members) but can be improved.
    It's a good try, I'm sure that you are going to improve a lot in no time, keep them comming XD

  6. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jan 06, 2005

    wow how beautiful I love it
    it's so beautiful I love the bg you did its very creative and nice
    ^____^keep up the good work your doing great!

  7. Athrun Jan 06, 2005

    Very good work there! Nice combination of meteors and scenary. (I suck at scenaric walls XD)

    Well it seems you've improved a REAL lot with this one. Keep it up!

    * adds to fav

  8. Devilet Jan 06, 2005

    The concept is very nice, and I like the scene for the most part ^^
    just the tree is oversized which caused it to become bad quality.. ^__^;;
    anyway, keep it up, looking good~

  9. walkure245 Jan 06, 2005

    What an awesome wallie! I couldn't have done such a great job! I love your bg and the swirling leaves. The meteor shower looks a little surreal but it's not important. This is really great! Fav~

  10. Kurosawa Jan 06, 2005

    Hey it's a very nice wall ^^. I like it ^^.Really like the meteor XD
    Wow 60 layer? so much >_<.
    But you make it very nice XD
    Instan a fav :D

  11. euna Retired Moderator Jan 07, 2005

    wow... very nice looking...
    mmm... yeah.. the tree ish a lil oversized and the meteors I think are a tad too even or repetitive... but it still looks great!
    The rock's really well made... did you use a render cloud filter?? ^___^
    Very nice wall. *fav*

  12. TohruKitty Jan 07, 2005

    very beautiful I love the bg and the colors that you used^_^
    I like the concept of the wall I think you did a great job on ths
    wall I like it alot great job^__^

  13. luperizer Jan 07, 2005

    omgwtfstfuroflmaolol!!! 7l-l!5 \/\/4ll r0xx0R5 /\/\y b0xx0R5!!!

    There, my comment. Happy now?

  14. chibi-lizard Jan 08, 2005

    wow !! nice one... i wurve the piccey that you used.
    the bg is prettie... just a lil... pixelated ? >.< XD
    anyway... great job

  15. bandgirl Jan 09, 2005

    beautiful wall Meteorcloud :)
    The extraction is great. Most of the bg is pretty nice, but some of it looks a little pixilated. But overal, nice job ^^. thanks for sharing. can't wait to see your next submission ^__^!

  16. Yumi-Chan Jan 09, 2005

    LoL crash's doujinshi's been walled by you =)!!!
    wow 8 hours O_o; nono it's not slow.. i take that long to wall something too ^^;;
    it's nice, just try practicing on the meteors a little that's all =D
    good job

  17. yoora Jan 09, 2005

    XD this one's nice~!! ur getting better and better en better en better everytime hihihi>_<
    berryberry boootifool!!! =D=P

  18. Kintarooe2k2 Jan 09, 2005

    all your efforts really paid off ... this is a great wall ... :) fantastic job

  19. Amaranth Jan 09, 2005

    I was just browsing through your gallery and this is my favorite^^
    I love the little leaves you added to the tree
    ooooh a tutorial page.....*goes to check it out*

  20. Crisis2040 Jan 10, 2005

    if every noob skils is like that then i will be in haven LOOL .. yuo really did a great job and you are skillfull with out a question .. all what you need is to show me more to tell if you are improving (/me is greedy for more xd).

  21. gundex Jan 12, 2005

    very nice wall meteor-san... and 8 hours work is fast i think... coz for me usually it takes about 2 days for a wall... :D yup the meteors need more work... but ur overall work is nice... :)

  22. gundex Jan 12, 2005

    very nice wall meteor-san... and 8 hours work is fast i think... coz for me usually it takes about 2 days for a wall... :D yup the meteors need more work... but ur overall work is nice... :)

  23. Alpha Jan 16, 2005

    I love the concept, the colors the whole scene fit very well, thanks for sharing +fav.

  24. autumnchill Jan 16, 2005

    Wow...it's really pretty! It kinda seems late to comment and fav on it (I will do that...^.^), but I was looking at your wallies and this one is awesome! love the bg the best!

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