Chonchu Wallpaper: Shadow of Darkness

Hyung-Jin Kim, Chonchu, Chonchu (Character) Wallpaper
Hyung-Jin Kim Mangaka Chonchu Series Chonchu (Character) Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is probably one of my favorites right now. The guy was scanned in by our member ryukoudo and then I put it into the sweet and dark wallpaper...*shrugs* Hope you guys and gals like it....

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  1. Keltosh Retired Moderator Dec 20, 2004

    Truly a nice wallpaper, deserving a hot spot. I just hope it doesn't get lost in the sea pof bad submissions out there. A definite favorite

  2. wuschel Dec 20, 2004

    great dark wall with a great feeling, the only critic is the sky on the left side its a little to heavy . keep up the good work

  3. MuZ0NaZ Dec 20, 2004

    great mood of the wallie, but as wuschel said, the left side is too heavy. perhaps you could try doing a softer & lower clouds, or fog there?

  4. axishi Dec 20, 2004

    your wall has something dark, that
    I like it, there is something of my personality in that wall
    will it be in the sad thing?
    not him you but I like it :\

  5. sammo Retired Moderator Dec 21, 2004

    /me whistles
    wow, that's real good; hey, im loving it :) great job on the wall, i think this one obviously deserves a +fav

  6. darkwaterbunny Dec 22, 2004

    yes ^-^ a dark wallie, and ITS A GUY *faints* there are too many over looked wallpapers these days, only "cute girls" with sparkly backgrounds gets into the favorites center. Its really sad, but this wallpaper does deserve a lot of attention. Love the effects ^_~ Great job! fav!

  7. Devilet Dec 22, 2004

    Without a doubt best wallpaper I reviewed today.. I just got this scan yesterday from MT, great job with it, love the tone, and the mood.. + fav, make more like these please.

  8. Gohjiro Dec 22, 2004

    phiuuuuuuuu this wall is huge i love it very dark very cool very good ^^ Nice job !!

  9. Nayako Dec 23, 2004

    Beautiful wallie!!
    I like the colors, atmosphere and everything!!!
    Great work XD

  10. Erts Dec 24, 2004

    kool wall! i love the look on the his face, he kinda reminds me of Cain from Drakengard 0_0

  11. Mossdog Dec 31, 2004

    yeah!! Who is this? he looks SO awesome!

    And the grass....., and the mountains.....wow....

  12. shinorei Jan 04, 2005

    Oh wow..this wallpaper looks nice! XD *Gives you the thumbs up sign* I love the background and that char totally fits with it. XD Great job!

  13. DarkCrimson Jan 18, 2005

    Very awesome Wallpaper you made there.This boy looks all the way cool and the Bg is really something.Great Work amy :D

  14. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2005

    A beautiful wallie! Dunno who he is, but that's a great use of colour, and it's really moody & atmospheric :D

  15. Asylum Feb 02, 2005

    if only real life could ave such fantastic backgrounds the world would be so trippy i would get in car wrecks cause id be looking at the sky and not watching the road

  16. ManuallyBlinking Feb 02, 2005

    Wow, I don't think you ever posted that at sd... or if you did I missed it. That's great though ^^

  17. Aztec Feb 07, 2005

    Nice cool effect you used.

  18. gamer325 Feb 07, 2005

    very cool wallpaper nice effects and a great feel to it good job

  19. soz Jul 07, 2005

    another fantastic wallpaper, it has the type of look I like, monochrome / sepia etc... what great work, thanks for posting it!

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