Carnelian Wallpaper: X-Mas Fantasy - Revised

Carnelian Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka

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well yeah... the seventh wallpaper... it took 5 days... 3 days for looking the idea and 2 days for work... all the bg has made using photoshop except the mountain...(sorry ^_^) but well i don't know, i feel something wrong with my work... maybe something wrong with the color composition... or anything else... just let me know if u find something... btw i made this wall as a chrismast gift for all of my great friends and all member of MTs big happy family... hope all of u like it... and i'm so sorry for being late... *bow* and sorry again if my work is weird... *bow*. need suggestion and critic and usual... thanx ^_^

credit : thanx to the owner of the scan, thanx to KorganoS for giving me Xythis' Grass Tutorial (the tutorial help me to make the snowy hill where the girl stand... ^_^), thanx to shinta for her Northern Light Tutorial, and finally thanx to all of u who give comments, suggestions, and critics... ^_^

note : fix the moon and reduce the comets... ^_^ thanx u

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  1. Cleonick Dec 27, 2004

    Shes sooo cute! thankx for posting it, its really nice! con grats, nice work. :D

  2. Miroku4444 Dec 27, 2004

    I really like it, but i have a problem with the moon. Its too transparent. You can see the stars behind it..lol Fix that and it will be a sweet wall. :)

  3. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Dec 27, 2004

    Really nice wall,like kastelic-sempai said it,the moon is too transparent,but,i like it anyway,the Northern lights effects looks awesome n.n,congratulations.

  4. leqecyangel Dec 27, 2004

    awww thats so cutie
    lov the background
    it looks great XD the moon looks really good
    *fav :pacman:

  5. Yura Dec 27, 2004

    really cute girl
    nice hill where the girl is standing
    nice effects in the sky really blue
    i think is just me but i guess too many comets
    but still lovely +fav

  6. ultimaslair Dec 27, 2004

    Great job on this wall! The scan is really cute. The background is pretty good too. For some reason, the colors on the girl don't really seem to fit the rest of the wall. That aside, the background itself is pretty cool. Nice work.

  7. dans Dec 27, 2004

    very nice, gundex. the moon is too transparant and the comet is a bit too much. OX
    anyway, nice wall. add this to fav. :D
    what's the Xythis' Grass Tutorial ? that's KorS didn't teach me that. >_< j.k.j.k ^_^'

  8. euna Retired Moderator Dec 27, 2004

    awwww..... that's so pretty ...
    you're so nice! Thanks gundex!! This is a great gift ^___^ *Euna ish happy again!*
    The bg is awesome!!! I luv it! yeah.. I think you might have overdone the comets (are they comets??)...
    But.. I still luv it! especially the colours!! ^^
    Very nice wallpaper! *fav*

  9. cygnus Dec 27, 2004

    Good bg, the comets-rain is not that bad I think ^^
    Maybe if you change a bit darker color of the moon, it'll looks better, not so transparant.
    Overall, two thumbs up, I always love someone who can make beautiful and artfull bg like this!

  10. Pyxis Dec 27, 2004

    This must be one of my favorite winter/xmas walls! =D thank you!

  11. Kurosawa Dec 27, 2004

    oh my ..that's was a really nice wall ^^. The moon is seem bit transparant , but it's okay for me , you make it very nice ^^.The aurora behind the girl is nice too ^^.
    but still woo.... it's too nice for me ^^.
    Really a great work wall from you gundex ^o^and of course a fav :d

  12. meteorcloud Dec 27, 2004

    great work gundex!!
    I really like the wallpaper ^^ the colors are nice=) and the aurora on the back is very nice too^^
    only the moon looks a bit strecht out =/.......
    but....It's really a nice wallpaper =D *ad to fav*

  13. wuschel Dec 27, 2004

    Its a really cute wall. I love the mix of the blue colors and the ice feeling. but then again the sky looks a little bit strange with those green o_O north light and the moon too. but overall its a really great and nice wallpaper keep up the good work ^_^

  14. rainbowseason Dec 27, 2004

    wah dat sure does feel like chirstmas it looks so pretty........ Merry xmas ne
    good work

  15. whitefang Dec 27, 2004

    waa nice job. i lke this picture. good job gundex. keep it on and thanks for share in here ;)

  16. AkinaSpirit Dec 27, 2004

    Nice planet :D the bg looks great~
    Sky is pretty even if there are loadza comets ^_^'
    The girl suits the enivironment, olnt thing I'm not sure about is the font style... maybe to comical XD

  17. Angelette Dec 27, 2004

    Cute wall. Hope you had a merry christmas! xD I like how you did the land under her. Looks very realistic.

  18. KorganoS Dec 27, 2004

    XD I love everything on this wall, except for the transparent moon ^_^'
    the auroras are magical, and the colors are freeeezing!!! :D very suitable for Xmas.... although it's several days ago...
    anyways... I think this is your best work so far... I'm totally impressed....
    glad my link worked out well :)
    Merry Christmas!

  19. CrabbyCandy Dec 28, 2004

    its not really x-mas anymore but still it looks great., ^_^' very nice looking wallpaper. XD

  20. cygnus Dec 28, 2004

    The revised one do looks better XD It's perfect.... I Love It !!!

  21. r33an Dec 28, 2004

    it's very cute... :D
    i like the char and bg effect :D
    great wally gundex...^___^

  22. halcyonTwilight Dec 28, 2004

    Really nice work ^^ Heh....it takes me double that amount of time to think of a wall, and triple the amount of time to make my walls >_< The mountain and the lake look awesome. Perhaps motion blurring the coments some more would make them look less brushed in...but other than that really nice work :D !!

  23. Kikoz Dec 28, 2004

    anew walle from you!!
    i like the char..it's very cute!!
    favie this!!

  24. Elie Banned Member Dec 28, 2004

    really well done Gundex you it well successful the concept and the
    color S are superb cheer and thank you :)

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