Renga: drawing of renga's art~ XD

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hehe~ XD
I thought I wanna practice some drawing and since I have renga's artbook. I thought I'd try and draw those~ XD
went kinda well I suppose since this is my 1st time ever drawing a character full with body~ XD
well I just copied so heck >_>
I cant really draw her shoes since the art itself doesnt really have shoe drawn >_<

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  1. euna Retired Moderator Jan 03, 2005

    big bro Kash can draw~~~ weee~~~ >____<
    She's very cute ^___^
    Something's a little odd... I think it might be her eyes... but who cares?? it's still so cute~~
    Nice work bro!

  2. shinorei Jan 03, 2005

    Hmm..the drawing isn't that good but heck,you can draw for goodness sake.I can't even lift a pencil.<_< Anyway,practice makes perfect.If you continuing practicing,I bet you can create better Doujinshis next time.^_^

  3. StarCentury Jan 03, 2005

    o_O I didn't know you can draw, Kash! XD She looks really cute, kind of reminds me of those Megatokyo mangas! ^_^' Thanx for sharing this, though! Looks cool! ^_^V

  4. MirageA Jan 03, 2005

    I agree to eunashang, but anyway
    it's still good, but you could add some colors
    and some backgrounds into it.
    Well, what can says. Just your first time drawing a full characters.
    But you great on your first timing drawing.

  5. NikaNeko Jan 03, 2005

    haha is not the best ,but you did a good effort!
    Me will put in my favorites for your effort!!^.^
    Keep it up!

  6. RedDevil13 Jan 03, 2005

    It looks bretty good. It's not fantastic but this is one of your first tries so keep practicing and I'm sure you will get really good! I think it's great how it turned out. Keep drawing, you have talent. ^_^

  7. Devilet Jan 04, 2005

    hehe, pretty nice work, but she seems to have no right arm around her shoulder.. O.o
    Maybe some more shading might improve it a little ^__^
    ah well, I think you did quite well on this besides that~

  8. frozenwilderness Jan 04, 2005

    exentric draws toooo!!! XD
    Wahhh.. she looks so cute! Love the linework :D

  9. gundex Jan 04, 2005

    pretty good for the 1st time.... keep trying. kash-san... :D :D :D

  10. Kurosawa Jan 04, 2005

    o_O. wow. For the first time draw, your draw is nice. I like it ^^.
    Keep try and you will be more improve XD

  11. Yumi-Chan Jan 04, 2005

    omg kash draws too!! X3 my first time ever to see an anime drawing from u!
    ahaha so wat if u copy from a picture =P it looks awesome for a 'first time' XD
    just keep practicing and u'll get there.. prolly even better than me dude!
    XD oops wat am i doing on9 right now?..hmm.. *nawti yumi XP*
    great job kashi =)

  12. Nayako Jan 05, 2005

    First time? :o
    Its really nice ^^
    Beautiful work!!! ;)

  13. Evanrued Jan 05, 2005

    Pretty good. You have talent that can be molded in to great detail. Keep trying! I'm sure it will get better!

  14. shirahana Jan 08, 2005

    Cute ^-^; Of course, there are still areas that require more work... but practice makes perfect ^-^;

  15. r33an Jan 09, 2005

    hey...you can draw too.. :D
    for the first time ? woooaaaa.... that's realy good you know
    hehehehe... i can't draw*sniff*

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