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And it's finished, WotFS Portrait of Fleurette a.k.a "Spring". Like with the other WotFSs I may have to redesign her again since this kind of came out a bit pin up like. As her design might come off as sexualized. Also wanted to convey her ability to control plants. That might not be clear enough though.

As for this CG, it started out as a traditional sketch thumbnail that I scanned in at several times it's resolution and redrew digitally using GIMP. All coloring and rendering was done by hand with the brush tool. While using the Erase tool and smudge tools for touch up here and there.

Total Layers used: 26 out of 45

Also here's her bio:

Fleurette Eliane a.k.a Spring
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Faery- Dryad
Job Class: Wise Caster
Bio: A skilled Wise Caster from the nation "Rosa" and former member of a Guild of Nobles called "Silent Thorn". After quitting the guild due to mistreatment from their leader and fleeing the country. Fleurette learned about Vivians new guild after seeing flyers posted around "Alexander City" Mel Dine. Impressed by Fleurette's incredible use Earth and Wind Spells and her control over plant life. Vivian hired her as their "Spring" member. While she's great friends with Vivian and Rin (Winter). She doesn't get along well with Abbigail (Autumn). Partly due to Abbigail's tendency to use her plants as target practice for her Wind and Dark Spells. Fleurette is often very quiet. Rarely ever speaking, even to those close to her. Which tends to aggravate Abbigail. Despite this, she's a very cheerful and mostly spends time tending to her plants. Despite being the "Spring" member, she tends to favor gothic style black dresses with very few bright colors if at all. Fleurette or "Spring" as she's often called by her friends. Specializes in Earth spells and has the power to control plant life. Combined with being very handy with Wind and Water Spells and being able to cast spells remotely using the plants she controls, She is able to often over whelm her opponents very quickly in Forests and Jungles. When she was in "Rosa" as a member of "Silent Thorn" She was known as "La Forêt Noire Sorcière". Though she never was very fond of that title.

Personality Tropes: at her best she's quiet but perky very friendly towards others, at her worst she's harsh towards those that harm plants unnecessarily and dislikes reckless Fire users, Usually she's quiet timid and very sincere.

Fleurette Eliane a.k.a Spring(c) Kwame A. Fletcher a.k.a Kyanbu
artwork by Kyanbu
D-Universe, Dash Saga, D-Resonate © Kyanbu

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