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I was working on my tutorial and got tired XD (taking a lot longer than I thought) so I just decided to fool around and draw a pic for my website. I seriously haven't updated in forever. Thank you for 666 hits! Yea yea, it may seem like jack number of hits to you, but it really means a lot to me that there are people out there visiting me! (*hugs them*).

Oh, uhh...you could call this an oekaki pic. All drawn with crappy brushes in Photoshop with a mouse, although not on an oekaki board. Lol. Sorry it's so small with a scratchy outline (I didn't bother to make the lines smooth XD), I shoulda drawn it bigger @_@.

Lol, and yea - bg was taken from my klim and pu pic. let's just say i was tired, haha.

***EDIT *** Okay, no more being the devil's advocate *lol*. The number has been changed from 666 to 667 XD

Comments and critiques (and favs ^_^) are appreciated!

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  1. renato Dec 21, 2004

    wow! nice work and good job with the color! ;)
    i better add this to my fav's
    keep up the good stuff evasion! :)

  2. tAtEkAnE Dec 21, 2004

    nice job evasion XD i like the hair most looks really shiny =p heheheh oh the clothes of the guy reminds me of John Travolta in saturday night fever XD haha

  3. Devilet Dec 21, 2004

    Nice CG work evasion, and that guy reminds me of Shigure from Fruits Basket..
    kind of small, but I understand why it is, good work.

  4. groovybluesgirl Dec 21, 2004

    It's cute!
    congratulations on getting so many hits. :D
    I've been there a few times, its a cool site. XD

  5. Yumi-Chan Dec 21, 2004

    >_> i wish i have a pentablet.. <_<
    Nice CG btw ^___~ 666 is such a good number lol!! XD
    wonderul work there ^^ keep it up

  6. PANDAgirl Dec 21, 2004

    Hahaha!!! Kawaii!! :3 I love the colors you've chosen and the pose!! Hahah XD the devil's number!!! *gasp* lol Congrats Evasion!!!!!

  7. frozenwilderness Dec 21, 2004

    666 XD Nice job with the coloring and expression, very well done :D
    That reminds me though.. I'm not gonna finish my pic in time for Christmas T_T

  8. TakamuraReiji Dec 21, 2004

    *sigh* What can I say? Well, you're the man, bro. Anymore to say? Hmm...same comment. ^^' Good work. ^^

  9. Karolina Dec 21, 2004

    666 HITS huh? My congrats evasion! :) So nice pic, really cool colors and i like his face :D very good, very good! :D

  10. GaiJiN Dec 21, 2004

    Hehe, yeah you're the man :) ! The style is a little different, but it fits the picture very well ! Nice expression XD .... what else ... yeah the bg looks like it's taken from your Klim and Pu CG, that doesn't matter though because it's nice ;) . And I visit your site sometimes, but as you said I didn't noticed much updates XP .

  11. AkinaSpirit Dec 21, 2004

    hehehe that's really cool! Neat pose ^^v ... his hand has been nicely done o_O
    wooo 666!!! The devil likes you XD Congrats on the 666 hits~!

  12. harakiri Dec 21, 2004

    I think the scratchy outlines look very good. I like both scratchy or clean outlines. Colours are good and the background looked immediately suspicious (that was before I read the comment).
    The collar looks a bit Sugisaki-like ^^

  13. chibikko Dec 21, 2004

    very nice cg, i like its simplicity and the uncleaned outlines look even nicer then smooth. i like it ^^

  14. cAiCa Dec 21, 2004

    hey evasion! my congrats to u!! :nya: :) uh..nice work..I really like his clothes!>___<
    keep up your wonderful work!^^see u around!

  15. Frosty Dec 21, 2004

    nice work bubby. ^^
    i c you use the sky bg you use before on this one. ^^
    looks nice as always. ^^
    good job. ^^

  16. KittyPuchiko Dec 21, 2004

    Awww it's so cute! :nya: +fave The coloring is so very good. :D

  17. Nemontine89 Dec 21, 2004

    Aw, it's cute XD I like your little red hat . Congrats on the 666 hits :)

  18. SamuraiHaruko Dec 22, 2004

    boom bada boom!!!!!!!!! I luffels it my friend lol [steals and runs off]

  19. Yina Dec 22, 2004

    Oekaki forever!!!! >.< You've got talent!! Can't draw oekakis... -.-
    But this one is great!! ^^

  20. Carmen Dec 23, 2004

    For the picture and for the hits...
    Yuo draw very well.
    Happy Christmas and Happy New Year :).

  21. Spriggan Dec 23, 2004

    haha he's face look funny!! man nice job on the CGing thingy! colors look great. its a nice drawing Evasion!
    oh and congrats for the 66...7 XD hits on your site :) hehe keep it up dude.

  22. AtomicAngel Dec 23, 2004

    waaah! i love the expression! fave from me ^-^;;;;

    merry x-mas :p


  23. walkure245 Dec 24, 2004

    Another great artwork, Evasion. I love the bg and the guy is really cute. ^_^ Another fav for me~

  24. susanoo Dec 24, 2004

    :) I like this very much :D really good work........hmmmmmmmm and that colors congratulations :D

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