Utawarerumono Wallpaper: ~:Summoned Beauty:~

AQUAPLUS, Utawarerumono, Kamyu, Magic Wallpaper
AQUAPLUS Studio Utawarerumono Series,Visual Novel Kamyu Character Magic Meta

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

umm... this is a quick (6-hour) wallpaper...
I found the scan kinda low quality.. gomenasai~ but my hands were itching like crazy... all I had in mind was "Wall it!!!" XD
retouch here and there.... made all the bg by the usual PS7

for information : all I know is that the character is from a game by LEAF/Aquaplus, searching for infos, I found out that the company is a bishoujo game industry that made To Heart, Tenshi no Inai Jyuunigatsu (December when there's no Angel) and Comic Party... and the upcoming Tears to Tiara for PS2

EDIT : moved to Utawarerumono category thanks to hidekeitaro for the info ^_^'
URL : http://leaf.aquaplus.co.jp/

Dedicated to celebrate my 5000 userpage views :D Thanks to all!!
and to Euna, my -new- lil' sis, because I'm a part of MT's big happy family now ^^ http://groups.minitokyo.net/mts/

Thanks to Shinta http://www.imanimetions.net/ for the water tutorial ^^ it's very useful...

- Fixes on the forest/trees ... removed green ambient color...
- Fixes on the broken water tiles
- made perspective correction to the clouds layer... sorry... not much can be done.. -_-
- Fixes on the wrong ambient color of the scan (brownish/reddish glow removal)
- Made same typo for the blurrish text on the left... I really love that text... but if anyone else demands it to be removed, then it'll be another update
- Fixes overall brightness/hides the grass layer partially...
- Minor fixes on the effects layer

=> thanks to kalicodreamz, tate, and Dev...

More suggestions and comments are very welcomed...
more resolutions in [FRAGMENTS] soon...

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Browse Utawarerumono Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. cygnus Dec 16, 2004

    This is sure the most beautiful 5000+ hits thanks wall I've ever seen!
    Quick in process, magnificent result...how come it wouldn't be my fav?

  2. StarCentury Dec 16, 2004

    Korgie's back making wallies! Yay! :) Why can't I be first to post? XD (*grumbles*) Oh well, you have an amazing wallie here! Nice water effects, gorgeous scan and the finishing touches are sublime! You've really outdone yourself, Kor! :) I tip my hat to you! + 2 favs

  3. Cajime Dec 16, 2004

    oh WOW! That is just so fantastic I can not put it into words o__o; just..... wonderful!


  4. jackalx66 Dec 16, 2004

    nice like always
    can't comment much really nice
    :pacman: :pacman: :pacman: :pacman: :pacman: <--- the star replacement XD
    and ur oc is on the way
    be patient okay (56k ^^ ;;)
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  5. DarkEVO Dec 16, 2004

    Yeah... The scan is kinda bit low and kinda fits the background
    But hey... the wall is still good.
    I love the background and concept of it. And the title fits it well.

  6. Lycan Dec 16, 2004

    wow very pretty, nicely done! as soon as i saw it i knew i would want to dl it :D
    well keep up the good work *added to favs

  7. Susan-chan Dec 16, 2004

    woow wooow wooow!!! cool cool cool!! your wallpapers are 1000x better then mines XD reallly coool!!! wonderful effects^^ add to fav^^

  8. Evanrued Dec 16, 2004

    Hey KorganoS, this looks really good! I love the water ripples and the glow from her feet up, And the sky looks very beautiful! Very lovely work! Adding to favs! Oh and my userpage is dont take a look. Thanks!

  9. chingetscook Dec 16, 2004

    Very nice! The ripple effect under her feet is great, I also like the moon and clouds, superb effects!

  10. anael Dec 16, 2004

    excellent effect *o* !!!! a masterpiece ^^ a great great great wallpaper ^^ +fav :nya:

  11. ShueiTenshi Dec 16, 2004

    Dat iz what I call quality wall!!
    The effects blend in totaly perfectly!!! The 3D outcome is
    amazing ^__^ I wish I could do things like that ^.^ But I guess
    i am just good at 2D wallies *takes out a tissue and wipes his tears XD*
    +favs ofcourse ^o^

  12. exentric Dec 16, 2004

    very nice wallie korga~~
    but the water looked fairly weird to me.
    other then water and its glow, I think the wallpaper is just superb. ^_^

  13. Kiako Dec 16, 2004

    amazing such great efects light and water and evereything

  14. kalicodreamz Dec 16, 2004

    you're probably gonna hate what i hafta say, but i think it needs to be said.
    first off, you've done a thousand times better in other walls.
    but as for nitpicking it...
    to start, you used the grass brush. i think had you actually put the time and effort into making different grass, it wouldn't bug me so much.
    don't like the colors. she has a red glow around her breasts, and it makes me want to see a more maroon-ish and red wall. blue and purple is just so overdone, and doesn't fit the scan.
    lighting is off. theres too much coming from the front on the scan, and none in the surroundings. lighting is the thing that ticks me of fthe most.
    what else...
    not a fan of the clouds. nor the trees, but the trees i mind the least in the wall.
    the font for that little blurb on the left isn't very suiting either.

    i think you should have put more time into it. then i wouldn't have had to bash it like i did. sorry bout that by the way. the bashing that is.
    i really loved your DN Angel wall, and it was because of the attention that was paid to many of the parts of it. i thinkthis is lacking that.
    the concept was great, the execution wasn't as great as it could have been.

  15. OneWingTenshi Dec 16, 2004

    that wall should be in one of the summon scene in one of RPG games...that looks awesome... exact view from a game...nice summon effect...great job...i dont know wat to praise...absolutely speechless... XP

  16. DarkParagon Dec 16, 2004

    Simple and Beautiful. I love the effects over the water. Nice work as always. :) +fav.

  17. Nayako Dec 16, 2004

    Woa!!!!! I have to add this wallie to my fav!!!
    Its so beautiful!!!
    Great job XD

  18. hidekeitaro Dec 16, 2004

    This wallpaper is simply beautiful!!!!!
    I loved this angel :d
    i know this game. This character is Kamie and the game is utawarerumono (

  19. Laser Dec 16, 2004

    Oh my lord, that is beautiful. The character is gorgeous, the background is nice and the lighting and water effects are brilliant. This wallpaper is fantastic, definately a favorite. Oh, and feathers too, nice. Wonderful.

  20. Riana Dec 16, 2004

    Quote: really sorry for the wall flood lately...

    Bah, never apologize for that Korg-san! Your walls are always awesome and a joy to behold. Seriously Korg, awesome work!

  21. ShiroiLina Dec 16, 2004

    such a nice wall! love the glow effect and the water effect is very nice too! great job in doing it! :D love ur walls! keep it up! :D :D

  22. Vhea Dec 16, 2004

    oh! oh! beautyful! I love the colors tone and the character image is amazing ^^

  23. tecnophreak Dec 16, 2004

    looks good, the effect I like the most is the black feathers. (white is used way too often) good job!

  24. minimouzo Dec 16, 2004

    just incredible ^^ can't describe it ... you took my voice and my fingers away ^^
    dark and lovely theme. super ^^ 10/10 :D

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