Ah! Megami-sama Wallpaper: AMG: Watching Over You

Kousuke Fujishima, Anime International Company, Ah! Megami-sama, Belldandy Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This wallpaper is dedicated to all the real-life angels out there: the doctors, the nurses, the teachers, the caretakers, the foster families, the donators, the innovators, the social workers, the volunteers, and everyone who takes it into their heart to watch over others. This holiday season, be an angel to someone.
When I first uploaded this scan, I dedicated it to Sammo, thinking he'd make a wall from it. He hasn't (yet? :P) and so I decided to make one myself.
The original image has Belldandy looking at the viewer. I didn't like that. It didn't go with my theme. So I changed her eyes and now she's looking down at earth, watching lovingly over a special someone - a special anyone. Maybe it's you. If the world had more guardian angels, we wouldn't have half of the problems today.
The garden was a stock photo I got from Stock Exchange. It took a while to find a good aerial photo to use, but I think the serenity of the garden gives off just the right mood, and the greens are a nice contrast to Belldandy's blues.
The cloud was built from about 6 or so stock cloud photos also from Stock Exchange. Getting wisps to drape gracefully over Belldandy, so that it really felt like she was lying in the cloud, took a lot longer than expected. Still I'm relatively pleased with the results. I AM pleased with the colored outlines, though. It makes the image less harsh, again fitting with the theme.
Oh, and I stole the feather from my FMA wall. HEE HEE. Be glad I didn't steal the birds too - that was particularly tempting, but would have made the image too busy.
As you can tell, I'm currently into small caps titles with elegant serif fonts (today's font is Palatia.)
I should note this will likely be my last anime wallpaper until the new year. I'm heading home in a few days and while my parents' computer has Photoshop (my dad's into digital photography, so I may use some of his photos for walls) I don't fancy searching up anime pics on a 56k (plus, I won't have my tablet.) So enjoy!
Additional resolutions are available at DA! Desktop Anime.

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  1. FallenAngel Dec 17, 2004

    wow it looks really amazing tama. I love the text and the cloud *_*
    /me will try to be extremely helpful to anyone ^^;
    Maybe seeing this will make sammo hurry up and finish the wall (or it might stop him xd)

  2. euna Retired Moderator Dec 17, 2004

    Tama-chan... another nice nice wallie~ is that Ah! My Goddess in Japanese???
    Anywayz, great vectoring as usual and beautiful bg.. fits in really well....
    I luv the bg and the entire wall.. looks so so good... *fav*

  3. Meg Dec 17, 2004

    Tama, I must say, I am very impressed with the wallpapers that you have been releasing lately. The overall concept of this wallpaper is just wonderful. The way you put it together ,how you edited the scan, and the message that it sends out to everybody. Kudos to you!

  4. exentric Dec 17, 2004

    was she vectored? if she was, very very nice~~ XD XD
    the cloud, the bg, the stock photo, all was done magnificently.
    a definite fav for me.
    a truly amazing work. ^_^

  5. boogybro Dec 17, 2004

    That's an amazing wallpaper. I love the clouds and how she is looking down on earth, a very impressive wallpaper.

    *Faves and sets it as his background* :)

  6. blueboy21 Dec 17, 2004

    I really mean this, all of your walls are just "wow". And this wall really is of the best ones I've seen.

    Quote by exentric the cloud, the bg, the stock photo, all was done magnificently.

  7. crapmonster Dec 17, 2004

    i pretty much hate A!MG but this is the first time i have ever set a wall to it to my desktop, that just shows how good it is!! just like the fma wall you did recently the re-vectored image is just amazing!

  8. jackalx66 Dec 17, 2004

    that very nice wall tama =)
    an angel...
    i wanna be one ;)
    tho i seen the wip
    i really satisfies with the result
    very nice concept and composition
    another great wall from u
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  9. tAtEkAnE Dec 17, 2004

    ooooh this is very well done ^_^ how ya sent the message through the composition is cute :D awesome vector job as always

  10. halcyonTwilight Dec 17, 2004

    The vector job rocks ^^ And i loved the scan as well. I was wondering why she looked so different...you changed the eyes. Thumbs up on doing that to match your wall :) Love the wall :D !!

  11. Jiggy37 Dec 17, 2004

    Well, that's simply excellent work there. ^_^ I love the blurry sort of effect on the ground below; it works well with the idea of having the camera perspective up in the clouds with Belldandy--and speaking of Belldandy, she looks really cute here, sort of wistful and nostalgic and maybe a little longing. Maybe above all else, though, I like the coloring here; I like how the white of her clothing is even lighter than the clouds and how her skin is fairer than the text you used, which is also a nice, elegant touch. But yeah, just a great wallpaper. :D

  12. yorhel System Admin Dec 17, 2004

    No doubt... this really IS the best AMG-wallpaper I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot :)

  13. KorganoS Dec 17, 2004

    Whoa.... what a concept! *.*
    i saw this scan before, and I never thought of something like this... even a bit...
    awesome... simply excellent job!! :D
    and the vectoring is as l33t as ever...
    really great job, Tama-sensei! ^^

  14. volrath77 Dec 17, 2004

    Beautiful. I like this one. Fav'ed.

  15. Keltosh Retired Moderator Dec 17, 2004

    Taaaama, You did this again @.@ Omg this one is so nice.. and the trace you did is godly, I tell you :D. So thanks.. and *favs*

  16. sammo Retired Moderator Dec 17, 2004

    meehhh...how am i suppose to beat this one? 8D you're too good tam tam~

  17. jasmine Retired Moderator Dec 17, 2004

    Tama-Neko as usual your walls are so beautiful
    i really like the concept for this wall, Belldandy looking over the earth :) great idea!!!

  18. thememyself Banned Member Dec 17, 2004

    nice pic!

  19. dans Dec 17, 2004

    Excellent job. the concept and the bg are very nice.
    fav as always.
    :pacman: .......... OX

  20. Angelette Dec 17, 2004

    Tama-sama, so talented. Redoing the eyes...w aii... However, i think the clouds should go over her second leg and her back, considering her weight. =X Just feel like some parts of her is floating.

  21. Susan-chan Dec 17, 2004

    it's a very lovely wallpaper^^ good job^^ good effects^^ thx for sharing it^^

  22. DarkParagon Dec 17, 2004

    Yeah I love this concept :) Really nice work here, lying on the cloud with the ground far below. Inventive... and different then what we're used to. +Fav

  23. UndyingShadow Dec 17, 2004

    oh man tama neko, awesome vector work on this wall. I also love what you did with the design and perspective of this wall. great job!

  24. boink Dec 17, 2004

    this is an amazing wall, Tama. I like the idea behind it and the way you implimented it, came out very nicely. good work =)

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