Puchimon Wallpaper: ::On Top Of The World::

Aoi Nanase, Puchimon, Melty Bagel Wallpaper
Aoi Nanase Mangaka Puchimon Series Melty Bagel Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I made this.. like.. last 1 1/2 weeks? Long story bout not wanting to post this up so early =.=" Anyways, I forgot how many layers are there here. I just know there's quite a lot >_> As usual, my comp went lagging after making this wallpaper ^o^!
@_@ Seems like I kinda like making sky backgrounds >o< It's suppose to look magical >_> It didn't work out so well does it? XD And the blue colours ain't suppose to be that kind of blue I was looking for T__T Dumb monitor, til' now I don't have a new one.. >_<
Scan was taken from MT, thanks to those who posted this wonderful scan ^_^
I've got nothing left to say =.= coz I made this wall quite long and that i've forgotten most of it >_> Hope u guys like it tho >.<

More resolutions available at www.digikb.tk XD

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  1. YoukoxLover Dec 29, 2004

    Im first!! yay~!! seee.. I told yu Yumiii-chan! ^o^// .. hehe ooo .. i love that sword... nd the bg ish realli pretttiii ^o^ <333 +favvv !!

    gosh i thought i wasnt gonna be first.. since it was loadin sooo slowly >__>;;

  2. peachiemint Dec 29, 2004

    wheeeeeeeeeeee soo purdie! luv da cloudie serene background and da birdies r kool too. da picture quality is great and i must add this to mai fav. keep up the uber goodness work =^^=

  3. Paolo Dec 29, 2004

    pretty cool background. and thats one fine sword. :)

  4. cloudcherry Dec 29, 2004

    Wow really nice wallie yumi!!! I luv Aoi Nanase's work, and you did a terrific job of walling it ^_________^. Luv the BG, awesome sky. Well done!!! :D

  5. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Dec 29, 2004

    Looks good to me n.n,i like the blues that you pick and the concept,the sky looks awesome ,i dont have nothing more to say,only congratulations and thanx for sharing,+fav

  6. kc2 Dec 29, 2004

    Nice wall Yumi ^^ I saw the other one too ^^ It's also really good!!
    Keep it up! XD

  7. DarkParagon Dec 29, 2004

    I love the scan used here... The sky in the background is beautiful as well. +Fav from me.

  8. exentric Dec 29, 2004

    nya nya~
    wat to say~ hmmm *thinks* >_<
    errr its nice and soft like yer alwayz do~ XD

  9. Ritalin Dec 29, 2004

    Instant fav just by looking at it.

    You did create a magical sky. =P In fact it's what I like most about it, that and the font. :)

  10. pen-kun Dec 29, 2004

    what a great scan. the background is really nice too. nice work yumi, keep it up ^^

  11. ayanechan Dec 29, 2004

    ara!? another sky-ey wallie XD lol you're too good at this! *two thumbs up* sugoii ya~

  12. tAtEkAnE Dec 29, 2004

    nice XD looks kinda ur other skywall with the angel =p colors are cute! nice birds :D

  13. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Dec 29, 2004


    yummmyy bear ish too yummy for her own good .. *nodsnodsnodsnods*
    saki will get rid of yummy bear ... *nodsnodsnodsnods*


    *bitesbitesbitesbitsebites yummmyy beariiee*

  14. phl Dec 29, 2004

    Oh nice! I like everything about it. The character (and the sword), the sky (which is very nicely done with the birds and all the effect you made on it), the text with the first letter always blue (and nice font choice! ^^)...

    Anyways... Don't know what to say other than "Whoa!"

    Keep it up! XD

  15. evasion Dec 29, 2004

    Cool wall! Simple, but elegant! I really like it :) Nice lighting effects +fav+

  16. Athrun Dec 29, 2004

    Wow. How cool. I'm setting this as my desktop right now!

    love the cool blue sky there.... it's sparkly and with a cool slash at the top left. Awesome work as always!

    * adds to fav

  17. KorganoS Dec 29, 2004

    o.O you said you didn't succeeded in making magical sky? omg... that's a lie.... I lvoe the sky and it looks magical enough for me... ^_^"
    Fell in love with this wall as soon as I saw it....
    Great work as usual, Yumi! :D

  18. halcyonTwilight Dec 29, 2004

    Oooo...really nice wall ^^ I bet my computer lags more than yours does when making walls XD It takes me about 5 min (i timed it) for me just to save my work >.< Actually, it's not somethign that i can be proud of :\

    Anyways, slow computers aside, really nice work on the bg ^^ You do make the best sky bgs out there. Love the effects you did with the text and all :) Great work!!!

  19. Osiris Retired Moderator Dec 29, 2004

    ooo soft and simple scenic wall, i love it ^__^

    ps. why are you wasting time with walling, go clean your room or study...fetch daddy's slippers while you're at it XD xd

  20. Keltosh Retired Moderator Dec 29, 2004

    Nice one Yuimi-chan :D I really love it :D Soft and quite orginal *favz*

  21. ShiroiLina Dec 29, 2004

    kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiii! i love it! the soft feeling of all :D and the light magical glow!! greatly done Yumi-Chan!!! Keep it up!! :D :D :D

  22. euna Retired Moderator Dec 29, 2004

    awwww....very nice wallpaper!
    The sky is just beautiful!! I luv it!! everything is great!! it's just so beautifuL!
    A definite fav sista!

  23. meteorcloud Dec 29, 2004

    wow, Nice work =)
    really like the blue sky and the effects.
    great job^^
    *ad to fav*

  24. Kiako Dec 29, 2004

    nice wallpaper
    i like the background its coloros and the birds there and the sign looks great i like the way you colored the letters and you made some efects there that make it look so great. and the girl looks cute.
    nice woork keep it up

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