Queen Nehelenia: Nehellenia of the Two-Six

Nardack, Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation, 07th Expansion, Studio DEEN
Nardack Mangaka Naoko Takeuchi Mangaka Toei Animation Studio 07th Expansion Studio Studio DEEN Studio


Artist Comment

The Moonlight Is The Messenger of Love...

Here is another entry in my Gathering of the Two-Six project. This time is Nehellenia of the Two-Six, who is based on Queen Nehellenia of the Sailor Moon franchise.

As with all of the Two-Six, Nehellenia is a deified being with the original source image for her serving as the basis of her persona, and just one of a number of her past lives and identities. Each Gathering project seeks to demonstrate some of these alternate connections visually, each Gathering piece being a part of a larger tapestry that will eventually depict all twelve goddesses.

For Nell I wanted to do something a little more unique than I had done thus far with the others, so I went with the unique hair coloration, going from very light pink at the top to pitch black at the bottom. I debated having her hair black and putting streaks of pink hair in it, but that didn't seem to fit as nicely as this. I raised her hair a little bit by putting it in a split ponytail, adding a bow at the center.

Given that mass of color, particularly with her darker attire, the silver of her eyes really stands out. I was really tempted to go to the blue they original anime used for her younger self, rather than the silver of her older self, but I think silver is a more unique and interesting choice here.

The basic stance and appearance for Nell here is based on artwork by Nardack from years ago that depicts Nehellenia beside Black Lady. It's one of my favorite anime-style images of all time, and convinced me that it was a good idea to stick with the plan I had for the two to be siblings within my fan-fiction universe.

The dress is borrowed from Featherine Augusta Aurorora of the Umineko franchise. However, I changed the colors around a bit. Given the large amount of pink hair, having her dress be pink as well would have been too much. Nell's original dress was a very dark green. I decided to lighten that some. I then changed the order of the colors of the tri-band just so the green wasn't on the end. She keeps the choker and gauntlets from her original dress, but I add the translucent arm and upper chest/neck bit that Black Lady's dress has.

Each of the Two-Six is represented by a beast spirit - some creature in folklore that serves as an emblem for them or a hallmark of their power. Nell's is not actually a fox - it's the phoenix; the symbol of rebirth, eternity, and rejuvenation. The very large fox here is one her her sisters'.

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Browse Queen Nehelenia Gallery: Recent | Popular.

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