Keiichi Sumi Wallpaper: Phantasie

Keiichi Sumi Wallpaper
Keiichi Sumi Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

First release. Still up for changes.

No text, just visuals.
Don't mind that.

Thanks to tAtEkAnE for the support during it's creation.

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  1. Anjhurin Dec 31, 2004

    wooow really nice wall !! at first look i thought the kinda white ray that is issuing from the city was like a 2 pages scan stuff, so i wonder 'wtf !!', but really it's not
    man the girl really does blend in that bg, the tree and moss are splendid work, it's really great quality.... but i have to say i think the beach looks a little blurry...
    anyway the clouds are great, the sea is well..... grey which is pretty unusual, but it goes well with the rest of the colors :)
    and the floating city is awesome !!! *thumbs up* + fav XP

  2. tAtEkAnE Dec 31, 2004

    i love ur wall like i said XD....just a few stuff ya can try out...ummm can ya try darkening out very subtle only, the far side of the ocean? to make it kinda look far...just try it out and play with it

    another is the floating castle which i think roxorz lol, can ya try and see if it'll look cooler if they are 3? but the other 2 much smaller and farther..anyhoo just some suggestions XD might work...or not X_x anyhooo this one looks awesome enough to fave from the taters XD

  3. wuschel Dec 31, 2004

    this is one of the most beautiful walls i have ever seen well if not the most beautiful wall. i love the hole szenery it just rockz i thing this wall need no text cause the visualisation is just amazing @_@ awsome

    i wish u a happy new year ^_^ and keep up the amazing work

  4. Yumi-Chan Dec 31, 2004

    Hey there!! Awesome wallpaper O_O~~!!
    The sky ish sho beautiful >o< sweet colours! @_@
    the floating island thingie looks great! waahz, is that water dripping on to da island? o_o;;
    gah anyways the scan is nice too ^o^ definitely a fav!

  5. KnightOfLain Dec 31, 2004

    just visuals are enough... - beautiful piece of artwork,and it blands well with the bg (although it seems to be a lil' bit too pale). very nice scenery, and whole wallie has such magical atmosphere. good work and keep it up.
    and happy new year.

  6. Raiyne Dec 31, 2004

    Great job on the wallpaper. Must of taken alotta work. I love the scenery and it goes well with the image.
    Very prettyful. :D

  7. einna Dec 31, 2004

    Sugoi! Sugoi! Sugoi!^_^ Isn't Malaysia near the Philippines?XD You are SO good with scenery compositions! I love this one as well! The clouds are perfect! The perspective is great! Love it! Another fave from Yumi-chan!^_^

  8. Piotrek Dec 31, 2004

    I love your wall! Wonderful colours, cute girl and nice bg ^_^ Nuff said! :) Thanks

  9. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Dec 31, 2004

    OMG this wall is superb in all its background but sadly it needs a wicked bright text around it to fill the empty void at the side but overall its perfect! ^ ^
    Nice job Silvana!

  10. streamside Dec 31, 2004

    well, it's very eye-catchy, that's for sure.
    excellent work... hehe... i really like the hue of your wall, and the atmosphere it creates...
    had it been a little more orangey i woulod have been reminded of ragnarok online... hehe...

  11. Stolen Dec 31, 2004

    Wow this is really cool...
    I love the lightness and the whole sensitive feeling around it. I love the detail of the water too, and her clothes look really in character.

    Fantastic wallpaper, thank you!

  12. shinorei Dec 31, 2004

    Hmm...at the first glance of the wallpaper,I thought I saw a crease in the middle.But when I looked at it again,there's this sort of mini land that is below the line..Hmm,interesting ^_^' .The girl looks so pretty with her unique dress and some weird but nice leaves sticking out of her hair.Oh I wish I could be her.*swoons* ;) Wow,I love your wallie man.XDD

  13. Yina Dec 31, 2004

    wow the clouds are beautiful!!! XD XD what does the girl do??? O.O Hanging something on the tree?? great job!! +fav ^^

  14. xtigy Dec 31, 2004

    Wow this wall looks pretty good. :D :D

    The girl looks pretty and the mood that is set by the background is good.

  15. halo3 Dec 31, 2004

    nice fantasy wallpaper...
    great look and nice bg...
    great work.

  16. biriwilg Retired Moderator Dec 31, 2004

    Very sumptuous....the overall misty dreamlike feeling is very enthralling. ^_^ I love how mysterious and calm it is, very serene. Your background is a perfect compliment to the scan. ^_^ I love the colors, too. ^^

    There is a large, anomalous green blob in the bottom middle though. o.O

  17. Lizardy Jan 01, 2005

    nice wall!! the background is phantastic and the this girl is so beautiful!!

  18. chip Jan 02, 2005

    very nice wall!!! I love it... so sublime and very nice to look at! +fav =)

  19. shougeki Jan 05, 2005

    wow this one....
    i love it =)
    the clouds are awesome
    and i like tht girl's outfit
    nice nice

  20. bleachichigo Feb 07, 2005

    nice wallpaper man~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    the girl is soooooooooooooooooooo pretty
    great looking and nice background!

  21. Yoones Apr 11, 2005

    very good job, but you can improve it if you continue to work on it, the differents layers can still be harmonized with some lightningds effect and the vertical white line is weird over the floating island, doesn't look enough like lightung ray.
    maybe you should work on the island glowing and add many effect over the sea.
    just a suggestion ;)
    good job neeway

  22. KeikoSaeko Apr 19, 2005

    dam that just too good i love the way you gave colors that mix very well with the girl and i love the flotting city with the ray of light

  23. Asuka-Langley May 27, 2005

    The wallpaper looks great overall but whats with the string hanging by the middle where the floating island is ;) ? it looks like the string is holding the floating island up :lol:

    - Asuka Langley

  24. HitomiEyes Aug 02, 2005

    I really love it so much..Great job..one of my favs!..love the bg and coloring!

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