Fruits Basket Wallpaper: Just Before Sunset

Natsuki Takaya, Fruits Basket, Yuki Sohma, Kyo Sohma Wallpaper
Natsuki Takaya Mangaka Fruits Basket Series Yuki Sohma Character Kyo Sohma Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I've made this wall today while passing my time at office, waiting for the moment I could clocked-out ^^ (saturday is booooring >.<)
Quite a fast one, from extracting to finishing, not much skills I applied here ^^'
So I'm begging you on my knees, good or bad, tell me the truth what you've thinking when you see this...:)
The scan is from MT: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/48920/
The bg based on real photo clipart I've got somewhere on the net.
The concept? Just kinda pop-out from my skull and won't let go my hair 'till I finished it!

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  1. Tirdaelyn Dec 18, 2004

    I like it. The background image is nice and the colors are good. The two guys really stand out, which I like. They are also in good quality. Very nice work. :)

  2. KorganoS Dec 18, 2004

    First of all, the light source... it's the most difficult thing to make , imo... my concern is that there is no light source from the front of the characters, so they should be a -lot- darker than that...
    the extraction is good,,.. in fact, it is very good... two thumbs up,... and the scan quality is very nice... :D
    The 'Fruits Basket' text seems cut by the unsuitable placement... (it overlaps the character on the right)... it should be smaller I think...
    all in all, this concept is very good, but lots of elements can be added to enhance it...
    keep it up!

  3. Devilet Dec 19, 2004

    psshh.. *kicks Korgie* he takes what I saw was wrong..
    well you did a great job on retouching the scans, just the light source bugs me most..
    Korgie said everything .. I like the colours though! great work!

  4. MyrrhLynn Dec 19, 2004

    Well as usual for you the extraction is fantastic. :D I especially like that you made Yuki's uhhh head thing (I'm not going to call it a veil cause that would be freaky) I agree with KorganoS thought that the text shouldn't overlap Kyou like that. :( I like the sunset behind them though. :D

  5. Athrun Dec 19, 2004

    Nice! The colors are all cool but the sun there is kinda tiny. :P Other than that, great job. Well maybe the text could use some work, but it's not too bothersome, lol.

    * adds to fav

  6. Jormungand Dec 19, 2004

    Wheee~! Great wallie~! :D
    umm.. Korgie mentioned what I wanted to say >_<
    but yes... the scan seems too bright so it looks separated from the background and the text could be fixed...
    anyhoo, that's a great extraction and concept ^.~ great work~!

  7. slivermoon Dec 19, 2004

    well like every one else said the text shouldn't be overlapping the person
    but it is a nice wally though, i ike the scan and extraction, though i don't have a clue what Fruits Basket is
    over great wally! ^-^

  8. r33an Dec 20, 2004

    yup...i agree with Jormungand
    the scan seems too bright....but it's still cool wall you know.... :D

  9. Kurosawa Dec 20, 2004

    lol korgie ^^.I think you make the best of the retouching the scan , yeah I agree with the devilet ^^. The colour is nice too , I think ^^. You're making a good job cygnus ^^.

  10. gundex Dec 20, 2004

    nice quality for the scans.... and the other thing that i wanna say already said by korgie-san :D :D :D overall this is still a good job cygnus-san... keep practice... OK and i'll wait ur next work... :D :D :D

  11. motoko Dec 21, 2004

    nice wall,
    the sunset is great, the transparency effect is quite well used
    keep it up !
    btw, I already love Fruits Basket ^^ Your wall can't be bad for me ^^

  12. semanga Dec 23, 2004

    very cool wall girl you have make here
    i like the sunset in the bg it gives the wall a romantic feeling
    love this wall :)

  13. Morphee Jan 07, 2005

    waow waow waow!!! it's yuki and kyo!!! they're so funny together!^^ great job! it's very nice!

  14. Nisna Jan 21, 2005

    Oya great!!!!

  15. LucyXlostangelwings Jan 29, 2005

    wa!! a gorgeous wall! nice work!
    I relly love how you've tried to connect Kyo and Yuki, bringing a sense of togetherness.
    the background is very lovely ^__^
    good work! ^O^

  16. Elves Apr 12, 2005

    I really like how you've got both Kyo and Yuki in the wall and they work so well together. The colors work well together and though I see what everyone else is talking about with the light source - eh, there's an unseens spotlight infront of them, like in the movies. (My thought process.) Though I will agree about the text overlapping Kyo, that just bugs me when I see that. Good placement of the text though. One thing that I find strange is how Yuki's scarf is infront of Kyo's shoulder, but behind his head. That just seems weird and with his pose it almost look like he's ducking to not get whacked by it. Personal opinon would be to put Yuki's scarf totally behind Kyo. Really nice composition of the characters and the background. Nice work!

  17. naito-tsuki Apr 25, 2005

    It's very standard, but good enough for me to say, "Lovely!" Great job!

  18. anplosia May 28, 2005

    :) two people who don't like each other.
    good picture!
    thank you very much for sharing this picture

  19. sakurasuki May 30, 2005

    oh, my... i'm a lost for words. yuki looks so pretty in that pic. and kyo.. ^_^

    i love the background.. sunset.. or is it sunrise? :P

  20. kagoem Jul 19, 2005

    That looks great. I love the background. And All of the colors look great too. I Hope to see more wallpapers made by you.

  21. SketchDR10 Aug 26, 2005

    Yuki look so much like a girl. Before I click on the image to enlarge it to get a clear view, I thought it's a image of a guy and a girl. thank you for sharing it

  22. jerlord Jan 25, 2008

    Its a cool image i like it.

  23. 101779KS Dec 29, 2009

    Thanks for sharing! Yuki and Kyo match really well with the background. It's interesting to look at.

  24. kaichou77 Jan 27, 2011

    Thanks for sharing this ith us. It's a great wall...

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