Hyun Kyoungup Wallpaper: Luna - The awakening beauty

Hyun Kyoungup Wallpaper
Hyun Kyoungup Mangaka

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first off.....Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year minna-san!!!! :D ^_^

As a celebration of xmas and the completion of my last final exam for the term i'll whipped out something for all of you to enjoy ^_^ XP

I know this scan was used alot but i thought most of them didn't show the details on her by using her entire body in the wall. Soooo...i decided to make her a bigger part in this wall to give her the justice she deserves to show off her true beauty XD

Mostly done in PS and for the first time i've used a modified stock for the castle/bridge because i thought it fitted too well to pass off XD Other eye-candy are from 3D Max/PS combo....and the short wall was from scratch....

whoa...this is the longest blur i've written for a wall ever >_> haha...

enjoy :pacman: x_x

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  1. Jim3535 Dec 21, 2004

    Damn, nothing less than the top-knotch work we have come to expect from GundamZZ. Thanks for making such great walls.

  2. Osiris Retired Moderator Dec 21, 2004

    you and your eye candy >_>

    first time using stocks eh..haha looks good (sky is best part ) ~_~

    anyways, great wall....1 more and ill have to update rave LOL :x

    ps. merry xmas to you too >_> ....so what did you get me? XD

  3. Septillion Dec 21, 2004

    Wow!!! amazing as always^^ the effects looks awesome!! love her staff :D the sky is soooo prettiful!! love the details ZZ, it's so gorgeous!! the lighting's well done^^ hehe merry christmas to you too!!

  4. Larynx Dec 21, 2004

    Wow. Pretty. Love the background on this one. I'm a big fan of the image too, but the background is definitely the coolest thing here. And the swirly energy ball at the top is wicked cool too. ^_^ Nice!

  5. Yumi-Chan Dec 21, 2004

    holy sh*t dude XD Damn i love this wallpaper T___T
    And goodness me, the extraction seems VERY clean XD Oh boY~
    I love the bg!! X___x how did u make that!? x_x *faints*
    Gosh the eye candy totally reminds me of you lol~ It looks awesome!
    T____T I must fav! a must a must! I love all of ZZ's wallpapers!!!!
    Such a wonderful job done ^_^

  6. volrath77 Dec 21, 2004

    You really did this one? Wow. You're good. :o Consider this one fav'ed.

  7. DREAM Dec 21, 2004

    very nice indeed. the background is tight, im not sure if there's a little to much going on with the girl though.

    still i love it.

    :adds to favs:

    oh and merry xmas right back at ya. :)

  8. Angelette Dec 21, 2004

    You really like that lighting effect huh. I likes the wall. The image setting is perfect, and definitely new. But for some reason, I feel that this isn't of your caliber. GundamZZ can do better. :Expects lots: ^_~

  9. Meg Dec 21, 2004

    not bad, but I have to say I've seen better from you >_<. The stock doesn't look really clean and blend in with the rest of the wallpaper IMO. The lighting effects on top doesn't really work because of the shadows on the image...but that's just nitpicking. extraction must've been a bitch but you did a good job with it XD. cool wall.

    Happy Holidays to all.

  10. Alpha Dec 21, 2004

    Excellent like always ZZ I wonder how did you do the bg. Please teach me pal, he,he..
    You use an special program, stock images, very interest. to know that.
    See ya!!.

  11. Aztec Dec 21, 2004

    Wow Amazing.
    I like the light effects alot.

  12. Devilet Dec 21, 2004

    ahh, a new wallpaper from GundamZZ, congrats on finishing your last exam..
    ohh, I really like the effects, quite similar to the effect in your last wallpaper I believe, the castle does fit well as you mentioned, good that you put a closer view of her, colours looks very nice, many little details here and there, good work.

  13. tAtEkAnE Dec 21, 2004

    ooooh tate would have to be evil right now >_>

    *critique mode*

    ok first off the stock looks low quality and the towers looks like they were stretched @_@ (or i'm just too sick right now to see) XD

    the light source from the sky? well it's kinda confusing, whether it's really huge and it's scope reaches the castle or if it's just above the girl, which will be not so coz one ray of light reflected on the bridge =\ maybe add more refelections on the bridge and reflect the light on the water XD *runs from zz*

    *end of critique mode*

    cool concept tho and ace job with the 3d stuff XD i love how ya did her scepter/wand/staff XD the simple text looks awesome to me :D and congratulations on extracting her XD i leeched this scan to wall, but just too lazy to extract her lol

  14. Nurika Dec 21, 2004

    Haha, another fabulous wallpaper by you! ^_~ I love it to pieces dessuu!!! *___*

  15. Silvana Dec 21, 2004

    Nice use of scans. Who ever would have thought...

    Great as usual, but I think you should explore new styles, not that there's anything wrong with this one.

    One more thing: All the purple light doesn't fit with the blue/gray of everything else. Reconsider it if you have time.

  16. ProjectZero Dec 21, 2004

    a new wall
    absolutely stunning
    boy ...u should do this more often

  17. white-zero Dec 21, 2004

    Great work as always. The BG really fits well with the scan. A definite fav from me. :)

  18. LolaBelle Dec 21, 2004

    I think this wall is very nice.
    All the details look great, the background and lights in the sky are
    especially cool.
    Good job!!!

  19. kenzuke Dec 21, 2004

    kewl! A new wallie!!

    Hmmm... the lighting effects is so nice but it does'nt quite match with the color of the stock..needs more tweaking......and the girl too needs some more purple...XD

    Anyway, merry christmas too!! ^_^

  20. euna Retired Moderator Dec 21, 2004

    Go ZZ!! Another beautiful wallie~~~ I luv luna!! She's so so pretty~~~
    The bg is quite nice... I like it ^___^
    You've gotta make a tut on how to do that light thing!! ^___^
    Very pretty wallpaper.... I don't remember Luna having that robe at the back.... =_='
    Did you make it?? It's great! Awesome wallie!
    Merry X-mas and happy new yeat to you too big bro!

  21. Ari-chan Dec 21, 2004

    Havent seen anything from you in a while... but just as usual, stunning work. especially on the staff, the bg is great, this is just a very nice work overall. Merry Xmas.

  22. Kurosawa Dec 21, 2004

    Wow o_O. that's was too cool BG,with the combination of 3Dmax and the photoshop^^,really detail^^. Really like it ^^.Yeah I know the extraction is really hard^^, but you can make it ^^.The lighting effect you made is really good ^^too.
    Merry chrismast to you Gundam ^^and congratz on finishing your last exam :d

  23. macky Dec 21, 2004

    good job mann... but thats the usuall for you.. i like the flare in the bg it uses 3dsmax very well.. and a happy xmass to you!

  24. Sir-Boingal0t Dec 21, 2004

    im ripping those light effects from tis wall n sticking it in my new year 2005 ein avatar XP~

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