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It's none other than Asahi!!! http://asahi.minitokyo.net/ Drawn by request - *runs from everyone else who I've promised to draw a pic of too* Don't worry, I'll get there ^_~ I'm just a little slow XD (And I haven't forgotten about the tutorial either, lol)

Comments and especially critiques are very very much appreciated ^_^ Sorry if I take a while to respond afterwards - i'll be gone for some time for speech & debate and robotics stuff. *dies of exhaustion*

Edit ---- *ack* sorry for the misspell (thanks chibikko ^_^)

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  1. levezzali Jan 03, 2005

    Hey, nice eyes, very expressive! I liked the color it's very good too!

    Well, great work there!

    Hey, make a drawing of me?!?! heheh *waving extremely fast: I am just kidding!*

  2. DayBreak Jan 03, 2005

    sketch! MORE sketch XD.
    thats lovely.
    better drawing them my's ><
    the pose is pretty good.

  3. chibikko Jan 03, 2005

    uh i think her nick is Asahi (only one s). very nice sketch, i'm looking forward to the coloring =P but good job

  4. peachiemint Jan 03, 2005

    oO lala~ wut a kyute doodle. u sketch pretty well. keep it up =^^=

  5. GaiJiN Jan 04, 2005

    :o A very cute doodle ! I like especially the expression, and the legs are well drawn thought the position isn't easy ;) . And I see you already placed some nice shadows and highlights.
    As for critique, I would say the upper body is too large, especially the shoulders which could need more feminin elegance to match the face. This way she looks very strong, but the legs aren't drawn this way, so it doesn't really fit. And the feet look a bit weird, but I think you did well it's just because the perspective doesn't show yet without shading.
    As always, that's most possibly just me ^_^' , it's still a lovely concept and I'm sure the final version will be awesome XD !
    ( >_> lol was that all english ? )

  6. AtomicAngel Jan 04, 2005

    very nice! you know i really like sketches haha, especially ones that still retain the pencil marks and accidental scratches..really really good :P tho a lil more on proportions..but heck, im horrible in that area too XD the face is gorgeous..and you can draw hands a lot better than me lol

    nice job :P

  7. Devilet Jan 04, 2005

    hehe, nice sketch once again, her chest seems quite big O.o and her left leg is bigger than her right, but I like the face and the pose is nice~

  8. Frosty Jan 04, 2005

    lol... nice sketch bubby. ^^
    Asahi is gonna like this one. lol... but yea,
    the chest area does seems to be rather large @_@ lol.
    I'm sure on your finish up sketch it will look great through. ^^
    good one. ^^

  9. paxterra Jan 04, 2005

    Cool, I do like the eyes and like someone else said, the legs in this pose are hard to draw, aren't they. How long does something like this take you to do?

  10. toujin1 Jan 04, 2005

    oooh this is soo good!! but i just think that the chest is a *tiny* bit large...and her left leg is kinda thin but otherwise she looks great! cant wait for u to finish this...the color....so pretty

  11. chibicow Jan 04, 2005

    okay my opinion may not count but... like people have said she looks rather "butch" ie. masculine!
    Like Gaijin said - it is very hard to draw from that perspective although you managed to do it quite well for a |pre-version sketch| !
    well done overall - cant wait to see the finished product!

  12. harakiri Jan 04, 2005

    Very nice sketch and the pose is very good, too. I think you should make the legs a bit longer to balance out the relation between torso and legs (but only if you want to - I don't want to change your unique style). I think the skirt will be difficult to colour but I am sure you'll manage this. And the last thing I want to tell you is that I am waiting impatiently for the tutorial (I want finally learn how to clean the outlines before the coloring ^^).
    i am looking forward to the finished version.

  13. Asahi Jan 04, 2005

    Heh ^^' The chest seems a bit too big though , aside from that everything seems fine so far :D

  14. vampyre Jan 04, 2005

    Whowwww!So sexy view! XD but...

    Quote by AsahiHeh ^^' The chest seems a bit too big though , aside from that everything seems fine so far :D

    i agree with that too.^^ Anyway,it's great work ~^w^~

  15. walkure245 Jan 04, 2005

    Awww, kawaii~ I love her pose and stupendous job on the fingers and toes. The chest is a little wide, but this is awesome for a sketch. Can't wait to see the end result~ ^_^

  16. renato Jan 05, 2005

    Quote by walkure245Awww, kawaii~ I love her pose and stupendous job on the fingers and toes. The chest is a little wide, but this is awesome for a sketch. Can't wait to see the end result~ ^_^

    wow! nice work!! XD
    The chest is a little wide? no i think its fine the way it is :)

  17. rythem Jan 05, 2005

    waaa~~great sketch eva-san! XD
    like her pose but umm..her chest seems a bit big though? @___@
    or its just me?? sorry! XP
    anyway,nice job! ^___^

  18. aquablue Jan 05, 2005

    Very nice original.
    looks good original.
    I wait to see your original.

    Smile :)

  19. Septillion Jan 06, 2005

    waahhh that's a nice drawing, everything looks nicely proportioned, Asahi looks pretty^^ hehe nice work evasion :D

  20. Daisuki-chan Jan 06, 2005

    awww, kawaii sketch evasion-kun. like everyone sides The chest is a little wide through. XD but it will looks great when its completed I'm sure of it. ;)

  21. saori-chan Jan 07, 2005

    ooO is this new?! ^__^ Wow lovely job evasion! I really like the way you drew her legs and arms I suck at drawing legs. lol :D Btw, not meaning to sound perverted! lol, her boobs look kinda big, but I think it's okay because a lot of people draw anime girls that way anyway..............lol ><' Oh my, could it be that you drew it that big on purpose?! (just kidding! :P) anyway, i hope to see the real version soon!

  22. WeiYuAt Jan 07, 2005

    hahah wow!!! awesomeness.... you have some m4d skillz man!! that is one terrific looking sketch!!!

  23. AkinaSpirit Jan 08, 2005

    Quote by AsahiHeh ^^' The chest seems a bit too big though , aside from that everything seems fine so far :D

    muwahahaha yeah, the chest does seem a bit big o_O
    *thinks like a man - but I like 'em big!!* >8D muwahaha kidding ^_^
    Nice drawing *drools* ahhh snap out of it! I'm not a guy ^_^' teeheehee
    Nice arms and legs ^^
    *nose bleed* kidding kidding! *runs away*

  24. Yoh Jan 10, 2005

    Nice draw, the face looks pretty good and the body is great, a little wide but nice! :)

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