Da Capo Wallpaper: sakuras

Naru Nanao, Circus (Studio), Da Capo, Kotori Shirakawa Wallpaper
Naru Nanao Mangaka Circus (Studio) Studio Da Capo Series,Visual Novel Kotori Shirakawa Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

well finally anew wall
another night theme wall i just dont know what to do....
i made the bg but i had to change the girl and got to fix the scan missing parts
well i hope u like it
sorry i dont where the girl is a really old scan

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  1. DaHero69 Dec 18, 2004

    Aww, I like the cherry blossoms flowing through the air and the girl fits right in well! And plus shes Kawaii :) I like xp



  2. Butterflygirl Dec 18, 2004

    Wow..... so lovely wallpaper, the background is great.... ^_^ the girl is very cute....Nice work :)

  3. Devilet Dec 18, 2004

    ohh, very nice, tree looks a little odd though ^^;
    otherwise I like the perspective and that of this wallpaper, good work~

  4. jackalx66 Dec 18, 2004

    nice concept :)
    everything is nice
    tho the sakur tree
    can be more detailed
    coz the sakura leaf that fly in the front is detailed
    other than that
    avery nice wall
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  5. KorganoS Dec 18, 2004

    Try softening the whole image by blurring in some parts... :D that would add prettier touch to this already beautiful wall.:D
    Very nice work, Yura! Hope to see more from you, soon....

  6. Led Dec 18, 2004

    Very nice!!!!! I like your background. The Cherry Blossom is very nice and the girl so pretty!!!
    Great work *addtofav* ^^

  7. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Dec 19, 2004

    I gotta say Yura....You've really got an interesting techinque for walling. Not only do you put so much thought in your designs, but you give them such a beautiful look that I can't help but to just sit there and admire the beauty of your work. When I first saw this, well I was happy cause its a D.C. wall....Hooray for d.c.! Second I have to say you did a really wonderful job on the trees......I must say you've really become quite amazing with your choices for scenery. Behind her, I've got a question though...that looks like a hill, is it? Cause if so that was an excellant idea! Adding landspace makes it all the more better in my opinion and well, just makes it that much more of a detailed piece. Of course I'm very familar with your impressive night skies and well, this is no exception from the rest. I love this whole wall overall. A definate fav for me =D.

  8. evasion Dec 19, 2004

    oooo! Another great wall from Yura :) I really love the way you do the trees ^_^

  9. Frosty Dec 20, 2004

    pretty wallie. ^^
    what a lovely bg to go with the girl. ^^
    haven't seen Da Capo yet but looks pretty good. ^^
    Great job friend. ^^
    B+ for a great looking wallie. ^^

  10. diyo Dec 20, 2004

    Really nice one Yura^^
    The character is very cute and I really like the colors you chose for the bg.
    The cherry blossoms on the front are well done but they're maybe too different from the ones in the back^^ Seems a bit strange for me^^
    Still a good job. +fav ;)

  11. gundex Dec 20, 2004

    nice scenery for the bg... but i think the sakura tree is a little odd... but still this is a great job yura-san... :D :D :D

  12. tiantito Dec 20, 2004

    really cute ...nice job i like the scan anyway...looks pretty simple but its cool

  13. Revan Retired Moderator Dec 20, 2004

    Lovely night enviroment, and the cherry blossoms do look really great. The girl is very cute.
    Great job Yura ;)

  14. motoko Dec 21, 2004

    nice wall, the tree is quite great ;)
    The few leaves look great
    Pretty nice job !

  15. baronkong Dec 23, 2004

    great one!!!!

  16. phalanx Jan 16, 2005

    wow, nice pic...I have searched for good picture for a while now. The site is kind of slow so i haven't seen so much jet. But this one goes to the favorits right away =)
    Very good job by the one who made this wallpaper

  17. raxis Feb 05, 2005

    a very nice wallpaper!! ^^
    i really like it!! the girl is so cute n the bg si sooo sugoii!! ^^
    +add to favorite+

  18. Balljacker May 23, 2005

    Nice wallie. I like the background. the colour textures are soft. n thegirl's cute too. well nice artwork I admit I like it. must add to favs ;)

  19. xsosid Mute Member Jun 25, 2005

    nice concept
    everything is nice
    tho the sakur tree
    can be more detailed
    coz the sakura leaf that fly in the front is detailed
    other than that
    avery nice wall
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  20. sasaki Jul 05, 2005

    Very Cute. Nice Wallpaper. Kotori is cute and also the background too. Thanks for sharing.

  21. gatts Aug 01, 2005

    kotori's just awesome... which makes this wallpaper... awesome!

  22. milohuang Aug 03, 2005

    I loved the red hair girl at my first sight..~~
    The animation is anything but bad..~~
    She's so grace~~

  23. Sanin Aug 15, 2005

    wow.!! Lovely pIcTure.!!

    LoOkz great.!! dA background is mad.!!

    da guRl loOkz RealLi Cutee 2.!! wooTw oOT

    NICE wall!!! ^^

    [ hyuuga_vo was ere ]

  24. SilverDragon89 Aug 16, 2005

    wow, great wallpaper of kotori, though she looks a bit different, but anyways, keep up the good work!

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