Mutsumi Sasaki Wallpaper: -=Angel's Tears=-

Mutsumi Sasaki Wallpaper
Mutsumi Sasaki Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Dedicated to all victims of the December earthquake and Tsunami...
up until now, the death toll is nearly 130.000 lives lost in several countries in Asia, and millions became homeless.
God works in mysterious ways, they said <_<
so, even though the scar of the blaspehmy is deep within our hearts, there must be a meaning behind it.
Let's close our eyes for a moment and pray, not only for the victims of tsunami, but also the victims of war, bombings, and famine.
Make this New Year a year to reflect upon ourselves, for those we cared, for those we ignored, for those we hate. Give them all a big hug... Everyone is our brothers and sisters.
Let there be no more war, no more sadness, and no more tears.
Let's pray and hope for a better future.

Thanks to tAtEkAnE, Kalico, and some others in AP that gave inputs in the making of this wall.
Thanks to Keltosh for the support in irc ;)

misc. info :
- 120+Mb PSD, 100+ layers, 5 days, Photoshop 7

p.s. : I don't know which series the scan is from :\ so please tell me if you know...

more resolutions in [FRAGMENTS] soon...

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  1. Gamefish Jan 03, 2005

    nice job Korgano. I'll fav this... I'd like to suggest everybody who cares about what happened to fav this wallpaper.. it's the very least we can do for those 130.000 lost souls..

    I read in the newspaper this morning that the total number might become 150.000.. it's a sad day for the whole world.. God bless the world..

  2. charaznableamurorei Jan 03, 2005

    such a poignant caption, KorganoS-friend...... and I see what you intend to say about the chara's black, devilish-like wings contrast to that of the far-off, heavenly, angel wings in the background... though I feel that out of death, there might be life. A terrible, terrible balancing act exists in our reality... and we all just have to go on living, aware of this deterministic law of fate. It seems a bit callous, but how can one appreciate light if there is no darkness?

    A sad and uplifting piece, this is. Thanks, KorganoS-friend, for all your efforts. A fav. And also, a silent moment I'll offer...

  3. TheRavenIsUnSkill Jan 03, 2005

    Awesome work, Korgy-san. Truly worthy of honouring those lost in this time of tragedy.
    Beautiful scenery, nice wings, great scan choice.

    +fav. Ill cya round k?

  4. tAtEkAnE Jan 03, 2005

    my prayers goes to all the victims of all the tragedies that happened =(

    a big improvement from the one i crit in AP very well done i really like what ya did with the wings and the castle ya actually able to integrate my idea woot! and no more path hehehe it 's better :D and the colors! ya played around with it ^__^ well done!

  5. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 03, 2005

    And so the eyes of the masses have turned their eyes to Southeast Asia and now the world weeps for this new year....But yea the wally fits the scheme you are showing Korgano...Love the city bg, typo and angel. Could work on the feathers, never liked feathers with a yellowish glow better if white with some sparkles going around....
    Anyway good job! :)

  6. Citsitra Jan 03, 2005

    This is a lovely wallpaper and its wonderful that you've dedicated this to all the victims of the tragedies that have happened. A definite fav for me as well.

  7. DarkSith Jan 03, 2005

    It's a very nice wallpaper ;) Beautiful wings, nice background and cute girl XD

    Nice work KorganoS

  8. shinorei Jan 03, 2005

    Wow. This wallpaper is kinda nice! ^__^ I love it..Especially those wings behind the small little floating country.^__^ And the girl's hair is kinda special..^__^

  9. Septillion Jan 03, 2005

    it's such a sad thing that happened with the tsunami and earthquake, nice way of showing your care. 'Angel's Tears' is a very fitting title. the wall is breathtakingly beautiful, angelic, heavenly but sad and dark. love it^^

  10. white-zero Jan 03, 2005

    Damn man. Your works gets better and better. I CAN never EVER catch up to you. >_<

    May the lost souls found eternal peace in the Plain of Light...

  11. Ritalin Jan 03, 2005

    I'm faving it just for the meaning behind it. That's enough for me.

  12. DarkEVO Jan 03, 2005

    Nice wallpaper, KorganoS.
    A truly definite tribute to the victims of the Tsunami and Eathquake in Asia.
    And the castle in the sky is a good expression of the Kingdom of Heaven.
    And the angel in black with tears is a good montage of Death also crying what it did.
    A Definitive Favourite for me.
    A moment of silence from me for the victims....

  13. mughi Jan 03, 2005

    Amen. The year 2004 turned out to be very unstable period in term of nature showing its unpredictable side. Some people think we are the master of this planet we live in but when compared to nature we are really nothing.

    Thank you very much for making this wonderful wallpaper.

  14. wuschel Jan 03, 2005

    lets hope that it will never again happen may they find peace in heaven
    nothing more to say i think the favs makes my comment complete

  15. zaira Jan 03, 2005

    oh! my dis is great!!!! XD
    wow i like da scan!!!! XD
    also da bg!!!! XD
    i love it!!!! XD
    added to my fav!!!! XD XO XD XO

  16. meteorcloud Jan 03, 2005

    allright....korg used his fingers anda......a great wallpaper cam out XD
    great job korganoS !!!
    i really like the effects, the rainbow ^^.
    the background is just great!!!
    keep the works up.
    *ad to fav*

  17. chibi-lizard Jan 03, 2005

    i can see what you're trying to portray through her tears and the distant heavenly like place. i'm glad that you're well there and no harm has happen to you.
    thanks fro the great wallie.. and prayers for all the victims and families.

  18. ShueiTenshi Jan 03, 2005

    Aee ^^ It's so pretty!
    I love the angel wings!!!
    How did you do that @_@
    +Favs right now XD

  19. Furikuu Jan 03, 2005

    Nice work. Captures the mood pretty well :0
    And yeah the wings are really nicely done XD

  20. Keltosh Retired Moderator Jan 03, 2005

    So you finished it. Turned out really nice :P I especially like that glowing planet/clouds effect under the city :D *favs*

  21. Lizardy Jan 03, 2005

    your wall is very nice!! i like the angel with the black wings!! the background with the moon, the earth and the rainbow is amazing!! thanks that you make this wall!!!

  22. Yina Jan 03, 2005

    looks beautiful!!! I like the earth and the moon.. and the person fits perfectly to the bg... +fav ^^

  23. GaiJiN Jan 03, 2005

    Brilliant work Korgie, a lot of symbolic and feelings in it. I fully agree with what you said, it's nice to see some reaction to what happened even here on MT.
    As for the wall itself, I don't know how you do it while you're already so good, but I think you're improving. You put a great attention to everything, it's definitely a fav ;)

  24. dans Jan 03, 2005

    oh, really nice. looks really beautiful. maybe you should erase the lens flare glow ring.
    anyway, a fav from me to you.
    and prayers from me to all the victims. -_-

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