Bleach Wallpaper: You Fear What You Cannot See

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Rukia Kuchiki Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Rukia Kuchiki Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

ok what to say....

this is a collaboration between me and kalico http://kalicodreamz.minitokyo.net

this wall was the most trouble of all the walls i made, nothing in it is stock, everything in it is drawn in PS even rukia i vectored XD there's some issues with size proportion but i'll eat the person who says it again XD lol

the process for the wall went something like this...(kalico wrote this)
tate: what should i do?
kalico: i dunno. i like trees. !
tate: trees suck!
kalico: let's collab and i'll make trees!
tate: OKAY! !
-transfer of file to kalico...for hours-
kalico:la la la trees !
tate: RAH! do this and this and this!
kalico: kay ! la la la trees !
tate: more stuff for you to do!
kalico: kay ! trees trees trees
-transfer file back to tate...for many more hours-
kalico: O________O -stomps fire out-
tate: RAHHHH! -breathes fire and shoots lasers out of her eyes-
kalico: -hides- >.>
tate: ima not work on it now! >O!
-2/3 days later-
tate: i finished! look! it's sexy!
kalico : ! -uploaded-

hahahaha anyhooo this took a bazillion layers and took forever to make =p

note: check the watermark at the bottom rofl XD

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  1. jackalx66 Dec 16, 2004

    very nice wall XD
    i love it
    the concept and the bg is sooo nice
    nice colab work XD
    hope tho see more like this one :D
    *instant fave*
    thx for ur effort and share it in here ;)

    edit: i see the little text in the bottom (tate:..... marry me byakuya) XD ROFL @ tate
    edit two : http://kalicodreamz.minitokyo.net/ <-- the link is wrong ^^;;
    edit three : I LOVE BLEACH <3 !!!

    *runs before smack by tatekane...................... :pacman:*

  2. toujin1 Dec 16, 2004

    hiya tAtEkAnE san! iv just been looking around and this really caught my attention! i think u did a great job both with the setting and the colors! great job!

  3. zephiris26 Dec 16, 2004

    Beautiful wallpaper, tAtEkAnE ^-^ Rukia looks awesome and the BG is spectacular! Definite fav, this is awesome and it's going on my desktop right now XD

  4. Keltosh Retired Moderator Dec 16, 2004

    A nice wallpaper indeed. Rukia is just lovey and that tree alone would be enough for a fav in my opinion. So.. a fav

  5. Kinkosami Dec 16, 2004

    Wow, that's really nice. I really like the trees! And your choice of font was very nice too. ^_^ Good job.

  6. GaiJiN Dec 16, 2004

    Awesome wall XD ! Amazing work on the trees, no wait, on all the bg :D . I really like the mood of the whole pic, yeah yeah great collab ^^. Nice vector too, I'm just not sure if the colours blend well with the bg, but that's just me. Ah and one more thing, the proportions... ~~ XP *hides* j/k that's a fav for sure :)
    ps: for the url it's minitokyo.net and not .com ^^

  7. kalicodreamz Dec 16, 2004

    tate! proportions! LMAO
    just kidding XD
    just had to throw in my 2 cents and stuff lol
    you'd better love this wall people! or else!
    anyways, cause i help, ima fav :D

    and thankies to all the people who loved the trees!
    the trees are my babies XD
    and the text is tate's baby XD

    yay for walls totally made from scratch :D!

  8. evasion Dec 17, 2004

    *tate is pro!* Wow :) Lol, I like the watermark in the corner ^_^ Very cool trees and bg! :D +fav+

  9. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Dec 17, 2004

    sugoi sugoi!!! i actually really like those sakura trees ^_^ :D lovely job well done tate :D

    maybe some parts of the sakura tree is a tad too pink x_x but thatz ok...hehe

    :pacman: x_x

  10. dans Dec 17, 2004

    very cool !! love the bg and the text. and it's bleach !!!
    tate:..... marry me byakuya XP rofl XD
    give you my fav.
    :pacman: ........ OX

  11. Tibul Dec 17, 2004

    really nice wall i love it, i especially like the tree in the bg looks great.

    adds to favs.

  12. HikutsuKyou Dec 17, 2004

    I love it. this is perhaps the best Bleach wall I have seen. +fave

  13. exentric Dec 17, 2004

    *ehem* ^_^""
    nice colab.. or rather hectic one.. ^_^"""
    the tree itelf looks really neat
    tho the flower on the ground just looks weird and flat.
    other then that, the bg and all, just looks awesome~ ^_^

  14. tecnophreak Dec 17, 2004

    nice. very nice. where ya been anywa, tat? I miss your walls! .

  15. ded113 Dec 17, 2004

    Whoa!! That's an awesome BG you two did!! The sakura trees the arch (I think that's what it is) I like this one. ^^

  16. KorganoS Dec 17, 2004

    Wow... the tree is awesome... and the vectoring is very well done.... love it... :)
    just that the building behind Rukia has an odd perspective,... but everything else is ok...
    the proportions... hmm .... no, I don't want to be eaten XD
    overall, it's an excellent collab... +fav

  17. Nayako Dec 17, 2004

    Great wallie XD
    *adding to favs* ;)

  18. DarkEVO Dec 17, 2004

    Cool collaberation from you and kalico, tAtEkAnE.
    This is a definitely a nice piece of work that both you two have done.
    And the proportions..... Ok let's not go there.
    The wall is just excellent. +Fav.

  19. Vhea Dec 17, 2004

    O! I love the colors, vectoring Is very well done, ^^ I love the background

  20. Devilet Dec 17, 2004

    wow, Tat! great collab work there!
    I wanted to see this earlier but yeah MT was having issues so I gave it a rest XD
    w00t! this is awesome, I love the tree and nice little details here, rofl, sounds like you two had quite a time at this.. thank you for your effort, a well deserved fav!

  21. AkinaSpirit Dec 17, 2004

    Cool bg ^^ I like the whole feel of the wall!

  22. AH-Zeruel Dec 18, 2004

    Amazing, i like it a lot, really its a nice cooperation.
    the vectoring its amazing, and the trees are very well done, i have nightmares with trees :P
    The volume of both trees its incredible, and the detail of cherry petals lying on the floor gives it a nice realistic look.
    The textures used on the blocks of the walkway are nice and smooth.
    the building its amazing, cant say anything else, ilumination and perspective are incredible, so is the texture on the doors and walls.
    Nevertheless the most impacting aspect of this wall its the CGed image and the cherry petals blown by the wind.
    Just looking the girl into the eyes is enough to feel that wind carrying the petals away.
    But i am one of those that love the fonts.
    i love the way you used them, makes a nice contrast between the peaceful image and the challenge of the title. the touch of the sword was a nice finishing touch.
    if i was forced to criticize something it would be the sand in the garden. if there is wind there should be a bit of that sand floating around, or if its heavier, it should look heavier.
    no matter that small thing its a great work and a fav of course.
    great job Tate
    i wont miss another of your works.

  23. Glitch87 Dec 18, 2004

    i only have one problem, the phrase would be "which you cannot see"

  24. candy-chan Retired Moderator Dec 18, 2004

    yaaaaaaa i just realised i reviewed on PZ, ah i wanted to do that here T_T oh well......yeah great trees XD

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