Chrno Crusade Wallpaper: Septic Ecstasy

Daisuke Moriyama, Gonzo, Chrno Crusade, Aion (Chrno Crusade), Joshua Christopher Wallpaper
Daisuke Moriyama Mangaka Gonzo Studio Chrno Crusade Series Aion (Chrno Crusade) Character Joshua Christopher Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Cldmani reminded me that I hadn't submitted anything in a long time so I figured I'd finish this one up today and submit it so that ppl know that I'm still alive :p
I think I started this about a month ago and worked on it a little bit here and there before and after my final exams but didn't really get much done till winter break kicked in about 2 weeks ago. I dunno, not quite how I wanted it to look but good enough. I guess I'm losing my skills since I haven't really been using PS much, if at all, these past few months >_<
Well luckily this grungy wall is as dark as it should be unlike my previous one, where my old monitor was fubared and it was showing things way way darker than they really were -_-
Please view this in its full size as there are a bunch of details that are missed by the thumbnail plus it makes it look far darker than it really is.

Anyways I got the awesome chrno crusade scan from neko-mimi and if you're looking for other resolutions hopefully they'll be up on DreamAngel, just not sure when since Ymooncrystal is gone/busy right now for winter break so it may be awhile till our next update.

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  1. Cldmani Jan 02, 2005

    Finally, you post it :D. Like i said on msn the other day, Awsome job, you fires are well done, the bg is amazing, I HATE YOU *goes in a corner cries* for being tooooooooo darn good.............but awsome job, you should post more work :d..... + fav

  2. Chopstickz Jan 02, 2005

    yea it has been a while since u submitted something
    the fire looks awesome
    haha nice comeback

  3. zaira Jan 02, 2005

    hey hey i like dis one hehehe nice scan and bg!!!!

    great job!!!!

    added to my fav!! XD

  4. AnimeDreamship Jan 02, 2005

    this wallpaper looks great and I don't know what to say but that is great. ^_^' gooe work. :D

  5. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 02, 2005

    Call the blood of gods they say
    of maidens forlorn of night
    see the crows of ghastly demise
    for angels fall and darkness arise!

    Mmmm yumi grunge and fdark wally is a great hting here...love how the whole thing is set up, especially the red bg, is it blood or fire dunnno o_o but as always your work is top notch!
    Great job Mon ami! XD

  6. chibikko Jan 02, 2005

    wow it's amazing! love the details (like the trees, and fire...) and the whole mood in this wallpaper. it's a pity you don't make many wallpapers but each one is very special and unique. i really loved to watch chrno crusade, i guess i'll rewatch it someday because it's still one of my favorite anime. very good job on this wallpaper! definite a favorite.

  7. bromithia Retired Moderator Jan 02, 2005

    Skillz Pay! This is a great wallpaper :D I love it, the fire is great, and the grungy feel is also awesome. Great job +fave

  8. KorganoS Jan 03, 2005

    LoL... you're alive, old man! XD
    It's about time you submit somthing, aye?
    Great job on this!! Love the details, and the compositions,.....
    love the firey effects, too! :D actually that's I fav the most about this wall....
    Awesome work! More...!!

  9. ultimaslair Jan 04, 2005

    Nice wall you got there Skillzpay. I like the whole composition, and cool fire! That's my favorite thing about this wall, the fire. Great job!

  10. MasterPivot Jan 10, 2005

    Hmm.... A very dark wallpaper, what with all the flames blood.
    Still a very good one.

  11. Electrastar Jan 22, 2005

    Very nice, a grunge wallpaper that brings out the darker aspect of the Chrono Crusage story....I don't think you've lost your skills at all :D

  12. Pysiol Feb 08, 2005

    Oh, nice wall. Very dark. I like it^-^. Great job, thanks fot it^-^

  13. Cordron Aug 08, 2005

    not only do i love this wall (it 's colours are amazing, the white contrasting black and red, it is visualy stunning) but i also love your avatar, Azumanga right?

  14. phanton Aug 23, 2005

    buen trabajo la foto esta imprecionante megusta mucho como quedo los efectos y los colores

  15. kempke10 Oct 11, 2005

    aion, ressette and joshe in a cross incrdible no the bakcround is awsome =) t qeudo bien chingon wei

  16. Hikari87 Jun 12, 2006

    Awesome~~ a very unique style of wallie! *__* I like the colours very much, keep up the great work!

  17. Ardenta Jun 15, 2006

    Cool. Great. I like it.

  18. emiyashirou Nov 10, 2008

    It looks very magnificent thanks!

  19. pyato4ok Feb 28, 2010

    Oh, very good wall. I like dark walls, and i like Chrono crusade. Very cool waork. Thank you!

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