Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: Lust

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Lust Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Lust Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Wow That was so long. I just re-do the background like 3 times.
Finally it's almost like I wanted it.

Lust is my favorite bad from Fullmetal Alchemist so I wanted to do a wall for her.
I liked that scan too (found somewere on the web). I vectorize it because it was too dirty.
The background is a combination of vector (Illustrator) and brushes (Photoshop).
First time with brushes... I admire all of you who do your walls with brushes, it's really not easy.

Update: I added some stars in the background and added some effects in sky.

2005 Update: Again, things was bottering me in this wall so I arrenged the grass to be less high and added some clouds in front of the moon.

Comments are welcome!

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  1. Piotrek Dec 30, 2004

    Great job on this wall! Looks simple but from what you wrote it must have been a hell lot of work! Beautiful, and the character fits the bg nicely. Thanks! :)

  2. irix Dec 30, 2004

    nice wall of lust!!! , i like how do you do with the trees... and nice sun haze... work more in the details, and luck for your next wallie! ^^

  3. FALH Dec 30, 2004

    your wall is very beautiful
    but the trees near the moon is a little strange...but the work in the bg is amazing!!!

    i love how u wrote Lust and the sign of Homonculus...

    +fav' ^^

  4. listerdavid Dec 30, 2004

    looks great lust dosent get very many good walls, neat colors detail.

  5. Keltosh Retired Moderator Dec 30, 2004

    I will add it to my favorites for many reasons
    1) good wall :d
    2) great vector
    3) great bg
    4) great effort

    And this shows to all the ppl that complains that a person does NOT need to be of high level or experience to do a beautiful wall. Just effort and dedication.

    edit: sorry for the fav thing. It's now ok :D

  6. Anjhurin Dec 30, 2004

    ahah like kel comments ^_^'
    yeah nice wall, the trees and the grass look really great, and the chara blends well in the bg.
    maybe you could have put more effort into the sky scenery, the moon is wonderfull, but there's maybe too much stars i think
    anyway, great wall *thumbs up* :)

  7. Jormungand Dec 30, 2004

    Whee~! another great wallie~!
    great vector, and I love the colours too
    I can't help but to fav XD
    great work~!

  8. tru-chan Dec 30, 2004

    This is a purtty green wallpaper and the vector you did is great! ^^
    (^tis already on me desktop. XD)

    -Happy New year!

  9. Riva Dec 30, 2004

    Ah, green themed. My favourite color. I like the overall clean and sharp style of the wall, nothing overly complicated.

  10. urgannagru Dec 30, 2004

    very nice :D i love the colors and what you did with the grass in the foreground covering up that there wasnt a rest of the image.
    great choice of a pose for lust too. she is so cool

  11. ultimaslair Dec 30, 2004

    Nice scan of Lust, never seen it. Great job on the background as well. Trees look cool, but I'm unsure about the grass. Nice work.

  12. Kenzotsuke Dec 30, 2004

    wow awesome wallie!really great work !nice vector,nice bg!
    excellent work^^
    ........+fav :)

  13. anji Dec 30, 2004

    Thanks for all your comments. It is really helpful.
    I'll look what I can do with the sky. I didn't have any idea at the time.

    Thanks for all the fav!

  14. KevLar Dec 30, 2004

    I really like this wall but one big issues, the tall grass. Who would ever walk in grass up to their midrift??? If you take that out it'll be an A+, now i give it a B+.

  15. cyberstorm Dec 30, 2004

    oh, really nice!
    Love the work, it makes me feel so unambitious for not caring enough to master the arts of vectoring (i'm still just struggling with cleaning the damn scans, extracting etc... -_-' ), anyways , i'll be looking forward to your future works. This is a clear favourite for me... +fav

    I also love the way you made the sign to the left, the sky looks a bit bland, especially seeing walls with celestial bg's ala greg martin o.O guess it gives the wall its own charm though :D

    and about walking in grass up to their midrift, sure, i've done that, so that's not weird, perhaps making the grass in a few more layers, other than that... nothing i can come up with :D

  16. Electrastar Dec 31, 2004

    This just make me like Lust....I love the image...the backround is splendind and it's so melancolic.....gorgeous.

  17. Quistis88 Dec 31, 2004

    Exceptionally beautiful work done to the original picture. Adding this to my favorites. :)

  18. dnmax Dec 31, 2004

    nice concept and execution, but the way the grass looks a little shallow. i don't know if you can see what i mean, but the grass would have to be really tall for it to come up to there on her. i'm not sure how one would fix such a thing <_<
    not a big thing, but a little annoying thing. >.<

  19. Saranbaatar Dec 31, 2004

    nice :)

    fma is not really my thing, but she is a nice baddie indeed ^^

    is she blushing or something ^^

  20. kagomei Dec 31, 2004

    so nice,the wall about lust is very few,i am so glad to see it ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  21. Amaranth Dec 31, 2004

    Wow it's so pretty....
    First time with brushes O.O....it's really nice to be that.....did you learn off a tutorial?.......if you did ....may I know where?......I tried looking for some that i'd understand but I was just like -_-...blank...
    and I like the fuzzy trees at the back^^

  22. LordStyphon Jan 02, 2005

    From what I've seen, you're quite proud of this wallpaper. And you should be; it's fantastic. You used a great scan, added a nice touch with the leaves, made some nice grass (complete with fireflies, another nice touch), have a lovely night sky, and all the green tops it all off. Marvelous work.

  23. chip Jan 02, 2005

    this is very nice, I really love it... definite +fav and thanks for the great wall!

  24. dustin Jan 02, 2005

    This looks VERY good! Background fits nicely and the colorscheme is perfect! I'm looking forward to see your future works.

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