Brothers Conflict Wallpaper: Let's take a Bath!

Udajo, Brains Base, Idea Factory, Brothers Conflict, Tsubaki Asahina Wallpaper
Udajo Mangaka Brains Base Studio Idea Factory Studio Brothers Conflict Series,Visual Novel Tsubaki Asahina Character

2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Happy super, terribly, Belated Birthday to Pande!
Sorry for such a late present, you know the earlier wallpaper I was working on for you got its PSD file corrupted just when I was done with all vectoring part, and yes it was yaoi. Well this isn't yaoi, but see! two naked bishies are still there! :D
I hope you'll like them too! :3 Also this wall reminded me of your Luckiest Dog wall, and Zix's Erilevi Vector, here third pair of hotness in bubble bath xD

Full view for seeing all details! somehow thumbnail looks too bright x3x
I finished vectoring the Characters in 4 days, they were easy, well they're purely vectored, no painting or smudged shadows. My favorite part was their skin, I loved playing with tons of shape layers and gradients, I was drooling over them in the entire process! xD
I know the'r hair can have more shades but I liked the way they are right now, I didn't wanted to overdo it. How I wish Natsume had joined them too! He's sexiest in all brothers in Bro-Com! *Q*
Ahh so like that Characters are done, without any major problem, and yes! their iris have stars! xD
Then my mouse stopped working so I did all background by laptop touchpad, and it's hell using pentool with it!
Then Started vectoring BG, those flowers gave me headache but I tried my best to make them, and most effort taking task was Vectoring all those lines in window! x__x used pentool in shapes mode, no strokes! Then I'm having problem in what kind of wall the bathroom should have? I tried normal bicolor tiles, then pattern tiles, but none looked good so I made this painted concrete wall, yeah the texture is a PS filter I forgot its name sorry xD Also those Shampoo bottles were really fun to make them, I loved how subtle bubble sparkles came out :3

Painting foam also took me 1 day, used PS default bubble texture, then smudge it also used this Bubble brush set for additional texture. What consumed my mind in the end was Water! I wasn't able to paint water without making it look like white worms Dx Asked Alenas for help and did it how she told me, and also experimented with a layer style effect I learned in college, but the water turned out too realistic and flat, I mean it wasn't following the natural body volume. So Painted it manually again and this time used Soft light blending most and some noise. I hope it's looking fine now. >.>;

Then in the end I made my signature on his glasses, lol, learned from Alenas, how to troll art rippers. >:3 And Added Additional Bubbles to lighten up mood and painted steam.

Scan used: This
Time taken: 2 months on and off, maybe 20-30 hours
Layers: 480 shape layers and 77 painted layers.
Special Thanks to Alenas! :D
Bloods lost in nosebleeding 500 gallons xD

Again Happy belated birthday Birthday(+ Valentine's Day + White day + Easter)!
Comments and fav appreciated! also my screen have some saturation problem, everything looks desaturated in it, so if certain parts looks too saturate/dark let me to know so I'll fix it.

And Do not repost it anywhere please, my spies are all over internet better know that~

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  1. Alenas Retired Moderator Mar 25, 2016

    Ooh, it's done! You finished so quickly!

    I still think those shampoo bottles are the highlight of the wall, lol. And the duck. The duck is like a boss.

    You did well, changing some things and adding others. I forgot to add that the faucet and the shower could use some more shine since they're metallic but yeah, this still looks pretty awesome overall. And I see what you did with the glasses there! >D

  2. Steffi1690 Moderator Mar 26, 2016

    I like the duckie and the bubbles ^^
    Now looking at the whole wall you didn't need tiles - it looks good as it is. Though I think the shower head needs more metallic shine and there is not much water coming out of it - I think there should be more.
    The flowers hm - I have never seen such flowers where the petals look like leaves...

  3. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Mar 27, 2016

    *dies due to nosebleed dammit give me my blood back*

    Christ, I love this so much that I don't know what to say. No, really! I do admit the bottles in the back caught my eye second after the obvious ohoho, the transparency, colors and added detail give the whole piece even more depth. And duuude c'mon, the bubbles distorting the image in the background? That's attention to detail I just gotta commend and respect right there.

    Thank you, thank you so much for this gift. It looks absolutely fantastic! *hugs*

  4. srsn Mar 28, 2016

    I like to bubbles~
    Duck says - "I'm a boss!"

    Anyway, I think the faucet can use a bit more shine. The window at the back can use a bit more darker shade. aside from that, this wallpaper is nice overall~

  5. elisadevelon Retired Moderator Dec 16, 2016

    I vaguely remember seeing this before? Anyway, I'm getting so many ideas when I look at this. Like, they're bathing together in one bathtube. And obviously enjoying it. The hanging flowers giving it kinda romantic atmosphere. They're wet (ok, literally) and the duck looks like it's sweating at the sight of them. I'm just laughing.

    Overall, very nicely done. I see you totally used a lot of layers, especially for the skin. It really did pay off. Also, no worries, I think the water looks cool and similarly, the flowers turned out pretty well. But yeah, I guess I like the shamppo bottles the most. It's often that these rather small details catch my eye.

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