Miki Miyashita Wallpaper: Butterflies of Hope

Miki Miyashita Wallpaper
Miki Miyashita Mangaka

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

i wanna dedicate this wallie to one of my best friends in life. may all these â??Butterflies of Hopeâ?? help her to find happiness and love in the new year. thatâ??s one of my biggest wishes!!!

hope you like this wallie^^
btw, the girl iâ??ve found on MT one day, so special thanks to the one of you who has submitted this wonderful female scan^^.

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  1. rknight1 Dec 29, 2004

    Truly a spectacular wallpaper. I love the way you swirled the stardust around her, and the butterflies are really perfectly scattered around. It's beautiful. :)

  2. heavens-Dragon Dec 29, 2004

    Wonderful job! I really love the butterflies and the trees that you made! There're really beautiful! And the scan is really cute too! It's beautiful overall! Keep up with the awesome work!

  3. zaira Dec 29, 2004

    hey i like dis its very nice and da scan nice da bg nice it loove it added to my

    fav!!!!!!! XD

  4. mughi Dec 29, 2004

    Darn, I'm not the first to post comment on this one. I looked at your wallpaper and what I saw I like. Character is nicely extracted and I like the overall effect on background. The only question I have is did you want to make a dawn or dusk shot wallpaper? Just curious. Nice job on your wallpaper and thanks.

  5. rhitnee Dec 29, 2004

    very very cute wallpaper ^^ nice job all around.. i really love this ^^

  6. peachiemint Dec 29, 2004

    aww, so purdieful. luv da butterflies. so kyute. a fav for me. keep up the awesomness. =^^=

  7. phoenican Dec 29, 2004

    Woa... wall beautiful, i like background, very nice >.<

  8. evasion Dec 29, 2004

    omg - wow! I love how you did the night bg and the butterflies! *feels happy* lolz XD. +fav+

  9. oxkawaiikoreanxo Dec 29, 2004

    adorable... beautiful. its soo kawaiiii!!! -hugs computer screen-

  10. whitefang Dec 29, 2004

    wooow. nice picture i love it. nice butterfly. thanks for share in here. see ya ;)

  11. volrath77 Dec 29, 2004

    Beautiful & nicely done. Approved.

  12. rory07 Dec 29, 2004

    very nice job!!
    the butterflys look great! and the star dust around her looks amazing!
    Very beautiful scan aswell
    extremely good! job

  13. Kanvas Dec 29, 2004

    Windows Longhorn from OS-Tan ????
    i noticed the symbol on her hair.
    Really nice wall.

  14. Celessa Retired Moderator Dec 29, 2004

    Great - this is a wonderful wallpaper you made nonetheless.

    The darknewss with the character shading all in light makes a huge emphasis on your artistical statement. Al I have to say is: Fantastic job - and keep up the good work!!

  15. Silent-Heart Dec 29, 2004

    hi sweety
    now it 's time for me to talk
    first af all i hug you a lot and won ' t let you disappear
    your one of my best friend in life too but you now it allready sweety
    thank you for the beautifull walli. and you tell me you can do this I can only laugh at this *piek*
    nyo this one is in my fav. and i take this walli for me on my pc. we will see what the new year will bring at the moment only sadness and shadows....*starts crying again*
    i think it ' s better for me to end here quickly
    cu later sweety
    *sends a lot of kisses and hugs to you*

  16. cygnus Dec 29, 2004

    Kinda similar concept with 'Lost In The Dark', I see :D But still beautiful XD

  17. euna Retired Moderator Dec 29, 2004

    awwww... so beautiful.. i like the tree in particular!
    bg is awesome!!
    i like the butterflies too!
    nice work! *fav*

  18. halo3 Dec 29, 2004

    great shadow efects...
    sweet wallpaper in a dark area...
    great work.

  19. ungooma Dec 29, 2004

    Hey mate :) Very interesting wall. Like it. Good work you've done there :)

  20. MasterPivot Dec 29, 2004

    Interesting, I've never seen this variation of Longhorn-tan.
    Nice lighting effect with the butterflies.

  21. Yota-san Dec 29, 2004

    what schould I say about this picture? It like a midsummernights dream :)

  22. MirageA Dec 29, 2004

    The backgrounds of the wall is beautiful!!
    It looks cool to me!!
    Great job on this wall!! :)

  23. Suki13 Dec 29, 2004

    Wow~~ I Bump Into To Of Ya Picture I Love It!!!! -squeal- Do MAKE more!!! ANd I'll BE YOUR #1 fan!!! ^_^

  24. semanga Dec 30, 2004

    cleo suesse hast du wieder mal super gemacht bin hin und weg .... mensch da sagt ihr das ich gut waere wenn das war ist, was seid ihr dann ??? Meine meister

    Honey girl you have make a exellent work we have miss your walls and it is great that you have make so a wonderful comeback wall love everything on this wall
    my fav :)

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