Read Or Die Wallpaper: Sunny Friendship

Studio DEEN, Read Or Die, Nenene Sumiregawa, Yomiko Readman Wallpaper
Studio DEEN Studio Read Or Die Series Nenene Sumiregawa Character Yomiko Readman Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Ah yes back again with a Read or Die wallpaper! w00t!
Gosh, I feel as if I work all the time. >_<

You- "Oh yes, and I care why?"
Me- "Because I might turn stupid and get banned from using the computer?"
You- "Blegh."
Me- "Nice answer!"

I'M A WORK ALOHIC! (and I can't even spell that! omg. ;_;)

You- "So you have a new wallpaper eh? Think tis better than your last?"
Me- "Well my last wallpaper was a Christmas one and this sorta looks like a autumn wallpaper... I think my Faye Christmas one is better." ^_^
You- "Yes and why?"
Me- "Because I LOVE Winter and because it has a teddy bear in it." *crowd awes* O_O
You- "There was a teddy bear in it!?" :o
Me- "HAI! In the Christmas tree or the "thing" on the left!"
You- :amazed: XD

and Christmas was two days ago...

You- "So what's the history behind the wallpaper?"
Me- "My Read or Die one or the Faye one?" O_o
You- "Of course the Read or Die one!" :throws stick at me:
Me- X_X "History?"
You- "Yeah, history like how long did it take you, why did you do a RoD wallaper, etc."

I didn't know that!

Me- "OH! Well I sorta started it while I was making my Christmas wallpaper. See I was collecting the scans and stuff." XD :tries to look sharp:
"...I think it was a 3 to 5 hour wallpaper."
You- "WHAT?!"
Me- "I'm kinda slow..."
You- :laughs head off:
Me- O______________________________O

Scan from- http://cupped-expressions.net/rod/die/updates.php
Brushes from- spy-glass.net ^Thankie! ^^

You- "Hey the interview isn't done!"
Me- :chows down ramen:
You- :annoyed: "Next time tru-chan! NEXT TIME!"

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  1. gokuraku Dec 28, 2004

    i really love the color scheme.

    i... must... fav... this... wp!

    \m/ fav'ed

  2. peachiemint Dec 28, 2004

    luv da calming scenery. very yellowie-orangie bright. lol nice wallie. keep up it up =^^=

  3. Guts Dec 28, 2004

    Killer wall, I love the colors in here. It matches up weith the characters beautifully.

  4. MasterPivot Dec 28, 2004

    I like how you changed the original image so that the anime image would mesh so well with the background of what looks to be a real-life picture.

  5. Piotrek Dec 28, 2004

    Nice colors on this wall. Very... sunny :) And the bg looks like some view from Poland... but I`m probably wrong (`tis me country so I was thinking...) Great wallpaper! thx

  6. mughi Dec 28, 2004

    It's probably only me but the contrast seem little too strong. Aside from that I do really like your wallpaper. Thanks for making the wallpaper.

  7. zaira Dec 29, 2004

    hey dis one cool i like very much!!!!! da scan is nice and da bg is also nice hehe

    added to my fav!! XD

  8. Kurosawa Dec 29, 2004

    The colour blend on the Bg is really nice , I like it ^^.The Bg was match with the chara^^.
    Great job :D

  9. daikatana Banned Member Dec 31, 2004

    Very fantastic wallpaper this light from sun is fantastic ^_^


  10. SonicFan500 Jan 01, 2005

    that's awesome ^_^ I love R.O.D!
    the color scheme's fantastic

    interesting interview too >_< like it =P

  11. Rorixbladewing Jan 02, 2005

    Nice wallpaper !! ^^
    The background looks very great and the chara fits great to the background.
    It is really an excellent work

  12. CQCPro Jan 04, 2005

    nice colors my fav is orange

  13. Led Jan 14, 2005

    A really great wallpaper.
    I like the concept of this walli
    Background is also good.
    The red colours and the grass looks very lovely
    And dont forget the cute girls XD
    Keep it up and add to fav :)

  14. GokuB Jan 28, 2005

    A cool looking picture of Yumiko(agent Paper) & her student & friend Nenene.Both of'em are really cool.I own the series.Looks as the background is on fire.I recamand this series to anyone that likes to laf & likes action & mysteries. :)

  15. harakiri Jan 29, 2005

    I also like ROD. It is a great series and I liked watching it (talking about the TV-series).
    Your wallpaper has nice warm colours and the characters look very nice.

  16. rknight1 Jan 29, 2005

    Got to love Yomiko, all the time, everywhere. :) Great to see a great wall from ROD.

  17. ccorahua Jan 30, 2005

    This is a cool picture i like red or die a lot
    thansk a lot friend.

    Cesar Cc

  18. Apopis Jan 31, 2005

    MUY chida imagen CREO QUE ESTA chica ES MUY SEXY felicito POR poner ESTA imagen gracias

  19. xnla Feb 01, 2005

    wow esta imagen se ve buena , ya quiciera tener sus habiliudades de ella, que no haria :)

  20. Monse_Jaganshi Feb 05, 2005

    cool wallpaper ^_^ i like it and the show is so cool, to , keep up the good work ... yay! just love your wallpaper...

  21. made Mute Member Feb 13, 2005

    look like a couple. very nice~!

  22. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Mar 01, 2005

    First off, its r.o.d. Too cool for anyone. Second its one of my favorite times of the day, sunset (or is that sunset....sure gives the effect of it anyways) and third...its freggin' r.o.d done by you =P. hehe. Anyways I gotta say that this wall really drew my attention. Well its rather obvious on what did and thats the lighting. Though it looks rather extreme from a realistic perspective, the way you've done it just makes it gorgeous. Not only does it give a sort of burn effect to it, but just is so soothing to view and the colors mesh so well together that it looks just astonishing. It really resembles burning combined with an extreme sun. Either or I love what you've done and I gotta say that the scenery you've done here as well really fits for this background also. Not only that but the scan used is also amazing. I think its a great idea to give the scan the same properties that the bg has and it overall just looks visually stunning. I can't pass this wall up nor can I say I see a single bad thing about it. Favorite.

  23. coolgirlxxx Apr 19, 2005

    i think that you so keep on trying to draw anime
    averything is like white as snow

  24. coolgirlxxx Apr 19, 2005

    i think that you so keep on trying to draw anime
    averything is like white as snow

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