Anime Wallpaper: Beyond the Heavens

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This wallpaper was done 1 week ago but I couldn't submit it because of down ADSL so finally it's back up and I can finally submit it.

A two hours work of cutting, layering, filtering, effecting and photo manipulation.

This is the last wallpaper of the Beyond saga. Hope to make more soon. Here are the links to the other two Beyond wallpaper.
Beyond: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/67105/
Above and Beyond: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/71425/

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  1. white-zero Jan 03, 2005

    Whoa. I love the clouds and the lighting combined together there. It really matches the title in my view. Awsome work, EVO.

  2. halcyonTwilight Jan 03, 2005

    Awesomeness ^^ Really nice work on editing the photos, and awesome job on the text as well. There's gotta be more walls like this around here. The plane looks too shiny, but other than that i don't see any other problems. Really sweet wall :)

  3. squink Jan 03, 2005

    wow that looks really great the plne looks like its heading into the space it looks good

  4. walkure245 Jan 03, 2005

    This is my fav of the three. ^_^ Blue is my fav color~ Also, I love the cloud and light effects in the corner. Kyahh~ So pretty. Also, I generally like the layout of the jet flying in to the clouds. The starry bg on the right is a beautiful too. Good works~ ^_~

  5. GallComp Jan 03, 2005

    Nice work... I like the way how the plane is flying to the clouds... Keep the good work...

  6. exentric Jan 03, 2005

    even with the small thumbnail, I'm just amazed with da work you've done
    its so nice and amazing~ ^_^
    tho when go into detail, I do have 1 thing to say. the stars. practice making em more~ ^_^
    other then that, its such a nice wallpaper~ ^_^

  7. Electrastar Jan 03, 2005

    Wowie...I must admit that I am not a huge fan of all that is mecha, but this wallpaper is great. The sky you designed and the plane flying towards it gives it (well it gives me anyway) an immense feeling of freedom. It's all so blue and luminous.....beautiful.

  8. heavens-Dragon Jan 03, 2005

    Amazing work! I really love your clouds and lighting! Very nicely done! I love the colour blue and it's a beatuiful wall! A nice touch of the aeroplane! Keep up with the great work!

  9. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 03, 2005

    thats some fine work you got there..awesome walling skills by the way, the clouds and atmosphere are awesome! XD fav!

  10. Foolish-ishness Jan 03, 2005

    Awesome! ;) This is godly work. The clouds, the stars and the plane going into them is way cool. Plus, Ace Combat is cool in itself :p

  11. MaceHammer Restricted Member Jan 03, 2005

    we got some airplane theme walls today. I like this one. its as if its flying towards space. nice.

  12. einna Jan 03, 2005

    I don't fancy planes but this one awes me... Especially the background! I love how you made the clouds! They're so realistic I feel like I'm really "Beyond the Heavens"...XD This goes to my faves! Haha!^_^

  13. chibi-lizard Jan 03, 2005

    whoa !! the clouds and the lights are reallie great !!
    wurve the bg ! :D
    nice plane too ! XD

  14. Cajime Jan 03, 2005

    I really love this, I think the only way for me to truely express this is by swearing... but I won't, you get what I mean ^_^ love this very very much, difinatly a favorite!

  15. irix Jan 04, 2005

    That's a good design in all the extension of the words!!! wow!!! sugoi ne! ^^

  16. Kenzotsuke Jan 04, 2005

    yeah^^nice work,i like the way how the plane is flying to the clouds!
    Good colors+nice scan=..............+fav

  17. MasterPivot Jan 04, 2005

    Very nice work. I love the lighting effects.
    Shouldn't this be in the Game section, though?

  18. Yumi-Chan Jan 09, 2005

    oh my gosh =_= u're such a pro >_< i deeply apologize for not commenting earlier on ._.
    maybe I didn't tumpukan beberapa perhatian on MT lately. Sorry.
    Anyways back to your wallie!

    wow how do I say this.. hmm.. I really LOVE the stars. You're very good at it honestly~
    The puffy clouds too! I wonder whether I can even make clouds like that o_o;
    Plus the plane flying across the clouds+stars to the light is simply perfect.
    And I noticed you made it 1280 reso o.o;; X3
    Great work on this wallpaper, I'm hoping to see more. And again I wana apologize ._.
    Definitely a fav on this piece ^^

  19. shirahana Jan 09, 2005

    This, like your other wallpaper, has an awesome background. I still have to complain about the scan though ^^; It doesn't blend too well into the image ^^;; However, the concept of this wallpaper makes up for it. Good job ^_^

  20. Kintarooe2k2 Jan 10, 2005

    wow amazing :) ... awesome job on this wall man ! great effects and everything ;) adding to favs..

  21. Nergen Banned Member Jan 10, 2005

    Amazing work!Good colors. love this very very much!!!!+))))))))it looks good!!!!!

  22. Apopis Feb 01, 2005

    I magnify very pretty airplane this is delos better than it has seen

  23. breadcrust Banned Member Feb 23, 2005

    wow, this wallpaper is really well done. especially the clouds, those are perfect. +1 fav

  24. kai81220 Mar 27, 2005

    wow! i cant believe i missed scene wall!!!! oh i hadnt join mt 11wks ago ^^;;;

    the clouds are so good!i like the effects and the stars and everything! this is what i want to make scene wallies like =D im very inspired ^^

    thanks for making a awesome wall!! +fav!!

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