Bubblegum Crisis Wallpaper: Cosmic Aeon

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1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Me: I'll think i'll make a cutsy Christmas wall for everyone!!
Other me: Yea right.
*3 days later*
Me to Other me: Darn you for your insight >_>
Friend: Why are you talking to yourself? O_o *backs away slowly*

Heh....well...these things never go my way XD Anyways, it's Christmas Eve over here, and what better way to celebrate early than a brand new wallpaper :D ? Merry Christmas everyone ^___^ Sorry fer the scan quality...i fixed it up best i could, but it was orginally was really small >.<

Btw....Bubblegum Crisis rocks ^^ I just finished watching it. You can't beat girls with guns XD Be sure to visit http://www.animeeclipse.net for more walls and other goodies :)

Now if you excuse me i got to do some last minute Christmas shopping >_>

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  1. tAtEkAnE Dec 25, 2004

    the bg looks cool but as ya said the scan is abit iffy XD but the bg rocks so good work on that :D

  2. euna Retired Moderator Dec 25, 2004

    o.O Very cool bg effects... ^_______^
    i dunno how you make such cool bgs... ^_______^
    i can't say much... just ... wow.... I love the blue tones!! Awesome wallpaper! *fav*

  3. toujin1 Dec 25, 2004

    coooolllio that one is....i like a lot...see, told ya ur good with any subject!! can i make a request though? nothing ud prob do anytime soon...but have u ever thought of doing a wall with some kind of creature? like a dragon or something? i just think that mix an awesome creature with ur wall making ability and u have something great!! >u can tell im an animal person ne?<
    great job, as always and have a great chrissy!!! hope u make a ton of presents!!

  4. itsDchlorine Dec 25, 2004

    hey, well you know my opinion *thinking* o wait... u might not, hehe lol, Well the scan still looks kinda dark for your bg, another thing is that i didnt feel the scan was rite for the bg, I have to admit good bg effect but the scan jsut ruined the wall, but good wall overall, I did say overall ^^

  5. Nayako Dec 25, 2004

    Awesome bg !!!
    I love it - so cool!!!!! XD

  6. Angelette Dec 25, 2004

    Very Nice. I like how you have the fragments. Keke. Butbutbut ;__; The scan is of low quality ;_;

  7. artgeek12 Dec 25, 2004

    BGC is cool! I kinda was upset with the original series cause they never really finished it. It was the best though! BGC 2040 was good....just not as good. Love the mech and character designs though. Thanks for the wall!

  8. Devilet Dec 26, 2004

    wonderful effects in the background, I love the blue and white
    yes, just the scan is low quality >.<

  9. DarkEVO Dec 26, 2004

    Cool abstract background combine with the planets.
    Fits totally with the character.
    +Fav for me

  10. cloudcherry Dec 26, 2004

    woah hally!!! you are just so talented...if it's a soft scenic wall or a crisp spacy-sceen, you manage to create your walls perfectly to fit the scan and they look awesome ^___^
    i love the effects, they are fantastic. The blue is awesome, and I love the planets and how she emerges from the explosion behind her. It's awesome as it is kinda spacey, kinda underwatery and kinda just damn cool effects. Awesome. I love it. ^_______^

  11. PastorOfMuppets Dec 27, 2004

    wow....abstarct to its best....clean work !!!!thks for posting it...

  12. Sorceres00 Dec 27, 2004

    Ohhh yeah mi fav girl XD !!!! just look my avatar hahaha
    i've been a long time since i saw a wall of BGC OX
    the scan isn't a master piece but you did what you can ;) (damm... there is not scan of BGC with high res XO )

  13. Sorceres00 Dec 27, 2004

    Oppsss double post !!!! Sorry

  14. Piyo Dec 28, 2004

    hal!!! too much talent! hook the buckets of talents to my veins now!! XD

    but piyo wuvvs the icy colour and BE SURE TO BUY something FOR ME! even though christmas is over :D

  15. Elie Banned Member Dec 28, 2004

    wooooow it be really too well made I like the color which you it has
    to use are really manific :)

  16. Elie Banned Member Dec 28, 2004

    sorry double post :)

  17. frozenwilderness Dec 28, 2004

    Haha woww that background is awesome.. I love the blue explosion effect and the planets look great too! Lovely work as always ^^
    *is late again* sorry -_-;;

  18. Aerith0530 Dec 28, 2004

    Wow, those are some very nice effects! I really love the shade of blue and the white in it. The planets are awesome too. But, uh, why did you choose a robot like character? >_<

  19. Septillion Dec 29, 2004

    lol halcyon-kun having conflicting thoughts with yourself? hehe^^ good work!! the background is great!!

  20. Fantasia Dec 29, 2004

    what a great wall~
    Your abstract skills are getting better&better
    the blue effect gives me the feeling of speed~the stars are beautiful as always~
    love this^^

  21. shirahana Dec 31, 2004

    Ah, the effects are very cool... Everything seems to be happening behind the character though ^^; It's just that there seems to be a lot of energy flowing in this wallpaper... so I think there needs to be some stuff in the front, too ^^;

    Overall, interesting concept ^_^

  22. tiantito Dec 31, 2004

    hey i really liked the little story was fun
    anyway it is a great bg
    is really good how u did it and the y match really good
    fav n_n

  23. Frosty Dec 31, 2004

    very nice wall. ^^
    i like how your bg color and the wave motion effect goes. ^^
    very nice work. ^^ good job. ^^

  24. psikyo-gamefan Feb 06, 2005

    I think the more hand drawn apearence of the character is a nice contrast to the background.
    Pretty nice.

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