Ruroo Wallpaper: Please stay with me

Ruroo Wallpaper
Ruroo Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

this wallpaper took me awhile
i did a mixture of cloudes, lighting and Mosaic
this is the 1st tym i did mosaic.
the girl i use the accented edges brush on her socks and clothes.
her eyes were only one colour so i changed the colour on her eyes.

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  1. Celessa Retired Moderator Jan 01, 2005

    Whoa - you are kidding, right?! This is an eyepopper - no doubt.

    Crazy bg effects - I love it - keep up the great work!
    Though its a little too much, however - I might add... lol. Purple @_@
    Lots of purple.

  2. Happy1989 Jan 01, 2005

    Whoa, nice wallpaper, beautiful color of purple, thanks for sharing it with us... Great BG and the girl looks cute! Arigatoo! :) :P

  3. chingetscook Jan 01, 2005

    Cool effects in the background all of them, and nice work blending the colors together. Really impressive! Keep up the good work.

  4. euna Retired Moderator Jan 01, 2005

    A tad too bright but that's still great! I think that's the highlight of this wall!
    You're really into pink and purple.. ^____^''
    Looks great.. the scan's great and the bg effects?? bit of crazy bg work but that's great! I can't do that hehe ^___^"
    Well.. nice work!

  5. ThukasaElk Jan 01, 2005

    Wow. . . So cool . Hmmm. . . I think this picture / wallpaper was cute and interesating . How do you think about its color of BG . :D

  6. fwend Jan 01, 2005

    It's so... purply. And bright, as others said. But what the hell, it works. Like the bg design. ^_^

  7. sacred Jan 01, 2005

    Beautifull wallpaper ^_^ The design and the gal are very cute...Good work!
    Bonito wall ^^

    Miembro de [Hispanime]

  8. yue_hikaru Jan 01, 2005

    beatiful wall my first impression say
    it's has violet tone nice and beautiful

  9. yue_hikaru Jan 01, 2005

    beatiful wall my first impression say
    it's has violet tone nice and beautiful

  10. calisqo Jan 01, 2005

    I like the font.
    It's really crafty and cool ^_^.

    The scna is an extra on the great bg ^^

    overall a good-lookin wall thanks for sharin ^^

    ps: u like purple a lot ^^ don't u ?

  11. lilm Jan 01, 2005

    keke yep yepz i luv purple a lot keke u guys figure that out keke :D

  12. Nayako Jan 01, 2005

    Ohhh....MY....Gosh!!!!!....Another sweet walllie from U XD
    I suppose you love pastel colors cuz you have lots of them on your wallpapers ;)
    Beautiful wall, thanks a lot for sharing :D

  13. whitefang Jan 01, 2005

    well. that's nice but it's too bright. and it's too "purple". but that's nice. thanks for share in here. keep it on ;)

  14. yin Jan 01, 2005

    gooooooooooooood wall
    i like it
    dont stop please!!!

  15. Skillzpay Jan 01, 2005

    The scan quality seems a bit iffy but the the bg ain't too shabby, as it matches the scan. But the lightning seems too distracting and the text doesn't really fit. Keep it up though, you're getting better and better ;)

  16. halcyonTwilight Jan 02, 2005

    I'm loving the bg :) Really nice abstract work there :D As skillzpay said, the scan is a bit too blurry to match the awesomely made bg, but props to making this really sweet wall. And don't pay attention to the ppl that say there's too much purple XD Great wall!!

  17. DarkMaiden1369 Jan 02, 2005

    Wow another great wallpaper! I like this one the girl is so cute looking and the bg is well .. its out there and you cant miss it. 0__0 I like though *adds to favs*

  18. daikatana Banned Member Jan 02, 2005

    OK doki I will stay here so long as you want ^_^
    Very fantastic wallpaper ^_^


  19. Kanvas Jan 02, 2005

    i used to said "nothing perfect" but now i'm not sure any more XD

  20. Frosty Jan 02, 2005

    its a cute wallie. ^^
    looks nice, and its really cute. ^^
    but I just don't like the fact that is looks like that is only 1 color to it. XD
    still is a good wallie. ^^ good work. ^^

  21. aquablue Jan 02, 2005

    This is a wonderful wallpaper.
    The background looks very beautiful.
    Beautiful job and fav.

  22. gundex Jan 07, 2005

    wow crazy bg effect... i like the color but i think the bg doesn't match well with the girl with sad expression... :) coz the bg is very lively....

  23. lamhoimanvindy Jan 31, 2005

    Pretty~~~The girl is lovely and cute~~~ The design is very beautiful~~~ The background is colour~~~I love this colour.

  24. DevilishDiamond Feb 01, 2005

    i like the purple color,
    it suits very good to the face from the girl!
    Thx for sharing

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