Kyou Kara Maou Wallpaper: KKM: The Heart of a Warrior

Studio DEEN, Kyou Kara Maou, Conrad Weller Wallpaper
Studio DEEN Studio Kyou Kara Maou Series,OVA Conrad Weller Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well, I was chatting with Biriwilg one day in IRC and we both decided there were not enough bishounen wallpapers on MT and that we were going to (single handedly?) change that. Actually, I had saved this image that Nat had uploaded to MT a little while ago with the idea of tracing it, so it worked out quite nicely. The original image had Yozak but I was too lazy to trace him, plus I think he's annoying and I hate his voice. Conrad, though, is dreamy... Morikawa's voice acting is top notch as always.
The original image had lots of flames, and I had no idea what to use for a background so I decided to go with flames as well. I used the same tree vectors from the Last Samurai wallpaper, redid so they had some real branches. Then it was texturizer time, although I copied most of the textures from my Kino "Road to Coliseum" wall. Add some text and there you go.
This one is for all the fangirls. We know you're out there. So represent!

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  1. KorganoS Dec 31, 2004

    nope, I'm not a fangirl =P
    but I really like this wall... great texturing as usual
    havn't watched the anime, tho... <_< some ppl said there's too much bishies XD

  2. Anjhurin Dec 31, 2004

    kyaaah *giggles giggles* ahah but wtf?? i'm a guy ahah ^_^'

    anyway, nice wall, i like the flames theme a lot, it changes from the usual (but gorgeous) stars / sky bg!! yeah a great wall indeed, i bet it was quite a bit of work to do all the flames texture.... though maybe you could have add one or two flame tongues, to make it even cooler ahah...

    *thumbs up*

  3. Xion3 Dec 31, 2004

    I'm not a fangirl either, heck I'm not even a girl, but awesome wallpapaer. I really like mixed colours of the different tones of orange. Nice blending and texturing as well. Excellent job. :)

  4. Osiris Retired Moderator Dec 31, 2004

    he looks like caim in drakengard (action rpg game im playing) O_O

    fire effect isnt bad, vector is gorgeous as always >_>

    but i think you over did the fire theme...its so fiery @_@

  5. wuschel Dec 31, 2004

    sugoiii @_@ more walls >_< more bishounen! u and biriwilg where so right @.@ i love your vector art its amazing the hole theme its just yay u_u ah im always impressed about ur talent ^_^ keep the great work up and yes <_< mt lacks of bishounen

    i wish u a happy new year ^_^

  6. euna Retired Moderator Dec 31, 2004

    meh... I'm not a fangirl either... but this wallpaper looks very good..
    I luv the colours... The chara's so cool~~ ^____^
    Firey and hot (as in cold and hot ^__^")... awesome looking wallpaper as usual Tama-chan!
    I luv the bg as well.. goes perfectly with the scan. *fav*

  7. Keltosh Retired Moderator Dec 31, 2004

    Well I am no fangirl,still some more walls about guys would be cool. Though I like more the fighting types than the bishie types :P Still, nice wall tama ! *favs*

  8. bucket-shot Dec 31, 2004

    Quote by KeltoshThough I like more the fighting types than the bishie types :P

    Well, that's a sword, ne? XD So that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Don't have a clue about this anime, but huzzah for fangirlism! :nya: Good job.

  9. syivese Dec 31, 2004

    Sugoi!! That is ONE great wallpaper there! Don't know much of this anime though >.<

  10. UndyingShadow Dec 31, 2004

    wow sweet vector work Tama! Great job with the texture to the wall too, it looks great!

  11. biriwilg Retired Moderator Dec 31, 2004

    Tama, I love you! XD Awesome start on the bishie invasion, I'll get started on mine when I get home next week. ^^ Lovely fire effects, almost as hot as our dear little boy from KKM! I really have to finish watching that show. Grunge on top of vectors is the hottest kind of wallpaper as far as I'm concerned. Wonderful job! ^_^

  12. crapmonster Dec 31, 2004

    mmm that guy is so hot!! haah i agree with osio though, i think its a little too firey. if some of the background colors showed through, it would be perfect!

  13. TheRavenIsUnSkill Jan 01, 2005

    Nice fire o_o. Looks like the bishie walls are coming to MT in style eh?
    Great work as always ^_^! +fav


  14. ayanechan Jan 01, 2005

    omg! bishie! *dies* lol.. great work on the wallie as usual tama-chan~~ looks really hot!!!
    what could be better!? a hot bishie even hotter in flames~~~ XD

  15. shinorei Jan 01, 2005

    Hmm..never watched the anime before.Love the background,as usual.But the guy's face,is like a girl! Ewww...>.< His face looks a bit weird,but love the sword and his a bit girlish hair..^__^ Fits.

  16. darkwaterbunny Jan 01, 2005

    *dies* ahh!!! More wallies of guys!! XD XD Yay for tama and birl! It is true that there aren;t enough wallies of guys out there, and I am such a fan girl ^_~ love the fire effects and the guy ^_^. I would help, but I cant do wallpapers ;_; they all come out bad...Maybe a pic? o_o I dont know, but great, great job on this! fav!!

  17. Mossdog Jan 01, 2005

    Ha! very cool indeed! In his Eyes the passion of a real warrior, as it should be.

    Thanks for this Wp !

  18. sammo Retired Moderator Jan 01, 2005

    oo...firey hot! love the little afterimage of the sword swing effect, and it's a great wall in overall :)

  19. gkff Jan 01, 2005

    wow, very beautiful and emotional,

    loved it, love the show!!! :)

  20. slowdown Jan 04, 2005

    That's great powerful wallpaper! Konrad is so smart. Love it! XD

  21. MyrrhLynn Jan 06, 2005

    Yes more Bishounen wallpapers = a very good thing! Thanks so much for making one! :D

  22. egnirys Jan 22, 2005

    I never expected to see a wall like this with KKM images. It fist Conrad so well, if you dive into his past. Very nice work.

  23. mimijolie001 Feb 16, 2005

    oh god ! I just faint when I saw your work ! This WP is so beautiful ! My friends, who are as fan as me, are totally jealous !!!
    Thanks a lot and god save konrad !

  24. Aniko Apr 28, 2005

    i haven't watched the anime yet, but i'm going to soon! ^^
    love this pic! it's really pretty and cool!
    gotta love that there blade!
    plus the colouring is really cool!

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