PSYCHO-PASS Wallpaper: An Eternal Battle

Akira Amano, Hikaru Miyoshi, Production I.G, PSYCHO-PASS, Shinya Kougami Wallpaper
Akira Amano Mangaka Hikaru Miyoshi Mangaka Production I.G Studio PSYCHO-PASS Series Shinya Kougami Character

3840x2160 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is a gift for Zix. Happy New Year to you, girl!

Quote by PainterAnd I just like to make presents to people who make me feel happy (if you don't believe ask Elisa XDD)

^Oh yes, Zix loves to send other people presents and I always feel so badly when she makes something for me and I don't give her anything in return so this time, I prepared myself. :D Also, Zix, now you know why I was so wary when you asked me about a PSYCHO-PASS wall. I was working on one myself. D:

OK, about the wall itself. First of all, I'm terribly happy that this was rendered so well! I expected a lot of artifacts from the JPG format.

At first, I wanted to make a wall from this scan but Zix isn't a fan of shonen-ai and the scan has that shonen-ai feel to it. At least for me. So I decided for this one instead, because it portrays the relationship between the two guys pretty well and tbh, because it's easy to use for a composition for a wall. I made some small edits to the poses and gave Kougami a suit to highlight the white-and-black contrast created by the guys' appearances. I wanted Kougami to be the dark "lone wolf" and Makishima to "shine".

I wasn't too sure what to put in the BG but thought that a night panoramatic photo of a city would look good since the anime is a futuristic/utopian/dystopian series. I searched for some stock images and found this stock photo of Tokyo by Tomo.Yun, which I cropped into several parts, flipped some things over, and edited. The sky was all black and I wanted something with more light and some clouds so I used like 215763 gradients and lighting effects on it and it became terribly pixelated. I honestly had to redo it all over again with fewer layers but at least a similar result. For the clouds I used this brush set by Physical Magic and for the snow this pretty snow brush by Carocha. Lastly, I painted the moon, the smoke from Kougami's cigarette and added the lights around the tower.

Everything else is pretty much just about lighting effects, gradients and the Diffuse Glow filter.

P.S. I'm laughing because this is an unintentional response to wafflefox's wallpaper titled 'What is justice...'. I was just trying to make my wall look a little like a wintry wall and I was like "oh wow, it's already winter and those two dorks are still fighting" and I thought of the title 'Eternal Battle'. And yeah... What is justice? An eternal battle. (Plus, I even chose such similar poses omg OMG. LMAO.)

Repost of /669886

Work in progress:

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  1. Painter Jan 01, 2015

    OMG! I'm so happy this New Year :'DD I really like both of them and your choice is just great X3

    "Wanna take them home" (quote from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni) @_@ You're perfect as always in building the composition and the vector's neat, sweeeet guys :d

    I'm out of words to write how I'd like to thank you >.< Sorry for that I haven't send you anything, yet D: But be ready to get smth you'll like >:3

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Jan 01, 2015

    SO neat and clean! I absolutely love it *_*

  3. Monu-chan Moderator Jan 02, 2015

    SO pretty looking guys~
    Painter is such a lucky girl!
    I love Shinya in that pose! *perverted Yaoi nosebleeds!*

  4. DragonBlood Jan 02, 2015

    awesome gift! Incredible composition! Great start of the year!

  5. wafflefox Jan 02, 2015

    oh damn! This is amazing OO: Just viewing your progress I could learn some new things, really love your technique and the way of the composition. Btw I gotta say that I went laughing out loud when I read your P.S xD we just resume psycho pass climax with our walls xD

  6. rmmr111 Jan 04, 2015

    Lovely job!
    The only thing I don't care that much about is the cigarrete smoke that gets somehow lost in the midst of the snow, and doesn't follow it's direction - it gives the impression that it is really windy, but somehow the smoke stands still cutting through that wind.
    Still love it and fave it ;)

  7. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Jan 08, 2015

    Been meaning to comment on this for ages.
    Love the cleanness of the vectors and the evil grin on the white-haired guy's face. Random spotlights in the BG make for an interesting effect, and the red lighting on the left got me thinking about those beacons on top of buildings that light up at night so helicopters avoid crashing. Nice contrast work there, it's a breath of fresh air to see something different from the classic cyan/orange color scheme that's normally used in action scenes.
    The BG is a bit grainy but eh, can't find too many (free) stock photos in pristine quality and high resolution.
    *two thumbs up*

    P.S. your new avatar is really cute <3

  8. SEZ8D Jan 11, 2015

    This is such an awesome wallpaper, great job with this one. As a fan of the show I definitely approve!

  9. BurnedToast Jan 14, 2015

    This is a really nice gift, also when i first saw this wall i honestly thought the BG was from the anime till i saw the link's you posted and lighting effects turn out great. Your art work is always enjoyable to the eye.
    I am terrible coming up with tittles but 'An Eternal Battle' is perfect for this two characters.
    Keep up the great work Elisa!.

  10. Huesin Moderator 41wk 0d ago

    Sorry for the random comment but, Is the white haired guy eating that gun? lol

    Awsum wallpaper btw :)

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