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Yes, it has been a while. Life has a funny way of bringing me many gifts of agony XD .

Anyway, decided to make another scenery wall - with the winter season in mind, I made it snow. How original :P . When I came across the scan of her while browsing through Minitokyo's Carnelian images (*thanks goes to the submitter of this lovely scan :) ) I immediately thought she looked like she belonged in a peaceful farm-like atmosphere ... this is most likely due to her pigtail braids, clothing, and overall cuteness :) .

This wall is named "Winter Sunrise" for as you can see the girl is emerging from the barn after tending to the animals inside right as the sun begins to rise ... then off to go to one of those overly optimistic happy-go-lucky schools you frequently witness in anime. Or at least that is the little story I came up with to go with this wall.

The setting is obviously on a farm out in it's little corner of the world. The mountains can be seen at a distance while the sun rising sets a gentle glow upon the fresh snow from last night's storm. The snow still swishes through the surroundings and continues to fall while accompanied by the usual morning mist.

Oh yes, I am on a roll XD . Wall was made using brushwork & stock photos. It took me about 6 hours in total ... one of those hours was spent staring at it seeing what was missing though ... meh I'm a perfectionist sometimes. Bleh, making snow textures on the ground is difficult ... I had fun making the footprints though. I think I like those a little too much XD . This would be my second scenic wall ... yay?

On another note ... I recently noticed other sites, being the bandits they were, having my work submitted by others who obviously weren't me. This bothered me a bit ... kinda made me want to stop walling :( . I decided to keep doing it anyway though ... but I swear if I catch anymore of them I'm going to cut their manhood off and feed it to them ... and if they don't have any they will, then I'll ...

*Ahem* How about that? I'm cranky and bothered . Don't poke me or I'll bite you XD .

This wall does make me happy though ... how about you?

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  1. Mohammed Jan 03, 2005


    thank you it is a cute wallpaper......
    c u......
    bye bye...... :)

  2. bucket-shot Jan 03, 2005

    Perfectionist indeed. XD I must say it shows; wonderful attention to detail. I love the sketchy mountains~<3 Adds a lot to that home on the range feel. And the red snow theme (as opposed to blue) adds another unique touch. My favourite element would have to be the 'glowing' trees, though. :) They just look magical.

    Hm, but a bit of crit.. I'd say fade out the footprints that are further away a little bit. Especially since there seems to be a bit of mist around the ground.. and the falling snow would have covered it a touch.

    Anyways! A very fine wall. You've pulled off the illusion of depth extremely well. Great work! It would be a pain, but issues can be resolved. :) I hope you never give up walling.

  3. yue_hikaru Jan 03, 2005

    beautiful wall
    wonderfull artwork
    the bg are very detail and pretty

  4. mughi Jan 03, 2005

    By golly, this wallpaper is good. Both the character and background is gorgeous and not to mention attention to details. Straight to my favorite. :D

    p.s. You must be Type A personality which is perfectionist in general.

  5. LauncherStrike Jan 03, 2005

    Nice Wallpaper. The girl is cute and the background is pretty good. You did an great job!!!

  6. Keltosh Retired Moderator Jan 03, 2005

    Great wall paper, I love the layout. Also that snow... how the hell you did that? lol This is just a reminder of how long the road to doing exceptional wallpapers is:D Thanks for this great wall *favs*

  7. aquiles Banned Member Jan 03, 2005

    Nice wall, the backround has many details, i like the house, the snow effect is really cool, good job.

  8. aquablue Jan 04, 2005

    Background very wonderful.
    The red sky is beautifully matched.
    Great. o_0

  9. DreamSugata Jan 05, 2005

    nice job dude :D
    its really good 80% for the background ;)
    the girl ..... ~_~ just good, keep on dude


  10. Skall Banned Member Jan 05, 2005

    this one is so cute !!

  11. Balljacker Jan 09, 2005

    Wooooow great wallie. The background is soooooooooooooo nice. the snow is good n the girl is sooooooo cute. Marvelous work. I looooooooove it

  12. DarkCrimson Feb 06, 2005

    Oh found another awesome Wallie from you.The Snowy Background looks so beautiful. I hope she is not get a cold.Add it to my Favorites. XD.Thanks for sharing

  13. chubbykitty Apr 06, 2005

    oooh! I love this wallpaper! Its so cute! I love the background too..its wonderful!

  14. may Apr 24, 2005

    VERY nice. THis wall makes ma happy too :O it's very serene and calm~~~ .. lovely piece.. and don't stop walling. People are stupid. They always will be.. don't let that keep your creativity from shining. What you've managed to create here is beautiful ^^

  15. Haia Apr 25, 2005

    Odd that this wallie does feel rather very cheerful instead what the commonality of 'snow' scenic walls. The background is very well done! I love the scan you used!!! Interesting idea to put her in some snowy farm! Thanks for sharing this with us! Keep up the great work! +fav

  16. Ikorus May 08, 2005

    Wow, I love this wall so much!! Everything blends so well together. It gives off a surreal feeling. :D You also give great attention to detail, and your landscape is more realistic than most landscape walls. It's really lovely. It definitely has to be part of the faves. :nya:

  17. crewcifix May 23, 2005

    i love the concept of this one so much! you know, i really really strongly feel that your wallpapers deserve more than just 34 favs! >_< and i really wish people would see the talented artist i see right now. It's very rare to use snow as a means of warmth. Good job+fav

    and i know so exellent wallers and you are so like one! :P

  18. 1219 Jul 03, 2005

    very cute~ i esp. likee the background :) keep up the good work =]

  19. lingxue Jul 28, 2005

    Sunrise and Carnelian and snow and blonde......
    very nice combination. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Emma Jan 29, 2006

    I personally love snow and barns
    You did an wonderful job combining them. And I love the sky color matching her skirt. And the footprints ^_~
    Your wall does deserve more favs. Definite fav from me!

  21. lunagata Mar 25, 2006

    Very nice wallie ^^

    Love the orangie color as a background, the mountains looks very nice (especially the shades)
    And the wall has a lot of details like the foot prints.

    Very nice indeed ^_^


  22. nanapan Oct 09, 2006

    WOw! very pretty and very beautiful ! I like this wallpaper ... thx for this wallpaper /... ^^

  23. gunyugunyu Jan 27, 2009

    Somehow...I think it didn't match...
    The girl much more fit to spring, not winter in uphill village.

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