Rurouni Kenshin Wallpaper: Bloody Sunset

Rurouni Kenshin, Kenshin Himura Wallpaper
Rurouni Kenshin Series,OVA Kenshin Himura Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

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Well I have this part time job that has a photos.com login so umm... >_> yeah I went a little overboard downloading photos. (they kicked me off for 5 minutes once cause I want over the download limit!) So now that I have all these cool photos I keep wanting to make walls of them. ^_^;

So here's Kenshin (PSD is from http://www.tekuteku.org/ ) My inspiration (this is sort of embarrassing) was from the Disney movie Pochantaus. You know how those leaves always do that swoosh thing around her? Yeah. ^_^; That's what I tried to do kind of only with flower petals.


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  1. Riana Dec 19, 2004

    Quote: My inspiration (this is sort of embarrassing) was from the Disney movie Pochantaus.

    Bah, never be ashamed of your inspiration. She's a strange girl, that muse, but don't ever begrudge her. When I was a big-time writer, I was inspired by things like commercials and a motorcycle race. XD

    Anyway, I've said how much I like this on CAA, but it bears repeating. Especially after all the tedious flower petals!

  2. Devilet Dec 19, 2004

    ohh, it's Kenshin ^___^
    I like the colours you have in it overall, very orange, just the scan needs a little touch up..
    otherwise I'm liking the petals effects and such, very nice, keep it up ^.^

  3. ultimaslair Dec 19, 2004

    Heeeeey....coool. The scan might look like it needs a bit of a touch-up. The rest looks great. Petals are cool, and the sunset it beautiful. I'm so jealous you got access to a library of stock photos. I've always looked for one, but gave up a long time ago. Everyone requires subscription....
    Anyway, great wall! Love it.

  4. dans Dec 19, 2004

    i like this. the petal maybe a bit too much, but it's still cool.
    we need bigger res. :nya:
    add this to my fav
    :pacman: ...... OX

  5. DarkParagon Dec 19, 2004

    Beautiful work! I love the background and it goes great with the character. The scan is nice, extraction is good. Everything top notch. +fav

  6. Athrun Dec 19, 2004

    Well I like those sakura petals there. Cool background, but I wonder why he's bleeding like that, lol. But anyway good job!

    * adds to fav

  7. shirahana Dec 19, 2004

    I like the sky for this one ^_^ I think there are too many petals in the wind, but it's still nice ^-^;

  8. Asahi Dec 20, 2004

    why you called it 'bloody' it isnt so red O.o .. imo the leafes are a little to much .. but at least its a nice wallpaper art of you again =)

  9. dahl Dec 20, 2004

    I love it! You did a great job extracting the scan and the blending is excellent too! I would rather less petals but the wallpaper is beautiful, this one goes to my favs!

  10. pano4th Dec 23, 2004

    Great wall. I love the white petals flowing in the air against the dark orange horizon.
    Very cool

  11. ssgohan Dec 27, 2004

    nice wallpaper of Kenshin, i think you did a good job

  12. Shkira Dec 29, 2004

    That sunset is sweet, the colors all look really beautiful together. Liking the Pocahontas inspiration, though I feel like the direction of the petals is a little steep... Great wall!

  13. Ninjutsu Jan 01, 2005

    Great wall ! Hitokiri Battosaï is so skilled ! I really like the manga ! good job :)

  14. guttergurl17 Jan 04, 2005

    awesome wallpaper!~ the feathers and the sunset really are a great addition to the wall!! ^_______^ rock on!~

  15. mai-san Banned Member Jan 11, 2005

    hooooo! :o
    this is incredible!
    this image is very nice!!!
    i love it!!!



  16. raxis Jan 22, 2005

    woooow!! aWESOME!!!!
    Add to fav!!

  17. ProjectDRacing Jan 30, 2005

    Extremely nice Kenshin wall. He looks really badd ass especially with bg setting. Great job.

  18. Gizot Jan 31, 2005

    I see death in his eyes... I wanna take him because he wanna kill me.

  19. Sakura0chan Feb 04, 2005

    It's a very nice wallpaper. I like it! The background is also nice. XD

  20. Inu000 Feb 06, 2005

    ooooo, itz kenshin!!! i luv him!! lol, anyway, awesome work!! luv luv the orange-gold sunset and how it matches ken-kun's hair. the petals are questionable.... but they do look quite kewl. overall nice work!! keep it up! ;)

  21. stellar Feb 07, 2005

    this is pretty nice.....i like the how u designed it but u shouldnt have the petals. to me, it doesnt seem rite. lol but i love this wall. ^^

  22. stellar Feb 07, 2005

    this is pretty nice.....i like the how u designed it but u shouldnt have the petals. to me, it doesnt seem rite. lol but i love this wall. ^^

  23. stellar Feb 07, 2005

    sry 4 the double post. hehe ^^'

  24. agneslee Feb 16, 2005

    Kenshin is so cool.....
    The background is very beautiful .specially, the sakura.
    This is relly good wallpaper.^_^........^_^ :)
    Thanks for sharing.

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