Bleach Wallpaper: Sakura Drops

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Ichigo Kurosaki Character Rukia Kuchiki Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

That has to be the most challenging wallpaper I made so far. And for one particular reason: everything from the tori to the bird is painted from total scratch with references pictures. Photoshop CS + 8 days work + sleep time consuming plz (thx Nat for the scan in PZ).

You know why daytime sceneries are so hard to draw? Because you cannot hide details in shadows like you'd do with night sceneries. And I have to admit this background was a real pain. I started drawing the stairs and the tori (gate) which bears the kanji "soul" to the left. I let you guess what's the one to the right :D. I think I quite succeeded to catch the same perspective as the characters which was just maybe out of luck.

I added the fence and the brick wall out of ideas... I really didn't know what to draw there. It finally turned out ok but it was still looking kinda empty. So yeah, go me, I added cliche sakura tree loosing a goddamn huge pack of drops. XD But this is what gives the whole magical and serene feeling to this wallpaper.

As last touches, I added first the far-away shrine. Nothing much to say on this one. And finally, the little bird. If you've seen the serie, you'll know it's a minor character in the early episode. That was just too cute not to be drawn. XD Oh and hum... the scan was recged too.

It's funny how Rukia really seems to climb my stairs and Ichigo had his right hand perfect for grabbing my petal. @_@ Oh well, enough babbling, enjoy the work.
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  1. squink Dec 23, 2004

    wow what an a wallpaper i was looking to replace my wallpaper today and bam here it is awesome i love the flare efffect... bleach is one of my fave of new animes

  2. XianPu Banned Member Dec 23, 2004

    T_T Wow. Beautiful. Simply... beautiful. Gotta add to favs.

    Though the sakura petals might be a little too many. Eh, either way, this thing is awesome.

  3. heavens-Dragon Dec 23, 2004

    Kyaa! Bleach! I love the concept! The sakura blossom is like really crazy, haha, it's everywhere! The sky is really beautiful, I love your clouds! I think you did a great job on the branches but it could be alittle bigger and further out but overall it gives off a dreamy, happy feel! The scan is crisp and clean! Awesome Job! An instant fav!

  4. Cldmani Dec 23, 2004

    Sandy, u always seem to amaze me with every wallpaper you submit, excellent job on the theme and nice extraction :)..........the tree and leaves were done reall nicely. keep up the amazing work :)

  5. Yumi-Chan Dec 23, 2004

    whoa gorgeous! I like how u make everything here ^___^ X__x and u drew everything in photoshop. Gosh hard work~ xp
    i really like the stairs! XD Nice texture and brushy effect =)
    The tori looks great too XD and that sure is A LOT of sakura petals falling :D
    Scan reallt fits the BG u made.
    Must fav! ^___^ wonderful job done here, Sandy ^^

  6. Meg Dec 23, 2004

    very awesome sandy! I lovvvvve the perspective and also love the clouds. glad you didn't kill the branches (yet?). I'm using it as my wallpaper now
    I love you. marry me and please have my babies. XD

  7. Angelette Dec 23, 2004

    You drew this??? You are truly amazing. You're so talented!! The trees look amazing and the wall and stairs look soooo realistic. ::Completely awed::

  8. anji Dec 23, 2004

    Cool! I realy like the angle in wich you draw the scene.
    I like your cloud too, but I think there is too much petals in the sky.
    I can imagine the work you had to do, really. Good job :)

  9. YoukaiexterminatorSango Dec 23, 2004

    It's sooo pretty!!!! The scenery is so beautiful! And the chartacters are cool too! Great work! :) Happy Holidays!

  10. shinta Dec 23, 2004

    Wow! Sugoi!!! Its amazing how you did everything from scratch! Oshiete kudasai!!! =D

  11. Kozumura Dec 23, 2004

    Lovely scenic, the amount of sakaura is like the blossoming. And the staris and is great detail.. great wrok!

  12. DarkParagon Dec 23, 2004

    Both artistic and beautifully done. Excellent job as always, your work is almost certainly a +fav from me and this is no exception. :)

  13. exentric Dec 23, 2004

    lovely work sandy~
    looks very beautiful~ ^_^
    fav for me~ ^_^

  14. euna Retired Moderator Dec 23, 2004

    omg... o.O
    This is an awesome wall! And you did this all fromscratch??? *bow down*
    i tried making a fence once... utterly failed it... >____<
    You did all that?? it is simply amazing!! awesome bg... perfectly in perspective and everything with the scan... I cannot critisize it at all...
    the clouds are jusy awesome... how did you do all that??? It is magnificent... a definite fav!

  15. Quistis88 Dec 23, 2004

    Very nicely done! It certainly looks like a case of equivalent trade. All that hard work really paid off. Good job!

  16. tAtEkAnE Dec 23, 2004

    really nice @_@ i like the brick wall, the sakura petals look like candies xd...

  17. dans Dec 23, 2004

    oh my... from scratch ? x_x
    i tried to wall that scan but i could't think anything about it. ^_^'
    i think the sakura petals are too much.
    other than that, it's an awesome wall.
    add this to my fav. ;)

  18. Kazumi Dec 23, 2004

    *cries* That is so amazingly good! The way you drew everything to fit their perpective and how everything fits so perfectly. Just...wow. T_T

    The petals look too clustered in some parts, but it doesn't ruin the wall. This is a definite favorite.

  19. lildragon07 Dec 23, 2004

    Awesome wall! I'm glad you used Ichigo and Rukia. I think they make a cute couple.
    The sakura tree looks really good. The stairs too. Great job overall.
    Keep it up! =)

  20. Asahi Dec 23, 2004

    draw this by yourself ? thats awesome... i like the scene in it .. with the sakuras leafes the stairs, the shrine .. must fav it too. its too great !! =)

  21. KorganoS Dec 23, 2004

    you!! XD yeah!! you!!
    zOMG ....I've been thinking to wall that scaaann!! XD waaaaaaa! how could you.... >.<
    erm... nevermind....
    really cool overall... I love the bg... absolutely beautiful..

    Quote by sandyYou know why daytime scenery are so hard to draw? Because you cannot hide details in shadows like you'd do with night sceneries.

    ahaha.... :D yeah I aggree with that fully....
    great work as usual, Sandy.... hadta love your tablet for that =3

  22. wuschel Dec 23, 2004

    Beautiful wall you did a great job on this wall. i love the perspective and the feeling. nothing for critic ^_^

  23. KittyCyn Dec 23, 2004

    o_0 :o Wowww!! :o o_0
    It seems that you spent a lot of time making this beautiful wallie! ;)
    Well...the results returned gr8* :)
    The scenery is very original and nice!
    And the scan is perfect for the BG
    This Wallie Totally deserves a FAV*****
    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!
    *Huggles* OX

  24. Icarus Dec 23, 2004

    wow great wallpaper (specially for the awsome background), very good job :)

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