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Galaxy Angel, Mint Blancmanche
Galaxy Angel Series,Game Mint Blancmanche Character


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Been so long since I CG-ed my drawings ToT Guess it's time for drawings again x_x
Haha anyways I've always loved this character Mint from Galaxy Angels since I was in 5th grade XD *It doesn't look like Mint though still I've tried my best ;_;* I think I'm better in original drawn characters than fanarts >_< Huwaaa, someone teach me!! *begs all-da-uber-fanart artists ;_;*

Ano, erm. around an hour of sketching, 6 hours of CG x_x; Haha took me really long but I don't quite like how this turned out T.T This is dedicated to my bestfriend, Mabel ^_^ She likes Mint too so yeah XP

Grrr, I hate CG-ing the ribbon and hair part >_> I could'nt get those highlight in place <_< *I'm bad at pentool >o<* etto, are the colours fine? o_o; Well erm kashi sensei (exentic) wasn't online so I didn't get him to check for me ;_; Oh well >.<
Lalala, it's one of my first attempt in fanarts (IN CG XD)..I have too many pencil sketched ones but they're all ugly..-.-" '

Hope you all like it T____T~~~!!

edit: >_> I can never make her eyes look front... >___< how come?!
edit*: Er, everything's done in HB/2B pencil and Photoshop 7 x_x

>___> *ahem* working on a wallpaper now.. getting busy and busier these days x_x

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  1. Ari-chan Dec 19, 2004

    It looks like Mint alright... and the colors are perfect. Great job!!!!

  2. Devilet Dec 19, 2004

    kawaii! ^___^
    awww, Yumi-chan, you're waaayy too hard on yourself, seriously, this isn't a piece of junk as you make it out to be, the hair looks perfect imo.... just some parts of the CG seem to have been blotchy, but I know CG'ing isn't that easy, I'd say you did a good job on this, although, she does look a little stiff, nonetheless I still like it, it looks like the character very much, keep up the good work Yumi!~

  3. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Dec 19, 2004

    Omg......This drawing is.......wow........I can't believe how perfect this is.....To be honest I prefer this Mint over the anime one....@_@. Its unreal how increadably high detailed.. Espically the face...you nailed the face to perfection. I can't get over how perfect her hair looks and how gorgeous her eyes are! >.< Jeeze, thats so amazing Yumi! The outfit is even better. Being able to re-create it with such exact detail and giving it such lushousness. I seriously cannot stress how this should be an example for artist to follow with a character drawing. This is simply astonishing. Perfect figure, no lopsidedness, just great detail and perfect proportions. Favorite definately. All hail Yumi! Goddess of the canvas!

  4. TakamuraReiji Dec 19, 2004

    Omg! Looks nice! Tell you, you have talent. I'm serious! Damn, you beat me up. All my drawings' so not good after looking back my art works. I can't even draw their fingers! Need more skills and need to keep practising...
    Anyway, good work. Hmm, one more thing. Her eyes. Move the big round white shining thing to the upper middle. Note, it's the same possition, just that move to the middle, that's all. And make it a little bit bigger. Just like Sakura's eyes in CCS. And the small round white thing, try drawing it in the middle also. Hmm...if you don't know what I mean, just PM me. I'll give you some example. :D

  5. tAtEkAnE Dec 19, 2004

    wooot! verra verra nice yumimi =p lol...but i think the legs look a bit weird...ah well still very nice cg work :D and the BG is luuuurvely =p

  6. Osiris Retired Moderator Dec 19, 2004

    ooo i didnt know yumi could draw @.@

    cute girl, you should use canvas..makes drawings look like pros :D

    but this is great too :O

  7. ayanechan Dec 19, 2004

    you lost teh mint kawaii-ness!!! nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ._. and the legs shouldbe cg-ed better since it looks flat just like that..looks like she has a bolded body with flat legs o_O anyways good attempt

  8. Mistress Dec 19, 2004

    woooow ^____^ so nice! i like this pic! like the blue&white colors
    great job Yumi-chan! ^_^

  9. Midori-chan Dec 19, 2004

    woah...yumi-chan..it does look like Mint!!
    you are good at drawing!!
    i'm sure Mabel will like it a lot!! :D

  10. chibi-lizard Dec 19, 2004

    ~hee~ very kawaii ne !! even the bg looks nice.
    also... nice signature !! XD

  11. DarkParagon Dec 19, 2004

    Wow! Awesome stuff here. I really like the details and colours. Good work!

  12. meteorcloud Dec 19, 2004

    nice drawing!!
    nice detail and the colours =D
    keep going
    great job^^

  13. AkinaSpirit Dec 19, 2004

    Looks really cool Yumi! I can't tell if it looks like her cos I haven't seen Galaxy Angel yet ^_^' but she looks right to me~
    Oh, and your signature rocks XP

  14. Athrun Dec 19, 2004

    Only two favs so far? Hard to believe that...

    Well anyway. Great job! "You managed to turn a piece of canvas into a beautiful work of art." lol, from I, Robot.

    wow, she looks like official art O_O I also like the way Mint is all typed out, very pretty. Great job Yumi! For all your hard work, you deserve a fav! Even tho it prolly doesn't mean much coming from me... <.<

    * adds to fav

  15. Nakayori Dec 19, 2004

    ^__^;; It's wonderful, you're a great artist! And you have prettyful handwriting... xD;; :: Jealous. :: x_X;;

  16. evasion Dec 19, 2004

    Oh wow! Awesome work Yumi-chan :) Great job with the hair :) I can't wait to see more of your works ^_^ +fav+

  17. YoukoxLover Dec 19, 2004


    i like it~!! itz sooooo cute!! ^_________^ .. hehe well i think u did a great job yuuuumi-chan! ^_^ *hugglessss*

    *tries to read the script on bottom* >___<; .. wat dus it say?? O_O? .. *pokeee* +fav ^-^

  18. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Dec 19, 2004

    oooo....super cute drawing of mint!!! :D i lub it!! very pretty ....

  19. Hita Dec 19, 2004

    Myuuuuuu so kawaiiiiii >o<

  20. phl Dec 19, 2004

    Whoa! You must be kidding! You draw this!? You are excellent, you know?
    I don't exactly know who Mint is so I can't compare, but as an original, I'd say it's excellent!

    Keep working on stuff alike. You're great! ^_^ (Maybe I'm kinda jealous... -_-; )

  21. euna Retired Moderator Dec 20, 2004

    Wowie~~ Yumi can draw~~~ ^____^
    This is great!! The colours are exceptionally great!! ^____^
    It just looks a teeny bit blurry but that's okay ^___^
    Great job sista!

  22. Frosty Dec 20, 2004

    awww.... kawaii. ^^
    great job on the cg and the drawing part. ^^
    hehe you know me, a big GA fan. XD
    gotta fav this one. ^^
    A+ and +fav for a job well done. ^^

  23. akachan Dec 20, 2004

    Awesome work Yumi ^^ I like your drawing style very much, as your wallies naturally ^^ keep drawing, ok? :D

  24. gundex Dec 20, 2004

    omg... very pretty yumi-chan... seeing ur work make me wanna draw again... well yes after absent for about 5 years... but i'm afraid can't draw well anymore... :) :) :) great job yumi-chan i like it a lot... +fav +fav

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