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Kei Toume, Hitsuji no Uta, Kazuna Takashiro, Chizuna Takashiro Wallpaper
Kei Toume Mangaka Hitsuji no Uta Series Kazuna Takashiro Character Chizuna Takashiro Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Like a seed that never sprouted,
like a wounded crow in winter,
but lustful to have you still in my arms
thinking of you is the only thing keeping me sane
for my hateful sorrow has awakened
and now i am dead already....

This you may say is one of my personal walls ived spent 2 days making all together, ive had strong feelings for a person i loved before and now sometimes i regret leaving that person but fate had something to do with it so i had to suck it up and taste the bullet. I dont know if i am a changed person or will be the same...im starting to have mood swings, pieces of myself i dont want and never imagined have surfaced slowly to make me have this acute shcizophrenia paranoia disorder which only happens occasionally i assure you. But for some reason i have sought ways of repressing it by being a music indulgence person and starting to draw again!! maybe i should take theraphy or see a damn shrink but its not that serious the other person i talk too is my depressed side so i dont need to worry, helps me answer the questions i need to know and have to face so i have to take the road again of a journeyman....so wish me luck!

This scan was from Here by Kino and yeah this is somewhat a manga i think and had a hard time making the grunge textured layers, overlayed, gaussian, and duplicate layers. I used one of the old brushes ive stored but havent opened for a long time and yeah mostly its from Vbrushes and nocturna. So its 110 layers and 13 hours of work.

This is dedicated for those people who have had love for the first time and still have the memories of the breakup but still walk the path of life with the wings of crows and a shadowed cloak to be his cover...but with a hateful sorrow which is eating ones heart inside out slowly.

*Hope you likey!* -___-;

Ill show this in Imanimetions later but now i have to go take a bath!

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  1. calisqo Jan 05, 2005

    awesome bg.
    It's like the perfect grunge ^^
    a definite fav from me

    Good work ^^

  2. UndyingShadow Jan 05, 2005

    wow 13 hours of great work Oracle. This wall is amazing, I like how you integrated the scan with the bg so well, and the bg is another fine example of your amazing grunge work. awesome wall!

  3. Susan Jan 05, 2005

    I love the grunge of this wallpaper. it's so dark, but it has an almost delicate, antique look ot it, like an old cracked painted or soemthing. The characters blend so well. I think this is the best wall I've seen by you. ^_^ Definetly a fave.

  4. gendo1 Jan 05, 2005

    Everything about this project says marvelous, ingenious. The way that the background is comprised of 'nostradamus' circles and bits of stolen text represent very well the confusion and hopelessness felt by such a heartbreaking mood as you describe. The text has been filtered and distorted to form an emotion all on it's own, supporting the image, which is tactfully used to tie all of it in together. The scan, which has obviously been painstakingly leveled to match everything else in the background, provides a focal point from the rest of confusion, like a good memory.

    Oh, and good luck man. From what I can see, you've found a good outlet, and MT has found an excellent new favorite.

  5. crapmonster Jan 05, 2005

    this definitely is a great wall man, and ive been waiting for someone to wall this short OVA series. frickin godly stuff man, definite fav from me!!

  6. squink Jan 05, 2005

    wow thats a great wallpaper
    i love the background
    i give it two thumbs up and if i had more thumbs they be up also

  7. DayBreak Jan 05, 2005

    oracle! oracle! grunge king!
    you got your skillz back? damn ><
    my plan wont work then!
    Anyway, i love your grunge wall XD
    i so love the scan that you used ><
    keep'em coming oracle.Because you will
    feel more strong XD +fav

  8. sUmm3r Jan 05, 2005

    wow! this is g00d(>.<) although i don't know who the people are i still luv ur wall!*adds to fav*

  9. Mizuki-Chan Jan 05, 2005

    Wow kewlies!
    I like this anime :D Well...I've only read 3-4 volumes. I think.
    It's good though!but sad.
    I haven't experianced first love break up. It's probably because I haven't found the one I really love yet (excluding my family and friends!!)
    But the day may come soon...

    Awesome wall!

  10. artgeek12 Jan 05, 2005

    Strong emotions are the driving force for most artists. In this case, your feelings translate very well into this wall. The image along with the multiple layers of transparency all give the feeling of confusion yet show that you have something you are trying to focus on. Amidst all the noise is something clear yet because of so many other factors it may become hard to determine what that is. The dark earthy colors accentuate the pastel feel and texture of main image. The look on their faces goes well with the mood of the whole wall.

    Hitsuji no Uta is one of my favorite mangas/ anime (like em both) because the story is simple yet the feelings behind the story are complex. The style is also appealling to me. I think the wall is excellent as a wallpaper and as an instrument for your expression. Great job!! (bows) -_-

  11. euna Retired Moderator Jan 05, 2005

    awesome grunge work as usual OA-chan!
    fits in perfectly with the scan... ^___^
    beautiful work... the colours are really well matched... ^__^
    It's great! *fav*

  12. ded113 Jan 05, 2005

    Wow....your emotions reflect on the great piece of work.
    This is a keeper...

  13. Electrastar Jan 05, 2005

    Such lovely grungy-ness. Like many other wallpapers you have created, this wallpaper blends all the elements into one complete piece. I have no idea what the series is about but seeing this wallpaper makes me want to check it out.

  14. halcyonTwilight Jan 05, 2005

    Really sweet grunge work. This is what all grunge walls should try to achive...because this is a masterful balance with brushes, effects, and layers. This wall defintely deserves a +fav ^^ Great work!!

  15. DarkEVO Jan 05, 2005

    The grunge backdrop is pretty radical and nice.
    I like it.
    And the blending effects is very good.
    +Fav for me.

  16. Asahi Jan 05, 2005

    well i like it .. very nice brushwork and the colors works well for the emotion of this wallpaper =) .

  17. StarCentury Jan 05, 2005

    O yeah! XD Very cool grunge wall, Oracle! The characters look so serious, full of angst! You also gave such wonderful atmosphere! Like Shadowdude said and I quote:

    Quote by Shadowdude
    ...you got your skillz back? damn &gt;&lt; ...

    Great job, OA! ^_^V

  18. KorganoS Jan 05, 2005

    damn fine piece,... I love the colors most... ;)
    all the grunginess feel really suits the couple...
    and your feelings, too, I sppose...
    awsome... +fav
    only complaint is about the title text being a bit too big (almost touches the left border, zomg) ^_^'

  19. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Jan 05, 2005

    ooo....i'm diggin this wall OA :D i really love the typo treatment and the brush work/textures are awesome!! XP great stuff :D

  20. sammo Retired Moderator Jan 07, 2005

    woah, nice! i love the colors on this one, makes me kind of meloncholy. anywho, great wall, keep em coming XD

  21. Skillzpay Jan 07, 2005

    As the others have already mentioned, you can tell that a lot of emotion was put into this which definitely makes it more appreciable. Great stuff as always OA!

  22. shirahana Jan 08, 2005

    Great blending effects as always ^-^;

    Say, have you ever entered blending contests? You'd so win.... :D

    Hm.... Well, I'm still young ^^; Haven't really had a first love yet... so I can't really relate ^^; But I do hope you feel better ^^; There are still happy things in the world. Just as long as you don't drown in the sad things, it'll be okay, right? ^-^;

  23. Noctum Jan 10, 2005

    Once again there comes an awesome grunge wallpaper from you.
    Excellent work. :)

  24. wonjin Banned Member Jan 31, 2005

    This wallpaper is very good-looking.the character and the background merge well.. The colour fix well..
    I very like it .thanks for your share.
    +FAV 4 u!* Keep it up! ^^

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