Naniyo Wallpaper: Drifting with The Snow

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this is a collaboration of me and leanne of http://naniyo.net

she (leanne/koneko-chan0 drew the girl in pencil and i Linearted and CGed it and made the BG =]

there are a group of us who CGed it and it was cool coz we all had diff styles XD and surprisingly no one made the same hair color and the dress too have different colors...anyways that can be seen in another forum

anyway this wall is a bit late...but i remedied that by not putting Merry Christmas in it haha! XD
enjoy =p

wall style inspired by a friend's gunbound wall =]

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  1. TRiggie Dec 27, 2004

    O M G She's Soooo cute !!! I fall in love with this Wall ! Huge thx


  2. toujin1 Dec 27, 2004

    oooh kawaiiiiiii!! i love it!! great color use and shes just sooo cute!! really fits with the season! great job!

  3. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Dec 27, 2004

    Very beautiful work n.n,you made an awesome job with the CG and the background,a kool color combination and really nice idea,congratulations! ^-^

  4. Paolo Dec 27, 2004

    not bad tate. i like how the bg is put together. :) *hugs you*

  5. ultimaslair Dec 27, 2004

    Wow! First of all, the drawing is amazingly cute! Great job on the CG, and the BG is awesome as well. Really love the entire thing. Favorite from me.

  6. euna Retired Moderator Dec 27, 2004

    pretty~~~ The gradient's quite nice... ^____^
    the bg is well-made. I like the buildings in particular..
    the scan is very cute~~ Nice work! *fav*

  7. Ninja Dec 27, 2004

    Very awesome wallpaper, I'am loving the snowy background on this one.

  8. kalicodreamz Dec 27, 2004

    -sniff sniff-
    i see how it is...leaving my to collab with less-worthy people ;-;
    i SEE HW IT IS! you only wanted me for my tree making ability and when i was finished you tossed me aside! ;-;
    how cruel tate!
    XD just kidding XD
    i like it, the girls cute, and the background is purrrrrrdy :D
    <3's and a fav for a taters wall :D

    now back to addictivly playing star ocean >.>

  9. exentric Dec 27, 2004

    nya nya~~
    very nice wall tate~ ^_^
    me am liking this vert much~ XD
    the art just looks very cute!! XD XD
    me like cute! XD

  10. DarkEVO Dec 27, 2004

    cool bg, man.
    and the girl is nicely drawn.
    favourite for me.

  11. Osiris Retired Moderator Dec 27, 2004

    haha its a tater wall XD

    simplistic scenic wall yet its gorgeous *___*

    i dunno what to say...ima just fav it >_>

  12. tecnophreak Dec 27, 2004

    looks great! love the colors and the smoothness of the bg and the character. an instant fav!

  13. Keltosh Retired Moderator Dec 27, 2004

    Simple but scenic. Wonderful color combination. >_> I agree with osi here .. *favs*

  14. Sandy Dec 27, 2004

    What a pretty wallie! The character is just cute and the background, even if it's simple, like it's been said, really fits the atmosphere. Really nicely done, it's a +fav for me.

  15. Mizuki-Chan Dec 27, 2004

    Very very cute!
    I like the orange and blue colours ^o^ They match very well :D
    The girl is very cute :D XD

  16. artgeek12 Dec 27, 2004

    I actually like this wallpaper alot!! The solid colored shapes for the BG along with the gradient make for a unique perspective for the landscape. The colors are soft and subtle enough where they are interesting but don't take away from the main focus which is the character.

    i think the best part of this wall is the character herself. She is drawn anime style yet illustrated in more of a western fashion. It almost seems as if done in illustrator with colored shapes. This is a good example of what good comes from combining two styles together.

    Great job....both of you!! :)

  17. wuschel Dec 27, 2004

    This is one of the best christmas walls i have ever seen this year. Not only cause its different , cause of the style and the lot of work that you did. its simple but amazing in the same time (specially for me who really cant draw any anime character)

    i hop to see more from this collaboration ^_^ defenetly fav

  18. ayanechan Dec 27, 2004

    uwaaa teh girl looks like she's from a real anime XD and she's CG-ed so nicely too =) keep up teh great work both of you~~ ^______^

  19. DarkParagon Dec 27, 2004

    Hey really nice! I love the fade between the warm and cold. Keep up the good work! :)

  20. Aetherion Dec 27, 2004

    This girl is so pretty (murf, like Billy Crawford's songs : "Brights Lights" -- she's from the brights lights i'm from the big city she's got a nice *ss...) xD Stop that nonsense
    Good Winter Wallpaper !
    Simple but effective

  21. joelawawaw Dec 27, 2004

    this is soooo nice! i really like this. the character is extremely cute (and wel CGed) and the colour scheme is interesting. i can't really tell what it is i like about this the most but it's just really striking and endearing to me.

  22. AkinaSpirit Dec 27, 2004

    Really cute collab work~
    I like the scenery behind her too :D

  23. Angelette Dec 27, 2004

    Woo. Great CG work! (It looks like its Central Park with the trees and the city behind it! xD But of course, the trees in Central aren't pine trees =X eek xD)

  24. GaiJiN Dec 27, 2004

    Waah~ I wub that soft bg XD ! The colours are contrasted but they don't look so, it's funny how you made the snow look warm OX
    I like the style the girl is drawn too, and the CG is great :D . Nice shading and use of texture, everything looks simple and nice so that it blends perfectly. Another nice wallie from you :)
    lol, Why are anime-girls always wearing mini-skirts in winter >_> ?

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