Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Unspoken Love

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Kira Yamato, Lacus Clyne
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Series Kira Yamato Character Lacus Clyne Character


Here we go again! Last time though, if it gets deleted again then I give up ~____~
Lovely Lacus and cute Kira in all their wubberly glory!

(Just to let the admins know, I scanned this image myself from a postcard.)

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  1. ktk Jan 04, 2005

    sweet! thanks for the ul.... cant dl as usual...not lv 10 XD hopefully u can host it on mirrors too ^^

  2. Narumaki Jan 04, 2005

    WOW...one of the best pics of Lacus and Kira I've ever seen in a long, LONG time. This certainly gets my vote! :D

  3. kai Jan 04, 2005

    Very nice, is that really authentic?? Man...its nice. Never seen it before :D :D

  4. Athrun Jan 05, 2005

    Ooh... that's a great scan. Makes me wanna wall it... I think I smell a "Love is in the Air v2"! XD

    Nice scan!

    * adds to fav

  5. baaakurama Jan 05, 2005

    Wasn't this posted? But, I can't seem to find it haha ^_^ Anyway, I really love this picture ^_^ Kira and Lacus are my favorite couple haha ^_^ Thank you for sharing it ::adds to faves::

  6. kira12 Jan 05, 2005

    That's so cute. I love Kira, and Lacas is adorable.... cute pic i hope you can find more.

  7. pinkdoremi Jan 06, 2005

    such a beautiful scan... o.o maybe i could make a website layout with this ^___^ :D

  8. dax3 Jan 06, 2005

    nice pic nice couple >< very cool >>>>>>>> and simple and clean

  9. Lizardy Jan 06, 2005

    romantic!! this couple is so sweet!! i like it!!

  10. --Azmaria-- Jan 06, 2005

    + fav!
    a wonderful scan!!!!!!!

  11. CosmoStar Jan 07, 2005

    I'm getting interested in Gundam Seed. That's so cute and romantic, so good to see a couple so devoted to each other!
    Beautiful! ;D

  12. bavee Jan 07, 2005

    lovely picture from the gundum seed . it 's so romantic thx for u to post to others

  13. lovesoul Jan 07, 2005

    waaaaaah love the picture
    thank you very much ^_^
    Gundam is nice too =) ... and the pic is so romantic ... love it love it love it .. sanyo

  14. riku-chan Jan 08, 2005

    This looks lovely! Couple scans make me feel cuddly all the time, and what more when its one of my most favourite pairs ever, kira and lacus!^____^

    Thanks so much for sharing, there isn't a GS scan that has made me feel so warm before!

  15. keitaro-kun Jan 09, 2005

    i always thought lacus and kira were a good couple, nice scan and thanks for sharing :)

  16. lovesoul Jan 09, 2005

    nice nice nice............................................................. love it again ...........................................................................(...)

  17. MagicMan Jan 10, 2005

    I rarely see these kind of pictures for gundam seed. Tnanks for posting it. Very nice. : )

  18. Danny2004 Jan 11, 2005

    I was also wondering about what happened to that pic since it was in my favorites. Still, it's good to see that pic again.

    To me, there is no other way to show Kira and Lacus together and more lovely than this one. They are so much adorable as a pairing.

  19. Azel Jan 12, 2005

    It was removed from mt... I think it was because it wasn't high enough resolution so I scanned it again. Sorry all! ^^;

  20. slayerman Jan 13, 2005

    Oh my god I really want to have this scan but my level is too small i love so much gundam seed!!!

  21. slayerman Jan 15, 2005

    So great i love so much gundam seed conitnue like this to share your fan art

  22. Gurlie Jan 18, 2005

    Woah.... I like this pic!! They are so cute together... (=^_________^=)
    Thx for sharing it Azel.!!! ;3

  23. Banchan Jan 21, 2005

    This is such a wonderful scan of Kira and Lacus ~ what an adorable couple! :D
    My romantic sappiness is getting the better of me again... ^_^'

  24. kucing Jan 21, 2005

    ahhhhhhhhhhh~~~ so cute .. this pic really touched my heart...so happy :)

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