Cowboy Bebop Wallpaper: Simpathy for the devil

Toshihiro Kawamoto, Sunrise (Studio), Cowboy Bebop, Vicious Wallpaper
Toshihiro Kawamoto Mangaka Sunrise (Studio) Studio Cowboy Bebop Series Vicious Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

One of my first CB images. Letter from the song with same titile, by The Rolling Stone.
Quite old image, was featured on Animewallpapers and AngelIcon before being showed here.

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  1. MuZ0NaZ Dec 25, 2004

    intresting concept. love the dark feel of the wp. is it the notre dame or another gothic church in the bg?

  2. KnightOfLain Dec 25, 2004

    hell i love that wallpaper for so long, and it's been so many times on my desktop (from Animewallpapers) congratulations and i'm happy i can tell this straight to the creator. Good work.

  3. Patton Dec 25, 2004

    thx for comments.

    I dunno if its exactly Nottre Damme's Chatedral, but in the CB universe i saw more Earth edifications "transplanted", like the the Tokyo's Tower, so perhaps is that church... :)

  4. Irmes Dec 25, 2004

    there's too much text all over the wallpaper, but the concept is very nice (not to mention the sepia tone **)

  5. Fulle Dec 25, 2004

    It's very...strange but I like it, lol. I download it for my desktop, jejeje. Very good.
    Thanks for it and merry christmas and happy new year.

  6. n4cer604 Dec 25, 2004

    It's different..but it's alright. Maybe try to find a way to improve it? (Not sure how though)
    It's still good though. =)

  7. ArukuHitowa Dec 27, 2004

    I like the tone of the image, though it looks like you tried to pack a little too much information into one piece. I tend to do that a lot also, and find it sometimes easier to just put everything in then thin it out to the bare essentials. It's really good for a first imagework in a series.

  8. listerdavid Dec 28, 2004

    great wall its got a very dark feel ,me like, my favorite coboy bebop character. have it on my desktop rotation, keep up the good work

  9. kenshiro Feb 05, 2005

    me like the dark feel , keep up the great work!!thanks a lot !!

  10. made Mute Member Feb 15, 2005

    church in nightmare. handgun Vs blade!!!

  11. ayaya Mar 24, 2005

    the image is dark so it suit the theme, the theme very well though. thanks for pic

  12. CradleOfDeath Apr 05, 2005

    I like this one... good picture of the cathedral... and vicious and his bird blended in the background with words going everywhere very nice...

  13. Ryo-ohki Apr 07, 2005

    :o My favourite episode of Cowboy Bebop. A true masterpiece. Nice concept here in the wallpaper, and a true quality scan. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Kash Apr 21, 2005

    awesome wall. But isn't that episode called " Ballad of fallen angels"?

  15. Patton Jun 05, 2005

    The name comes from the song's name, the lyrics i used for the image.
    And aren't scans, are two dvdcaps edited toguether. :)

  16. nicodemuss Jun 14, 2005

    Ideed, very interesting concept. I'm adding it to my favorites. Great wallpaper, Patton!

  17. chomisia666 Jul 26, 2005

    I like the Rolling Stones ... concept is interesting, nice wallie ... but something just dont match to this wallie ... but i dont know what.

  18. Cloudtima Jul 26, 2005

    Cool wallpaper. It is dark and creepy looking. Perfect for the dark people.

  19. tokyo247 Banned Member Jul 30, 2005

    I love the style of anime such as Cowboy Bebop!!
    and the picture is nice!!

  20. Exor Aug 04, 2005

    Very very well done. Your first wallpaper, you say? I wish I could do so well... Maybe I'll try it. I don have a ton of stuff... Maybe... Well, if I do, you caused it, Patton...

  21. Barm Aug 05, 2005

    I love the fifth episode of bebop. I forget the title, but the scene where Spike falls out of the church is awsome. The music in the series is to die for aswell. awsome! I love your wall.

  22. thegame4 Aug 07, 2005

    very very very gooooood jooooooob


  23. cenocres Aug 10, 2005

    a wall of the cathedral: a big moment in the anime!! i love the fight against viscious, and the MUSIC!!!!

    thank you, it's changing of faye and spike!

  24. Grotstalk Aug 30, 2005

    Brilliant... that's all I can say. No more words needed...

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