Blame! Wallpaper: Blame! & so on...

Tsutomu Nihei, Blame!, Killy Wallpaper
Tsutomu Nihei Mangaka Blame! Series Killy Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

the text is taken straight from the artbook hence why the title is "blame and so on". didnt do much here, basically redrew in the existing background on the original pic to fit the wall size and then played around with textures. total time to make this was about two hours.

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Browse Blame! Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. UndyingShadow Jan 02, 2005

    So....i'm the first to comment eh? I am Jewsus! you cannot stop me! you cannot stop a God! You think you can run from my wrath Crap!? You can't! I am the one that watches you when you sleep...when you eat...when you poo....I am the all knowing...all watching freak....I have a million eyes that i watch you with! I am what you fear most! i am the one that they call....jewsus....btw..sexy wall....

  2. kino Jan 02, 2005

    thanx for walling blame! wallpaper for this serie is rare u did a hella good job on it too!!!!!!

  3. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 02, 2005

    Damn1 so much for me being good at grunge and textures all together...it needs maybe an eching of a city or something but as usual your works stun even the most skilled of wallers!
    Awesome bg and text and character ! fav!

    Quote by UndyingShadowSo....i'm the first to comment eh? I am Jewsus!

    If im the 3rd, then i must be Moses himself...the wrath of god will smite thee hahahahah!! XD

  4. halo3 Jan 02, 2005

    i like the manga blame... and this wallpaper is one of the greates from blame...
    great look...
    nice wallpaper.

  5. tecnophreak Jan 02, 2005

    awesome wall, oyu did great on the BG and coloring in killy. thanks for this its my new desktop pic!

  6. DayBreak Jan 02, 2005

    did...i see crapmonster using grunge? >>
    woot!,crapmonster, ditch techs and vectors and join in...
    Grunge world XD
    i really lvoe the textures and grunge on the background.
    seems like blame scans are a good subject to be used in
    grunge wallpapers eh? *goes downloads them*

  7. Nemontine89 Jan 02, 2005

    Wow, I love that grunge XD That looks so kickass, the bg is so nice ^^
    Thanks for the hot wall!

  8. Furikuu Jan 02, 2005

    Nice crisp detail on the texture... not much else to say. I really like this one and I don't know why :P

  9. ChiLLiaN Jan 02, 2005

    the background looks nice, the colors fit the pic well
    nicely done eugene oppa

  10. Osiris Retired Moderator Jan 02, 2005

    awesome grunge bud

    love that texture, dark and cool :D

  11. candy-chan Retired Moderator Jan 02, 2005

    woah, the textures are insane ;_; great job in blending in the scan, and making everything fit together. ah, the joy of grunge desktops~
    +fav, sugoi work ^_- as usual

  12. euna Retired Moderator Jan 03, 2005

    wow.... what a grunge work... oppa ish so good at this... ^__^
    The scan and the bg matches perfectly.. it just blends in .. o.O
    THe text at the type is really cool... light old scripts on walls... hehe... ^__^"
    Awesome wall as usual *fav*

    PS- btw, you still haven't sent me your b-day for the family thing! >___<

  13. Meg Jan 03, 2005

    You know how I love artists who are willing to explore different styles in art =).
    I love the cracked-wall textures and the dark feel of the wall. It just fits with the image. very nice work.

  14. KorganoS Jan 03, 2005

    Whoa.... Crap!!! XD
    stunning as always, man!! =3
    Love the grungyness, and the colors.....
    very suitable for the Blame atmosphere....
    an awesome wall indeed....

  15. shinta Jan 03, 2005

    Those are meaaann textures!!! It sure looks like a WALL paper >_< +fav

  16. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Jan 04, 2005

    pretty good crap :D i can see the theme u've been using is getting quite good ^^

    mad textures XP

  17. Sir-Boingal0t Jan 06, 2005

    0hh man.................im loving this piece......
    im likin everything.......and the text @_@......nice!

  18. Rex Jan 06, 2005

    whoa.....this looks amazing

    i love the textures u've used
    and love the atmosphere as well

    great wall

  19. sammo Retired Moderator Jan 06, 2005

    great background grunge texture. it really makes me want to read the manga. great job.

  20. GaiJiN Jan 07, 2005

    Wow ! You managed to capture Tsutomu Nihei's art in grungy texture XD ! Awesome wall :)

  21. darkwaterbunny Jan 12, 2005

    ooo, lookie, very different style. Its different from all the other wallies that seem to be pouring into MT, they all look the same -.- this one really stands out. Whoa, I really like the effects that you used, it really looks good <.< looks all like one pic, but thats a good sign, anyway, great wallpaper. Tones and style really go great together, good job! fav!

  22. Suicide-Demon Jan 13, 2005

    Holy Fuck!!!
    What a great Wallpaper!!!
    Need mooooore!!!
    Need mooooore!!!
    Need mooooore!!!
    Need mooooore!!!
    Need mooooore!!!
    Need mooooore!!!

  23. joeted Jan 24, 2005

    Been a fan of the series for a year and this is the best Blame WP i've found so far -- the texture (grunge?) is really something else, the texture seems to come through the lineart? yum.

  24. 0range Feb 03, 2005

    That pic rocks!!!
    great stuff, more of that!!!!!!!

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