Marl Kingdom Wallpaper: Rhapsody's Christmas

Nippon Ichi, Marl Kingdom, Cherie Espoir Wallpaper
Nippon Ichi Studio Marl Kingdom Game Cherie Espoir Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

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EDIT: Hey! Due to Sheq's heads up... I updated my wallie - not just reload it... ehehehe...
you'd notice that the scan's much cleaner...

okay... my walls got deleted for 'low quality'............ it's not that i don't make an effort, maybe i still need to learn more.......... T_T

anyways... the scan is from an anime titled 'rhapsody' - hence the title.. however, it is an anime i have never heard of, and obviously i have never seen...

it's the first time i've used, like, 12 layers in PSP... it's probably my best work yet... >.<

EDIT: I added the shadow........... >.< and the red lights' variation in brightness....
EDIT: varied the size of falling snow....

EDIT: erm, sorry bucket shot, but, the link you gave me was for photoshop... and, i tried changing the light color but it won't work....... T_T

be easy, aight?

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  1. white-zero Dec 24, 2004

    The scan is blurry but credits to the BG you made. It's a whole lot better than I can possibly do.

    Keep it up the good work, eh?

  2. meteorcloud Dec 24, 2004

    woah =)
    a nice wallpaper =)
    the background effect are nice =) well... mayB the moon can be better but's oke =)
    the trees...... could be better also....but I like the red flashy lights =)
    overal a good wallpaper =D

  3. DaHero69 Dec 24, 2004

    Wow it fits the christmas theme very well, I like it me am add !!!!

  4. bucket-shot Dec 24, 2004

    Hm, low quality? Tips, then. XD I hope you don't mind.

    Start with a better quality scan. It doesn't matter if the image is pretty; if it's not a decent scan, it won't look good. Also, try giving her a shadow so she doesn't look like she's just been pasted over the bg. Especially since the bush under her heel has a shadow, but she doesn't. >_>

    Vary the size/opacity/shape of the falling snow. Flakes irl are all different, right? ;) Same goes for walled snow.

    Try varying the shade/intensity of the tree lights' red. They're a bit much as it is. The same could be said of the tree's leaves. Try out different shades of green.

    The trees themselves are very pixelated. I don't know what kind of brush you used. Change it.

    The moon... frankly, it looks like a blurry pixellated golf ball. Go to [Tekuteku] for an excellent moon tutorial by Suntiger. The yellow outer glow doesn't match either, since the moon is white. It should be changed.

    The mountains look like they've been enlarged. Generally, that isn't a good idea. If there's something you want to use that's small, recreate it. Also, observe reality. When things are further in the distance, their intensity of colour also fades. You rarely see something bright that is miles away.

    Furthermore: things in the foreground are sharp. Things in the background are less so. Your wall doesn't follow this rule. That is to say, what is supposed to be your dominant figure (ie. the girl) is very blurred, while the stars in the very, very back are the sharpest things in the wall (apart from the un-anti-aliased trees, but that's a different story). This takes the eye's focus away from the girl, which isn't nice.

    Alright, that's it, I think. ^_^' Hope that helped you. Keep trying-- your walls may be deleted now, but with practice you'll get better. Good luck!

  5. squink Dec 24, 2004

    wow nice wallpaper.. im getting inspired to try and creat my own wallpaper.. thanx for the inspirations.. time to switch wallpapers

  6. Athrun Dec 24, 2004

    Well to kill blurry and fuzziness. You gotta extract the image first, then duplicate the 3 layers together. Use Gaussian Blur on the original layer(not the copies) and then... fix up the copies by blending them up. (like setting them to Overlay or Hardlight or any good ones)

    Of course.. it's still hard since if that doesn't work, you have like... use the blur brush to fix some spots up. Gah. I suck at giving tips. >_<

    Well anyway, nice wallpaper. Great BG and setting!

    * adds to fav

  7. Paolo Dec 24, 2004

    i think only problem is that the background is a little blurry. the flashing lights are ok though.

  8. walkure245 Dec 25, 2004

    This is really good. The extraction is a lil rough but I have to say the bg is really good. I wouldn't have the patience to create the trees and the red lights are a real nice touch. The starry sky is nice but the snow should vary in size. All in all, this is really good. I like the whole composition of the wallie. ^_^

  9. magister Dec 25, 2004

    uh~ im not good with giving advises(i dont even know what theyre talking about)but i know that Rhapsody isnt an anime, its a playstation game created by atlus the company that experiments with a lot of RPG game titles. i already ended it its like cinderela instead the prince rescues the herione the heroine rescues the prince lolz~!

  10. Devilet Dec 26, 2004

    hey, that's pretty good streamside, I think the grass or is it not grass? looks a little strange, and the scan is blurry, otherwise I'd say that's a great background you did, love the trees, wow, keep up the good work ^.^

  11. semanga Dec 26, 2004

    very cute wall that is very nice work from you ^^

  12. gundex Dec 30, 2004

    wow nice x-mas wall... i like ur idea... and yes even ur wall got deleted don't give up... keep trying... and practice... :D :D :D well i'm look forward for ur next work...

  13. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Jan 13, 2005

    Awwww....thats really too bad...I don't think its about effort as much as it is that Photoshop is just so much better to use....=( But still...I gotta say this is VERY impressive, espically with PSP @_@ *bows to your elite PSP abilities* This is actually really nicely done. First off I have to say you've got a great idea goin' here. For PSP those Pine trees look amazing (I attempted Pine awhile back on PSP and ended up with a green blob) and adding the lighting gives a really nice feel of X-mas lights. I also have to say for a PSP starry sky thats mighty impressive, though it really is too bad you don't have PS cause you can touch up scans with it. =/ But all in all, great work Stream ^^ Brings me back to my roots and has earned a favorite for me.

  14. fedcba Mar 22, 2005

    i like the background. pretty good for a first wall

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