Crossovers Wallpaper: An Uninvited Guest

Hidari, Asaho Wakaura, Gust, Girls Frontline, Atelier Shallie Wallpaper
Hidari Mangaka Asaho Wakaura Mangaka Gust Studio Girls Frontline Game Atelier Shallie Game

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Shallotte successfully completed the FATE, and begun their first servant summoning in no time.
However, by the lights they saw on the next second, Ritsuka knew that something was definitely not right...

The rare resources, or Saint Quartz, treated as ingredients to build the summoning system let the things got even more unable to control, failed to utilizing properly.
For what was amazed them more, two servants were summoned at once, and one of them were not even a person neither Ritsuka nor Shallotte could tell from the history they know.

For Ritsuka, she though the error of FATE might resulted from the Singularity characteristics, the place she was now standing on.
"Perhaps Rayshift didn't fail completely, and I just step into a place connected to our planned destination."
While Ritsuka was trying to conclude the situation, these two 'servants' seemed to have a fight for a long while.
They even not in the mood of recognizing who summoned them, and just kept having their fight from inside to the outside of Shallotte's house.
"Wait! Look at this mess they have done!" Almost every furniture in the house had been destroyed by their fierce fighting: crossfires of gunshots and magic-based power turned the place into a ruin.
Ritsuka and Shallotte tried to catch up with these two servants and stop them from destroying everything in the neighborhood, but the thing was more difficult than they can expect.

"I won't forgive anyone who dares to open a hole on my precious teddy bear, for that is a great sin..."
"Just cut it off! I know you are from Sangvis Ferri, and there's no chance for you to escape from my sharp intuition. Even you try to hide yourself with that hilarious outfit won't change anything!"

Ritsuka didn't understand the keyword-like name jumped out from the girl with guns, but she believe that this girl must not be a spiritualized ancient celebrity or hero, "Then, who is she?..."
"Don't you think we should stop them first before thinking?"
"Well, even you say so, but you know you have to take a least half responsibility of this."
"What? Now it turned out to be my fault then? You are the one insisting to put your fav magazine into the alchemy pot!"

According the the summoning result, these two girls have the highest rarity in the general summoning rules, or simply called "five-star rarity". In other words, their combat abilities were capable of being expected highly.

In order to have them help Ritsuka deal with the singularity issues, it seemed that she must cope with the fight between them first.

"Well, where should I start from...?", said Ritsuka.

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