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2018 Update: This one really needed the update. It started out as a digital sketch that I colored and rendered in gimp using the brush tool. I cleaned up the lighting so the values read much better then they did before. You can actually see Vlair now! Also the BG looks much better now though still feels flat in some places. I was thinking of buffing her up in this one so that she's as buff as she is now in the current design. But not much point in doing that for a design I scraped due to it being too sexualized, too thin, and really not ideal for a Martial Artist. The new design fits her a lot better.



Vlair Aether, one of the guardians of the "Black Towers". And is some how connected to "Somnus Castle" and the Phantasms roaming around Lucidia Island.

Disclaimer no this is not her final design. Though it is close to it. The outfit will be the same color and similar to this in design, but much less revealing in certain places. This is why I normally don't give beast folk characters unique fur/skin patterns. You normally aren't going to see the patterns. And they could become tricky to distinguish from clothing If your not careful.

here's her bio.

Age: 19
Gender: Female
Job Class: Martial Caster
A young woman with a strong connection to spirits. And a member of the Aether clan. A Guild of skilled martial artists who serve as guardians of the "Black Towers" and other structures related to the Phantasms. Vlair is a free spirited young woman with a love for the unknown. While she enjoys her role as a guardian, she has a tendency to wander off at the slightest distraction. Usually heading into the city. Vlair favors hand to hand combat. And while she relies mainly on her fists and feet, she also uses spells to amplify her attacks with powerful results. Usually with Fire, Wind, and Light (electric) based magic.

Personality Tropes: At her best she's cheerful and very curious. At her worst she's unfocused and short tempered. With a strong hatred towards Sarina Phantom. Usually she's reliable and strong willed when on task.

Vlair Aether (c) Kwame A. Fletcher a.k.a Kyanbu
artwork by Kyanbu
D-Universe, Dash Saga, D-Resonate © Kyanbu

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