Happy Breeding Wallpaper: With the wind

Kouji Iwasaki, Happy Breeding, Yukino (Happy Breeding) Wallpaper
Kouji Iwasaki Mangaka Happy Breeding Visual Novel Yukino (Happy Breeding) Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My new wallie XD
I've been working on it about 3-4 hours o_O and dunno why it has taken me so long -_-'
Hope u will like it!!! ;)

The original scan is here - http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/4633/

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  1. NikaNeko Jan 05, 2005

    OhhH!Pretty^.^Me love the scan soo pretty and the Barkground is awesome!soo Blue o.Osoo Nice!I love it!To my Favorites!!
    Nice job NaYaKo!=D

  2. Edzio Jan 05, 2005

    yay that's really kawaii^^
    That wind effect is cool XD
    And girl is sweet^^

  3. KorganoS Jan 05, 2005

    I know a person who also wanted to wall this scan LoL XD
    and this one turned out beautifully,... I wonder what'll he think about it after seeing this...
    nice work.!!! although it's very twirl filter, but the composition is superb!

  4. Paolo Jan 05, 2005

    at first i thought there was a cold blowing. it looks cute i like it :D

  5. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jan 05, 2005

    Mmm,really nice work,maybe the twirl effect is to big,but the composition is so nice and i like the finished result ^^,very nice wall,thanx for sharing

  6. meteorcloud Jan 05, 2005

    nice wallpaper =D
    i really like it =D
    a bit twisted ...but it's very nice=D
    great work!!^^

  7. Lizardy Jan 05, 2005

    :D :D wow!! nice wallpapper!! very good job!!

  8. Kyuzo1 Jan 05, 2005

    Sweet wallpaper :) I really love it. The effects are very good!!!
    +fav :)

  9. calisqo Jan 05, 2005

    nice blueish color.
    and the effect + the scan is another nice addition to the wall ^^
    Awesome work .
    Thanks for sharin

  10. Yota-san Jan 05, 2005

    *sugoiii* it surley is :)
    the girl iss beautifull and the Flowers in front remind me that springtime isn't to faar away anymore +g+

  11. Aurore Jan 05, 2005

    Oh, your new wallpaper is pretty (as always)!
    Wallpaper suteki desu ne Nayako-chan OX
    (love the turning sky ^_^' )

  12. markjo Jan 05, 2005

    An excellent job. Good extraction and composition, nice swirly background and Carnelian's art make up for a beautiful wallpaper!

  13. Electrastar Jan 05, 2005

    Nice. I love how evreything in the backround flows with the breezr and the birds that are flying around near the center....it's just really well done and it's bright without being too flashy.

  14. StarCentury Jan 05, 2005

    Very cool swirl effects you made, Nayako! :) It's ok that it took so long for you to make this! My walls are frustrating in itself! ^_^' But still, this is one of your bests! Keep up the good work, Naya! ^_^V

  15. Rorixbladewing Jan 05, 2005

    Wow ... another very awesome wallpaper from you !!
    The background is really pretty and the character fits very great !!
    i really like it ^^
    Great job !!

  16. chisana Jan 05, 2005

    Wow!Awesome wall!(again) :)
    The colours match together perfectly...it's so light...I love it :)
    can't wait for your next submission :nya:

  17. mughi Jan 05, 2005

    (Sigh) You have such a knack for making good wallpaper. As usual your wallpaper's quality is very good. The character you picked for this one is nicely extracted and the background is impressive with swoosh effect and the birds. Good job.

  18. Luali Jan 05, 2005

    Ohh Purty!
    Swirly swirly, *swirls around staring at it* ^^;

    As usual, it looks really great, colourful and fits together, oh so well. ^^ *hugs*

  19. Devilet Jan 05, 2005

    So pretty ^^
    i think the twirl effect is rather big, and takes the attention away from her too much, but the colours and everything fits in nicely~

  20. itsbigdan Jan 05, 2005

    wow.......... neat wallpaper!*o*. i'll have to admit that the colour are so awesome and fit well with the character. Well Done!!!!

  21. Xion3 Jan 05, 2005

    Whoa... that's very pretty. First thing that drew attention to my eyes was the wind effect that you did. Great work with that. The second thing I looked at was obviously the girl, who is very cute by the way. Excellent job again, Nayako. ^^

  22. LordStyphon Jan 06, 2005

    This is nice. You've done a great job with the sky. I love the birds, the clouds and the sparkles in the whirlwind effect you've made. Great work, Nayako.

  23. ultimaslair Jan 06, 2005

    Wow! Really nice one Nayako! For some reason, the swirly in the background really reminded me of the toilet...but it still looks cool! I really like the doves flying into the swirl, or in my eyes, flushing down the toilet. The scan is also really cute! Nice one!

  24. Athrun Jan 06, 2005

    WOW! Very nice. ;) It's rather more of a hurricane tho. XD But nicely done. ;)

    * adds to fav

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