Haibane Renmei Wallpaper: Haibane Renmei:The Sin of Sorrow

Yoshitoshi Abe, Radix, Haibane Renmei, Reki (Haibane Renmei) Wallpaper
Yoshitoshi Abe Mangaka Radix Studio Haibane Renmei Series Reki (Haibane Renmei) Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

~This wall is dedicated to my favorite anime character, Reki ;_;

I decided to take a break from high budget walls and make myself a nice grungy wallpapie, wich was originally only to put as a burned DVD background (you know those cheesy options when u burn videos) and it finally got too complicated and dark, so i added text and more stuff :D ended up with a freaky-ghastly-looking overall, wich isnt bad.~blahhh
So, this is not my usual type of wall, but Haibane Renmei is too good and I just can't not wall it (yes that made sense, blah). Other than that, the bg is mainly a scan from reki's painting, with still a lot of work on retouching, cloning, brushing and blending around everything. I also passed quite some time on the chara to give it a smudgy/painting look wich in the end we cant even notice. The ghastly text gave me trouble, to A)set those damned hiraganas B) try to blend the bloody thing more and more. I'm still not sure about it so I also give you a version without it, to keep things clean~
Oh and dont ask about that change of texture in the middle of the road, that was part of the painting, so I let it be~
please download for full detail view

~ more resolutions will soon be available on anistudios.net ~

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  1. FallenAngel Dec 29, 2004

    *_* I looove dark walls. This one (like osi said in irc) almost seems haunted XD
    I'm sorry I couldn't help you with the text but at least wuschel did ^^;
    Cya on IRC! :)

  2. crapmonster Dec 29, 2004

    ah i really like what you did with the bg on this. looks very dark and reminds me sort of a van gogh painting

  3. wuschel Dec 29, 2004

    i already told u in the irc channel that i really like the hole feeling of the wall, its so dark and strange but also really deep. the scan fits just perfectly with all. and yeah the font is better ^_^; . What more can i say what u dont know? Well just thank you for that lovely wall and for my new desktop :P

    u did a great job candy , (sorry that i dont give such a short comment but i just T_T hate to type so i will make it short and fav it XD)

  4. MuZ0NaZ Dec 29, 2004

    not a scenic wp but has a lot of depth - only the jap. text does not fit well so thanks for the no text version >_>

  5. Hikari-Sakurai Dec 29, 2004

    Really nice Reki wall, even through it's really simple it's really beautiful.
    I've always loved the artwork for this series, and what you've done here doesn't overwhelm the beauty of the art but it conplements it.
    *gee I can't spell*
    Anyway what I'm trying to say is fantastic work. :D
    A favey from me.

  6. Ritalin Dec 29, 2004

    omg omg omg <3 Best Haibane Renmei wall I have ever seen. I can't express the <3ness of it T_T +fav!

  7. Keltosh Retired Moderator Dec 29, 2004

    A dark wall . An d a good one :d i just love the sadness it transmit to you. We have too many goody goody happy happy walls on mt :D *favs*

  8. toujin1 Dec 29, 2004

    wow...this is really dark...perfect for that expression she has...kinda different from wat ud usually expect which makes it all the better!

  9. Alpha Dec 29, 2004

    Too dark for me but It is an awesome composition, nice work pal. See ya!.

  10. GaiJiN Dec 29, 2004

    Yeah, I love this feeling of sadness of Reki which you captured in your bg. Wonderful job :)

  11. chibikko Dec 29, 2004

    i like this minitokyo version better than the non-text one. it has a very dark and depressive mood but it's so great. haibane renmei style reminds me of lain (is it the same artist?). well i like this wallpaper very much, your works are always very unique and original. +fav

  12. KorganoS Dec 29, 2004

    Haven't seen a real good HR walls for some time....
    this one is totally awesome... simply one of the best wall of one of the best anime of all time... ;)
    Love the grungy look,... it fits the character very well, also because of the atmosphere of the show itself...
    I don't do grunge walls so I can't give much comments... but I really love this one... really makes me want to make grunge walls sometimes for a change ^_^'

  13. KnightOfLain Dec 29, 2004

    that wallpaper is awesome! the way the background gives it really grim, and dark mood... it certainly fits Haibane Renmei (maybe it lacks hope that the series has). It's one of the best wallpapers with that image of Rekki. thanks for your work and sharing. fav+

  14. Kenzotsuke Dec 29, 2004

    wow!this one is totally awesome!!simply one of the best wall of MT!
    very "artisitic' wall,the grunge style is very nice and the pic is so wow!
    nice work!
    +fav :)

  15. Electrastar Dec 29, 2004

    Cool Candy chan, faisait longtemps qu'on n'avait pas vu un de tes walls. J'adore l'artiste de Lain et Haibane Renmei (meme si j'ai pas vu cette série.) alors je trouve cela super, comme tout tes autres wallpapers.

  16. phl Dec 29, 2004

    Oh! O_0 Good job!

    I really really like the girl's expression on her face. It kinda sets the mood to something that matches with the background very well...

    The text is also very well done. I hope to see more from you in the future! :)

  17. Sandy Dec 29, 2004

    Franchement ton wall me surprend! Il est vraiment spécial, très sombre et délicat. Le scan se fond parfaitement avec l'ambiance que tu as créé... et sérieusement, il dégage une émotion. o_o

  18. cyberstorm Dec 29, 2004

    Good work... *thumbs up*

    Though i think the colours are a bit too... something to represent haibane renmei which is a great series btw :D

    and the hiragana... you could have made it blend better... XP haha, cya on irc, and thanks for all your help on my upcoming wall ^_^

  19. Meg Dec 29, 2004

    It's a really dark wall o_o, This reminds me of that scene when you know ...;_;. It's a little too busy for my taste, but you definitely captured the perfect mood on this one.
    good job. We'll try to update before new years.

  20. Akasaki Dec 29, 2004

    This is a nice, dark wall. I like the blending and the different colors, and the person's pretty (or so I think).
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  21. Sh0rT0nE Dec 29, 2004

    first off lemme start by saying i love youuuuuuuuuu :nya: hehehe...what a great wall candy chan...def not like ur usual wallpaper style..all happy and bright...but u did a great job with the grungy look...bg and char go together really well...character is inserted into bg so seamlessly... a def fav for this one candy chan...u've proven once again ur one of top MT wallers XD

  22. Tokubetsu Dec 29, 2004

    wee~ so thats why you asked for those blood brushes! =) looks aweosme! much <3 for grunge walls!!!!

  23. TheRavenIsUnSkill Dec 29, 2004

    Atmosphere is nice, candy :D The grungy look works great with the scan, it all turned out so well. ^_^ V

    +fav and +download (Once I get the 1600x1200 version n_n V) Cya on IRC! XD

  24. Aa-chan Dec 29, 2004

    Grea picture and in the perfect resolution for my desktop :D . Nice colours ^___^ .

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