Sentou Yousei Yukikaze Wallpaper: Infinity Formula

Gonzo, Sentou Yousei Yukikaze Wallpaper
Gonzo Studio Sentou Yousei Yukikaze Series

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

What?!?! A non-scenic wall by halcyon?!?! Is the world coming to an end? Heh.....sorry. I had to have some drama to make my point XD Anyways, here's my first "abstract" wall....well...at least it was supposed to be before i went nuts with the explosion effect >_> But it isn't scenic, i can tell you that XD

Funny thing is, this wall was supposed to be a gentle, beautiful abstract wall.....but that obviously didn't happen XP But it turned out for the better. Anyways, i'm starting to enjoy making these kinda walls so much that i might stop making scenic fer a while....but fear not, for i won't stop making them in the future ^^

Props to tenchifan for the great scan. Comments, suggestions, everything much appreciated. Be sure to visit http://www.animeeclipse.net for more walls and other goodies :D !!

O yea....i'm loving these new smilies XP

Edit: It took me sooo many times to upload this wall >.> But i'm just glad it's up :)

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Browse Sentou Yousei Yukikaze Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Dec 20, 2004


    first abstract walliiee!!??!!

    >o< it lookz like itz yourr ..101010010101th one .. ^O^ itz realllyyy purtyfull in a orangiee way!! ^____________^ LOLZ ..

    i love the effectz!!!

  2. pinkdoremi Dec 20, 2004

    ahhh~ it's gonna crash!!! ahhh..... *boom* X__X
    very nice atmosphere o.o it feels like its really burning up O_o mite be better if u take out the texture u added on the bg though ^-^' everything else just looks so incredibly cool o.o.... make more abstract wallies ^__^!!

  3. Devilet Dec 20, 2004

    wow, very nice.. I like the abstract background!
    you should do more of these, hehe, a fav, looks really good, colour matching well too~

  4. frozenwilderness Dec 20, 2004

    AHhh wow.. that is one NICE background *_* I love the intense orange color and the lighting on the ship looks great XD

  5. euna Retired Moderator Dec 20, 2004

    wooo..... o.O
    It's your first abstract??? geez... am I suppose to believe that?? =_='
    It's so so good!! I like the explosion effects!!
    It's awesome... great bg effects and colours... Awesome joB! *fav*

  6. Foreigner999 Dec 20, 2004

    I see some scenery! is that the sun down below or some really big forrest fire :p. Nice rendition. Always nice to have a change of pace every once in a while.

  7. cygnus Dec 20, 2004

    A very-very neat background XD I love those explosions effect you've made!
    Great job!

  8. Frosty Dec 20, 2004

    wooo now this I like. ^^
    Yukikaze in my option is way better than Macross zero. ^^
    nice abstract flame-ish explosion bg touch to it too. ^^
    great job bubby. ^^
    A and +fav for a job well done. ^^

  9. Piyo Dec 20, 2004

    oooh~~ glad to see this pretty thing here ;)

    i just love all the firey effects and the intense colours~~ keep it upppp :D

  10. itsDchlorine Dec 20, 2004

    omg there goes drama boy again lol, great wall, i just didnt like the text you used and it looks a bit plain, especially for a person who used to do scenic walls, O well, good job!

  11. KorganoS Dec 20, 2004

    Awesome..... can't guess that this is your first abstract =p
    i haven't watched this anime, but I think it would be as cool as macross zero.... or maybe more...
    love the firey effect,... done beautifully...
    and the text placement looks fine to me... but I think the abstract backg for the text should go all way to the right side....

  12. Kalmia Dec 20, 2004

    Wow. Just awesome wall. Really good work xd...............................................

  13. toujin1 Dec 21, 2004

    hiya! sorry for the delay but ur box didnt show up yesterday...so, wat do u want me to say? you know im a huge fan of urs but this just proves that u can adapt really easily to different subjects! meaning u have even more talent then u first let on!
    great job on this, i love the colors (as always) and i love the contrast of color between subject and background. hope to see more stuff soon!

  14. Septillion Dec 21, 2004

    wahhh that's a great background especially for your first abstract!! i'm not a fan of mecha stuff though XD anyways good work^^

  15. DarkEVO Dec 22, 2004

    Yukikaze!!! Best anime I've seen since Macross Zero.
    This is the best wallpaper I've seen yet.
    I love the background of this wallpaper. Looks like a very large fire and it's coming for the plane. Dramatic and lovely.

  16. Gohjiro Dec 22, 2004

    awesome, powerful , great , magnifique, splendide, tres jolie well very good ^^ i love it the bg is so cool , very good job !!

  17. mughi Dec 23, 2004

    Ohhhh. What a nice violent abstract background here. Hard to believe this is your first abstract wallpaper. It fits very well with the fighter flying above. Very good and thanks.

  18. Sorceres00 Dec 27, 2004

    there you go again with your greatest wall :D !!!
    it's good to see this kind of wall around, not only anime :) nice job and looks good on my desktop ^.^ :P
    well done halcyon :D

  19. dragondiv1 Banned Member Jan 06, 2005

    i like this anime!
    it's really nice wall!
    good job!

  20. allgod Feb 07, 2005

    agree , macross zero's effect is prety good
    and thx for your share

  21. grizlyed Aug 15, 2005

    i love this wallpaper and the background. it is a very good job.

  22. chalogarza32 Mar 04, 2011

    very nice atmosphere o.o it feels like its really burning up O_o mite be better if u take out the texture u added on the bg though ^-^' everything else just looks so incredibly cool o.o.... make more abstract wallies ^__^!

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