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OX Well I guess I couldn't keep up to my promise to not submit again OX.

Well last night I stumble upon a romantic fanfic and figure I got nothing else to do so I read and there was a scene where these two lover spent there day on the field glazing in the sky so I figure I'll try and recreate the scenery from what I could pull out of the story and my imagination. I've read the rules and nothing was stated about the dimension of how it should be so this should be alright to post it here.

Hm.. where to start I guess I have to say this one took me the longest of my previous work [Self Port., Morrigan, Cloud, etc...]. From my earliest work it's just been black and white but lately I've been having this crazy urge to try working with colors, plus it gives the viewer an a lot better feel right?. Mainly the color was the real reason to why this took me so long to get since i couldn't find the right blue to match her hair. Lol I gotta admit that the coloring and drawing was the hardest part but there was one easy part wanna take a stab at what it was? lol yes u got it right it was the sky effect! I got so lazy and surprisingly enough PS had a built in cloud effect which save me ALOT of time. I started the idea from other people point of view and their view of romance most suggested the girl be on top rather than the guy [how ironic is that?]. I think this probably took the longest since the new MT rules for good quality and after a good long 6hr of drawing and coloring I now present you "With You~" Enjoy.

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  1. Nakayori Jan 04, 2005

    o_o;; Wow, it looks so... wow. *-* :: Stares at it for hours and hours. :: You did a terriffic job! ^__^;; I don't think it could get any better. =DD * favorite! *

  2. Bass Jan 04, 2005

    look very well, ans the sky background is good

    =========See ya!==========

  3. DaHero69 Jan 04, 2005

    Wow its SOOO kawaii! Well done Keough :):):)

    happy NEW years 2005

  4. PureTypeDZanza Jan 04, 2005

    Pretty Kawaii! Those eyes are like lol hypnotizing me to stare at the picture! Nice job!

  5. narutofan92 Jan 04, 2005

    damn that's real cool i like it. I understand why it took you so long to finish. You had to put in a lot of work to do something like that!! I love the way you did the hair. Real nice. (not that the rest of it ain't nice)
    Oh Btw. What fanfic was it? A romance Fanfic is always good. ^ ^

  6. calisqo Jan 04, 2005

    awesome talent ^^
    It's look like i'm looking at an anime screencap ^^

    Maybe u could get a job in making naime ^^ (or mayb u have already ^^)

    good one , thanks for sharin

  7. evasion Jan 04, 2005

    beautiful work ^_^ Extremely well done - especially with the outlines :) Nice work!

  8. Kiyone17 Jan 04, 2005

    This is awsome, I can see where this picture can take you right into the story. Even if you haven't read it.

  9. Devilet Jan 04, 2005

    awww, that's so pretty, you colour so good! seriously o__o;;
    some part of the grass is off, and the behind them, but that's not really much of a distraction from how well you coloured her hair and that, great work~

  10. Kei-kun Restricted Member Jan 04, 2005

    This is great work. Amazing that this is drawn so well. Really impressive I must say. Surprised it took you that long, I was thinking that it would take longer.
    Nice. :)

  11. NachoKun Jan 05, 2005

    Great job my friend! OX
    Beautiful use of lines and colors, I'm very impressed at your works with tablet art and your patience and detemination. :D
    i sincerely hope we get to see more of your Originals ;)

  12. clynelacus Jan 09, 2005

    wow u did a really good job and the effort that u put into it definently shows, it looks like a screencap, it would have taken me a couple of days to finish a drawing with this good of quality ;)

  13. acid-awakening Feb 02, 2005

    sorry if this is a bit 2 late
    this pic is very nice
    the sky has a really nice colour :D
    the girl looks pretty 2
    c u around

  14. belmikry Retired Moderator Feb 02, 2005

    o_o i thought this was a screen shot *instant fav*
    astounding... you are a master at the brush 0_0 [applause]

  15. angelxxuan Banned Member Mar 23, 2014

    I rather like this idea, the expression on his face says it all, I rather like your lineage on this, dark, depth and drawn well enough to bring out the strength of the piece, good job.

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