Plus Anima Wallpaper: +anima: At Poseidon's Gate

Natsumi Mukai, Plus Anima, Husky (Plus Anima) Wallpaper
Natsumi Mukai Mangaka Plus Anima Series Husky (Plus Anima) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

The Bishounen Invasion continues with a +anima wallpaper featuring Husky, who is such a pretty-boy that characters in the story constantly think he's a girl! (Which is an easy way to anger him, too.) I found the image as I was flipping through the manga, and comes from chapter 17. I liked the Greco-Roman armor (appropriately this is the chapter image for the third chapter in the Maggie Coliseum arc, just before Husky is about to fight in the tournament) which was neatly offset by some columns.
Since Husky's +anima form is a fish, I decided to place him underwater, "At Poseidon's Gate" to continue with the Greco-Roman influence, and designed an underwater palace for him to guard. Unfortunately I spent so much time getting the palace to look right that it became too 3d/realistic, and now he seems out of place. Argh.
Scan vectored and recolored in Illustrator. Instead of texturizing the entire vector, I texturized portions of Husky's armor. :P Background created entirely in Photoshop, except for the fishes, which I took out of my aquarium screensaver. To get an underwater effect, I added layers of wave-filtered blue-green gradients between the various elements.
4 days/126mb+23mb Photoshop, 13mb Illustrator /85+6 layers Photoshop, 14 layers Illustrator (I had 2 Photoshop files; the main file and a separate one for the wave-gradients)
Edit: For kicks, get an idea of how I work: Mockup of wallpaper layout plus original scan I worked off from (scaled down)
Edit2: Original background (minus character art) here

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  1. bucket-shot Jan 03, 2005

    Omg... a +Anima wall! XD *praises you for this alone* Huzzah for more bishiness~<3 ..and because I don't know what else to say. -_- Great wall as always, Tama. Though true he looks a bit flat compared to the rest. :) [As well as (attitude aside) Nge's Rei, with that hair..]

    Heheh~ fish outta the screensaver. XD Smart move.

  2. Keltosh Retired Moderator Jan 03, 2005

    Doh.. another wall by you.. >_> means another fav and another wall on my hd :D
    To think you designed that >_>_ *steal tama's skills*

  3. zaira Jan 03, 2005

    wow!!! dis one is great!!
    i like da bg!!!!its perfect!!!!
    i dunno wat is +Anima
    but it seems da scan is great!!!

    great job!!!!
    addded to my fav!!!

  4. GaiJiN Jan 03, 2005

    @_@ There should be a professional walling category for works like this !
    The vector is brilliant as usual, and I think it doesn't seem out of place because of the awesome realistic bg, since the underwater effect blends everything together so well, and also thanks to the shade and the overall great composition :) . The scan doesn't really matches my tastes but this is a masterpiece XD !

  5. wuschel Jan 03, 2005

    *_* tama u rock my wallpaper heaven

    yes u did it again <_< and like kel said *steals ur skillz* its a great and hoply high fav wall ^_^ and *_* good idea not to texture all the character it would have looked a little overdone

    *_* more bishounen!! more *puppyeyes*

  6. Sandra Jan 03, 2005

    WHat a great and amazing wallpaper ! I t looks so beautiful i love the bg much ! fav

  7. rory07 Jan 03, 2005

    the bg looks extremely good along with the good choice of scan,
    Great colour selection and nice effects.
    Wonderful wall tama you are a very talaneted waller...*two thumbs up*

  8. sammo Retired Moderator Jan 03, 2005

    wow...the texture in this wall is like woah..truly reflects on the greatness of your skills :O great job tam tam!

  9. candy-chan Retired Moderator Jan 03, 2005

    woah, the final touches are amazing, love the fishies. Your skills in texturing are truely awesome *bows* you also did a wonderfull job in the shadows/lightning, gives great depth and contrast~

  10. StarCentury Jan 03, 2005

    Tama-Neko creates another really amazing wallie! XD Goes to show ya that the smallest details on BGs creates such wonderful rendering and effects! You must be really tired designing all that work and layers! It paid off, though! Top notch stuff, Tama-Neko! ^_^V

  11. juanicths Jan 03, 2005

    *neat job* really love the wall! haven seen +anima tho' but still a nice new blue wall ^-^

  12. Meg Jan 04, 2005

    very nice Tama. I love how you created the bg yourself. very 3dish, but like you mentioned, it made the scan look like it's floating. that aside, I'm amazed of how you started at that cute little layout and made it to look like this. You did a wonderful job coloring the character as well. This will be the next breed of wallpapers for the coming generations, original backgrounds. lol @ the fishies

  13. crapmonster Jan 04, 2005

    oh god i thought that was a girl at first!! haha anyways, the wall is really nice. especially great job on making that uinderwater effect.

  14. TheRavenIsUnSkill Jan 04, 2005

    Fishies! XD!

    Love the marble floors and stairs. They look really nice, as do the pilars. Excellent vectoring as usual. All around great wall ^_^ V

    +fav. Ill cya on IRC Tama-sempai!

  15. UndyingShadow Jan 04, 2005

    Another amazing wall Tama! the marble looks amazing, and has a nice aquatic touch to it. Great and creative wall!

  16. lain Jan 04, 2005

    Tama-Neko, this wall is great! The background is amazing, u r a great artist. ^^
    (and husky is so cute XD)

  17. KorganoS Jan 04, 2005

    Crazy skillz, Tama-sensei =3
    Love the custom bg... at first glance I thougt it was a stock >.<
    Might be your best wall to date....
    not a fan of bishounens tho... XD

  18. Osiris Retired Moderator Jan 04, 2005

    love the stone texture you used, nice details and overall its not a bad scenic bg

    only thing i have a problem with is the cheesy fishes..they look a bit queer XD

  19. euna Retired Moderator Jan 05, 2005

    awwww... pretty~~
    I like the scan~~~ so nice~~~ ^___^
    Tama-chan's to good... >___<
    i luv the steps.. looks so realistic...
    the colours and everything are great! *fav*

  20. Skall Banned Member Jan 05, 2005

    cute wall !!

  21. charmyc Apr 25, 2005

    you're my hero X3 it's so rare to see +Anima wallpaper this one is really well done i wish i could have the +Anima manga... i just have up to half the 3rd manga in scan.... =_= oh well i think the 3D is nicely done ^^ but the character seem as you said a bit out of place but still the wal is magnifique ^^

  22. Merodia May 02, 2005

    i like the bg so much, soooo cool,isn't it?
    nice work, great wall :D

  23. link9us May 19, 2005

    Husky looks so nice. Great wall.. I love how you manage to use the fished from the cs...tight!

  24. DawnieChan Jun 30, 2005

    Wow! The background and character match so well! He's such a pretty boy, I was actually fooled, but figured it out from the eyebrows. XD So... aqua-y! ;) *favs*

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