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I don't really remember who this is ughers! oh and the submitting thingie has been actin' up on me I've been tryin' to submit things but noooooooo darn it! lol XD anywhoz I drew this last week and it took me 3 days lol

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Dec 22, 2004

    wow :o another lovley drawing by Haruko nice very pretty
    nice job on the shading well overall everything is nice great job^^

  2. XDarkDestinyX Dec 22, 2004

    Great piece of art right there~~ ^.^ I love it, it reminds me of Cloud from Kingdom Hearts for some reason. @.@ Lovely job~

  3. tecnophreak Dec 22, 2004

    really really nice job. doe sit happen to be ky kiske form guilty gear? thats an awesome game.

  4. evasion Dec 22, 2004

    Oh yea, I heard about the problem with uploading - the mods fixed it tho ^_^ (go mods!). Awesome drawing! Reminds me of cloud from ff7 ^_^ All the cloth is very beautiful! :) Excellent work! +fav+

  5. KanoneHilbert Dec 22, 2004

    Wow ! O.O ....That is awesome man. >.O I wish I could do that...he reminds me of Cloud o.o; ... Lol

  6. jabavox Dec 22, 2004

    wow this picture is so cool. I think I may be use lots and lots of times to draw this picture. I really want to see your new work, and that's make me excited. ;) :D

  7. vampyre Dec 22, 2004

    Hey!it's Cool! o_0 No matter what,how long u draw this work.it still nice :nya: i think,the best of this work's details :nya:

  8. harakiri Dec 22, 2004

    You're great, Sammy. This is one of your most beautiful drawings you submitted at MT. I like all the details - I always like details cuz my drawings alsways lack details ^^"
    You are very talented.

  9. Nemontine89 Dec 23, 2004

    TehHawtness :D
    Wow, great job on the values, killer details, and great movement. Nice stuff, keep it up :)

  10. clynelacus Dec 23, 2004

    wow this looks awesome, i luv the details and gj on the shading. u obviously have alot of talent keep it up

  11. candy-chan Retired Moderator Dec 23, 2004

    great shonen style, i love the details, and the eyes, pretty eyes *_* the down-left corner is a bit messy tho, im having difficulty recognizing things XD but great overall, +fav keep drawing you have talent

  12. boobooblue Dec 25, 2004

    Wow! This is sweet! The character looks super cool! I like your style, it's really nice to look at

  13. Emi Dec 27, 2004

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Realy good draw. I love it. I want to do somthing like this but I can't.... I must learn :) But now I must say. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gretings from Emi

  14. chibicow Dec 28, 2004

    Ooh its soo.... ooooh!!! hehe, thats not very constructive! ^^'
    Nice details here and there! im sorry i havent much to say right now!!!
    overall a very nice drawing! thanks fo sharing!

  15. DemonLordess Jan 09, 2005

    this fic looks cool and it kinda look like cloud from final fanasty 7

  16. yoshimitsu Jan 19, 2005

    such rulesome artworks deserve many praises """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""i(...) praise you for your creation.

  17. Zefie Jan 19, 2005

    wow !! very very cool ^_^ he reminds me little of cloud from final fantasy vii in kingdom hearts :) nice job !!

  18. toy Jan 22, 2005

    detailed pencil-work there! (if it's really pencil) great! it does have a magic knight rayearth feel to me. seems lke a clamp style art. nice! ^_-

  19. calisqo Jan 30, 2005

    extremely good XD

    awesome drawing .
    the dude' hair is awesome , the yes, and the shadowing is just coool ^^

    good work ^^

  20. Sallyf322 Feb 03, 2005

    Big wow...after scrolling through pages of doujinshis, this is the first uncolored one I've looked at (yes, I'm very simple-mindind ^-^). It's a great work---in...THREE days?! Wow! You're good!^-^

  21. CoolBlueX Feb 16, 2005

    woah that's so cool! XD love his hair and eyes
    that's some pretty detailed stuff too O.O!
    awesome pic ^^

  22. benjaminchia Mar 02, 2005

    wow, this looks like a pretty complex piece of drawing. the result's totally absolute stunning. the character looks well drawn and quite proportional! I love the shading work, precise and acurate! Love the mechanical hand.You show a lot of skill in this piece you submitted.
    truely a master.
    two thumbs up! absolutely beautiful piece of work!

  23. happianime Mar 18, 2005

    You a good drawer! This guy er girl ummm dunno gender looks mystical!

  24. J9999 Mar 27, 2005

    Beautiful work. It is accurate and cool. And yes, he looks like Cloud. :D Very good! I put into favs!

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